Please Stop Adding So Many Characters To Fighting Games -

Please Stop Adding So Many Characters To Fighting Games

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  1. Man, its impossible to get into current gen fighting games right now.
    On top of learning your own character, you gotta learn 50+ different match ups, every match online is a new character, new gimmick. You learn it? They hit with the next one and it never ends
    Its awful

  2. half of the tekken roster feel fucking useless, sick and tired few character got more attention than others

  3. Games like Tekken and MvC2 gave me an appreciation for smol cast, like Skullgirls and SF3.

  4. The man with a 12 hour schedule
    What he didn't say is that he sleeps during the 12 other hours
    My man doesn't even know there's 24 hours in a day he never saw them

  5. The optimal number is 16 for base roster and 32 max. This way you can have a tournament of 16 people and all of them can play a different character and at max roster you can have a tournament of 32 people with unique character picks. Or a tournament of 16 with two character choices per player available.

  6. I guess it wouldn't hurt for Tekken to try a smaller roster but I think 7s problem was too many newbies at launch where alot of legacy could've kept their place instead and guests with their own rules wasn't helping either.

  7. To me it always depended on the the game series and style. Like a 3v3 Mahvel style game should always have a large cast.

  8. tbf ive been playing tekken since tekken 3 and i still dont know 60 percent of what other character do loool

  9. I don't agree. Imo new characters adds to the fun of the game

    I mean it's easy to say no more new characters cause too much quality. Most fighting games now don't even have a lot of characters at launch anyways. And games like figherz and smash don't have a big learning curve like tekken.

    Tekken is easist to point the finger at cause that game has a shit ton of moves to learn when all they gotta do is cut the fat of most of them

    I mean just look at MVCI when half the roster was cut. I'm not saying when need the size of a MUGEN roster lol but I damn sure don't want a street fighter 5 launch roster every game lol That's just how I feel

  10. Meanwhile what I hear the most is fgc guys talking about how "The roster is too small" (like with GBVS) and the casuals see big numbers and go "Hype!", but then when they pick it up they instantly give up because they're just overwhelmed

  11. I cant agree I still feel like big rosters give more of a chance for people to connect with and find characters. Unless the character dies in the story mode there's no reason to cut characters lol plus. It also can extend the games life.

  12. Is everything you said at the start true lol? All seriousness I see your point. For Tekken I gave up a long time ago. But I love dragonball and the game is straight forward enough, the more characters the better. Depends on the game. How deep it is.

  13. I understand the idea of not wanting such a huge roster and in some ways I can agree.
    But at the same time, man, who gives a shit? lol

    Is the game fun? Yes.
    That's all ya need. Bring in 100 more characters and stages lol

  14. To me the perfect end roster for a fighting game is 25 to 27 characters but only with a diversion enough cast

  15. With how big a percentage DLC characters make of the modern character roster and big a difference it makes to lab against them, they really shouldn’t cost money. Gotta pay damn near double full price for the privilege of not getting competitively disadvantaged by knowledge checks that you’re actively blocked from doing shit about. Just a little competitive integrity while these multi-million dollar companies are lining their pockets with their ten thousand different game versions would be nice 🤷‍♂️

  16. My days are just free time compared to yours. And I recently invested it into Tekken 7 and Lidia.
    I'm still struggling to learn HER. Not other characters, MY CHARACTER. Tekken is just like that. Its literally a reflection of all these things in our world. Who knows? Maybe even Top players play with ignorance. Just like we live not knowing everything.

  17. I feel you. I literally own almost every fighting game available on PS4 and can't keep up with all these DLC and have to Relearn every time I try to play

  18. Not alone, Jiyuna. I for one am totally content with something like 13-35 max.

  19. companies think only characters make money but majority of fighting games don't sell skins or cosmetics whatsoever

  20. I think in fighting game you should focus only in 1 game so overtime you eventually get really good. In my opinion fighting game is like music instruments when you learning the piano is different than learning the saxophone so if you switch between them you actually won't get really good in any of them. So I think you want to give up one of the other fighting games. Fighting game's is art.

  21. Bro its not that bad tbh. Lidia isnt as broken as fahk, kuni, leeroy. She has a simple moveset with a smidge of sneaky tactics. (Highs that can launched when ducked). Its really not as bad as the prior new characters str8 up

  22. You are not alone. Honestly one plus of having a dead game (DOA6) as my main game is I don’t have to worry about them adding stuff or changing around tech that worked.

  23. This video made me laugh so much, loved your chart 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Did the guy really say that dbfz roster is too big?

  25. Hmmm, I'm not sure the number of characters is the problem, but I will say in games like smash I do end up feeling overloaded at times with so many characters being in the game, and really I feel like smash has a problem with quantity over quality.

    The benefits for smash though, is that the characters are generally easy to learn for the most part. I think the issue is more so how hard it is to learn characters and the game mechanics. Think shorter move list and easier move combinations probably help more honestly.

    As for what I like personally, it depends on the game really. Though I think 30 or 40 is good

  26. You mean stop making generic character like law Paul mishima Bryan etc make more like Bob marduk king nina

  27. Same reason I quit gbv very quickly for the lack of grappler and the only grappler gets tons of nerf.

  28. >your job is playing videogames
    >"Nooo I don't want to have to learn mooore about it noooo"


  29. You're right. Usually DLC's kill the meta because they add something broken so ppl have to buy it.
    This is why melee is still relevant.

  30. if it's overwhelming for you imagine for a new player.

  31. It’s not that much of a cliche in the world of fighting games!!

  32. At some point the TK devs will give up the old model and shrink movesets somehow. The current trend is simplifying fg's. And it's still better for them to sacrifice moveset length (that was always excessive in first place) instead of roster.

    It seems to me that the best design for a modern fg, from the dev viewpoint, is to have a small roster compared to the 2000s games, and have a kind of selectable "modes" system that can change the chars. So that easily multiplies the options in the game, even if it's just by modifying the existing chars. Ideas like VT and VS in SF5 – but that shouldnt be dlc locked. And Variations in MK. And EX forms in old KoFs, which actually came from Fatal Fury. And others… (I'm not familiar with SSB so i dont know if Echo Fighters apply as well)

    Not saying those systems are perfect applications of that ideal direction for the future (in my opinion), but they are closer to that place to me. Especially Variations and EX forms, since those are literal selectable modifications of the existing chars, as opposed to VT and VS, which are basically a small modifier to the moveset.

  33. They do it for the money. It's clear not much effort was put into making Fahk or Leroy interesting moveset wise.

    Most people have found their characters either way. I play Lee and Eddy and I am not interested in any new ones. People that are so hyped about a new character will just move to the next as soon as it's out.

  34. Sorry Jiyuuna but variety is like the one thing I value the most in FGs, gonna have to disagree on that one. Keep em coming as long as they can!

  35. I used to think more was better but then I tried out Them's Fightin' Herds and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun and polish was packed into each character. Game got 6 characters (when I first tried it) but was just as much fun as I used to have with Smash. Now I don't know what to think

  36. Meanwhile, Soulcalibur VI has only 12 stages. And the season pass adds new characters, not stages. Procedurally generated stages could be a cost effective way to generate new stages of reasonable quality.

  37. Omg, yes! I hate that I need to learn 236745234752 matchups

  38. I remember I asked my friend how I was supposed to learn to play tekken.
    He said to me "Sign up for university"

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