PREPARE to FIGHT! Spy Ninjas vs PZ Killer Battle Royale Training -

PREPARE to FIGHT! Spy Ninjas vs PZ Killer Battle Royale Training

Chad Wild Clay
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The PZ killer just sent a video message to Melvin saying that she’s going to come after him! Everybody starts to panic, but Chad gathers the group back together and gets everybody ready to start training their skills so they can face the PZK when she shows up! First up, Regina. She has to help navigate Chad to simulate being in the fog and use her hacking skills to make sure he stays safe. Next, Daniel proves his drone and gadget skills are good enough to evade the PZK and safe get to objectives. Melvin has to take on his challenge blindfolded to get ready to face the PZK in the fog where his sight won’t help him. Vy’s training uses her stealth skills to get some Among Us level sneaking skills. Finally, Chad upgrades to using ranged weaponry as well to add even more weapons to his toolkit. After everybody finishes their training they are now stronger and ready to face whatever the PZK throws their way! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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  2. Guys I have a question? If I asked to be a spy ninja would you let me? And can I be the purple spy ninja please I love your videos!! 🤞

  3. daniel was so obnoxious in this Video like with

  4. I think it's Mr.E because we have not seen him in a while.😊I have watched you since I was 5 or 4.

  5. How do you? And why did you call him a a she?

  6. vy you happy and the other day that you and your k😮 love love love to hear

  7. Chad and V from a long time you not she Marlon

  8. If the Pz killer is a ailen then it doesn’t have a gender

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  13. Barbie and the biggest fashion sisters or something she's 18 I'm 16 she's the biggest fan I'm 1717

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  15. I have been watching for over a month and I love you guys. You're my favorite YouTubers

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