Perfectly Cut Fighting Games: Volume 7 -

Perfectly Cut Fighting Games: Volume 7

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Volume Best Round Start

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  1. I'm not sure I can trust any scream related videos after your last abomination

  2. I know nothing abt Melty Blood but that’s definitely Junpei

  3. Abnocalapyse simply accepted his fate of being put in a Moopoke video.

  4. How is baseball a part of every fighting game you play
    You could convince me Mortal Kombat is just hardcore Mets plays somehow

  5. When it's not being used to slice open the enemies of the mainland, Excalibur makes for an excellent bat.

  6. Thought he was gonna do the actual DP super haha

  7. Dread it. Run from it. The BAT sound effect still arrives.

  8. Can you please post the Clean Hit sound effect? I can’t find it anywhere online.

  9. damn moo you're making me want to make my saber pink

  10. Quick question should I buy this game I’m kinda 50/50 about it

  11. just got this game 3 days ago and can not block for the absolute life of me

  12. God dam this has to be one of the games your fingers get tired if you play on ps4 controller this game difficult.

  13. How you liking type lumina? Hope you're having fun!

  14. Is melty blood worth getting? I havent heard much but theyve been mostly mixed reviews

  15. This. This is PEAK fighting game right here.

  16. Moo never lies and did the best round start!

  17. It tracks. Saber did practice baseball when summoned to the modern world after all.

  18. This man is getting funnier and funnier by the second I can’t anymore

  19. The new MB looks pretty hype. How are you liking it so far Moo? I've heard some things about an auto combo system that can't be turned off and some of my friends are having a bad experience with it.

  20. No one:
    Saber: Shirou know what's better than food?
    Shirou: panicking cause of what she said.
    Saber: The Mets baby gotta love the Mets Shirou.

  21. P4AU may die, but Junpei will live on in spirit

  22. I wasn’t expecting that, I legit jumped.

  23. Ah yes the 22 input; the input that requires you to teabag to do it in neutral

  24. I know Saber is the flag ship character of fate, but man, Toe sucka would have had a much more interesting moveset.

  25. This is cool and all but pretty sure that super isn't a DP which is a shame.

  26. Is Melty Blood really as good as UNI? This is legit the first video I've seen of it

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