Perfectly Cut Fighting Games: Volume 5 -

Perfectly Cut Fighting Games: Volume 5

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Volume Reaction

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  1. "Why am I scared? I'll just react."S. Labrys: "Are you sure about that?"

  2. Empty neutral jumps are for mad Men and sociopaths

  3. It's really funny how you could combo into Shabrys' IK in that game

  4. I though Kanji was the grab Master i guess he was a grab god its just that in vanilla he sucks ass

  5. "See you in vanilla"
    "in what-"

  6. Remember, the biggest counter to Kanji health is to just ignore the other half of the bar.

  7. "Imagine not having a literal ToD."
    – Dexter's Lab or something idk I don't play Persona 4

  8. "I can react"

    I mean he did have a reaction good enough for a video so he's not completely wrong

  9. Shabrys mains deserve pain (except for you Moo, you deserve a slap in your face cause your content is good)

  10. "Why am I scared?"

    Proceeds to learn the answer to this very question.

  11. The more i watch these videos the more I'm learning. Which allows me to appreciate the humor even more.

  12. Okay so I feel dumb for asking. How do u get that hud? I have never found out how to make it yellow and not blue lol.

  13. "Why am I scared? I'll just react" t. deadest man on record

  14. Combo'd into instant death, just like a real Shin Megami Tensei game.

  15. I wonder when you'll do vanilla GuiltyGear or BlazBlue

  16. The next one should be a to be continued jojo meme

  17. We all know the following… IK>return to room(rtr) true combo

  18. are you playing this on pc? If yes then how? I really wanna try this game out please

  19. I just never know what to expect and it both surprises me and yet doesn't at the same time.

  20. You see, Moo, the counter to Kanji is beating him.

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