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Orbs in Fighting Games

Big Yellow
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Been a while since my last fighting game video, so naturally we’re tackling a very silly topic! Today I wanted to look at a handful of attacks that happen to be orbs in various fighting games, a lot of them don’t really have a whole lot to do with eachother, it’s really just a big ol mix of things I thought were neat, so hopefully that’s fun!

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  1. I can't believe Yellow juked me into thinking he was gonna talk about aoko when he brought up MBAACC, excuse me for not tierwhoring

  2. Man I was hoping Sean basketball would make a appearance

  3. fantastic video!! came here from bad balance and was pleasantly suprised to see you've only been getting better and better at making videos 🙂

  4. Oh, a video about orbs in fighting games. I can't wait to hear about Algol and Viola's orbs in the Soulcalibur series. Surely this FGC content creator won't pretend the Soulcalibur series doesn't exist like almost every other FGC content creator does. Right?
    Spoilers: They ignored Soulcalibur.

  5. The watch for falling rocks song gave me a ptsd scare

  6. i love the windmill isle night choice 😮

  7. I like Beerus's orbs b/c they're just so utterly bizarre in the context of DBFZ. Like, it's a game where one of the universal mechanics just… goes through small projectiles, yet the Small Projectile Character can still go far in some pretty wacky ways.

  8. I'd have to say Tekken 7's Akuma has some particularly nasty orbs to work with. Bro played like a SF character transplanted into a game that was usually close-midrange, and the ability to use Hadoukens and Shakunetsu Hadoukens was particularly nasty at the time. I mean, sure you could just dodge around them considering it's a 3D fighter, but you basically have the potential to slow down the approach of a guy who's on the other side of the arena you're fighting in a match with until you're at a point to safely Tatsumaki or Demon Flip.

    Granted, I haven't played any Geese (I don't have the DLC), but I know he goes even crazier, so I dunno.

  9. If we wanna get into the technicality of what can and can’t be considered an “orb” in a fg, technically Ibuki uses one in her command grab. And unlike most orbs, it’s not even a projectile. She just summons it on her hand to force the opponent away.

  10. Millias secret garden sounds likes a sex thing…

  11. 0:53 is an accurate representation of a fight against a Ranno main in RoA

  12. Goddess of Explosions (Slap City) has a lava orb projectile that has very unusual properties. It can be remotely detonated by repeating the input, and it can bounce off terrain, dealing a lot of damage if it explodes on an enemy, but its main trait is that it can be attacked to redirect its attack angle. It is useful for a wide array of things, from neutral to offstage pressure to combos to killing, and it's on a heavyweight character to boot! It's main weakness is in its main strength, though- the enemy is also free to attack the orb and redirect it themselves. Duels involving GoE can quickly devolve into Dead Man's Volleyball

  13. If Willy Wonka was a serial killer looking ass.

  14. No honorable mention for Raven's infamous Orb? I know it got nerfed but it used to be my favorite orb in fighting games lmao

  15. 2:41 Let’s not forget his Acid Spit, making him more of a Gunner and a True Zoner.

  16. Awesome video! No Strider though; dislike :kappa:

  17. Shout out to a more fucked up orb in MK, the mind control orb. I think I remember it being really fucked up back in MK3 (or UMK3?) and it basically leading Rain to be able to setup stuff on hit.

  18. Sad that he didnt include Beerus's Orbs of Destruction from DBFZ =<

  19. I love orbs, kikosho and ungrabbed (ibuki's sa2) yoroi-doshi are my favorite supers for a reason

  20. Othello from Monster Ancient Cline. One of his attacks has him sacrifice a small bit of health to throw 1-3 orbs of his blood depending on which, if any awakening you're using. If they hit the ground, they stay there as small puddles. If they hit the opponent, they stick to them like Snake's C4 in Smash Bros. He also has a move that literally detonates all the orbs near-instantly. And the most fun part: you can stack them infinitely before you decide to detonate.

  21. No love for Squigly SBO 🫰😔

    Super fun video tho!!!! :3

  22. The best Orb in fighting games is kirby, because he's shaped like a friend

  23. And then there's the Orb weapon in Brawlhalla. It's not like a projectile, it's literally just a sphere you hit people with.

  24. I’m not going to scroll down to see if someone’s said it already, but, ITS ORBIN TIME

  25. Can't believe you made this without talking about Amakusa from Samurai Shodown, a character who's entire thing is using an orb. He literally just throws his orb at you for like every attack, its great.

  26. Love your deadpan face while you dumping all the minutiae on us. Gors along really well 👍

  27. "im about as technical as a fisherprice laptop" IM DED


  29. My favorite "orb(s)" push(es) the definition of orb, sort of like how I'm going to push the definition of "normal person" after describing them.

    Ergo, I still play Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS casually…. With Miis as my favorite characters… and equipment and customs as a staple part of my gameplay. I know, I'm a loser.
    However, in doing so, I've found out that speed equipment not only drastically improves movement, but also improves framedata. I'm not a labbing guy and Smash Bros as a whole doesn't usually provide comprehensive frame data, but I can say that the improvement is substantial, breaking the function of several moves that weren't meant to combo.
    Particularly, there's two (technically 3, but it's essentially just a weaker, missle version of one of these moves and not an orb) moves that go from semi-noteworthy-at-best "fluff" to monsterous threats. Those moves are custom neutral special 3, Grenade Launch, and custom down special 2, Bomb Drop. They're both laggy, mediocre-powered projectiles that launch opponents away – absolutely not traits that would give any sort of follow up on a normal zoner. Despite that, they still have potential qualities because of set-play. The aerial version of bomb drop allows you to keep controlling your momentum mid air. It also launches the bomb slightly forwards, potentially allowing it to detonate with you nearby it. (Likewise, it seems to be a little less laggy mid air.) Meanwhile, the grenade is a more variable-range projectile since it can be charged, so it's detonation timing and distance can be manipulated. It also hits multple times so even though it's a laggy move, by the time it's launching hitbox activates the lag is more or less over. It's just that the Gunner doesn't have the speed to keep up with the launched opponent.
    However, speed equipment gives even the slowest zoners the frame data and speed of the fastest rushdown characters. This leads to an opportunity that I haven't seen in any other Smash Bros game: Full stage, projectile to normal/aerial kill combos. Since you can finally move faster than both projectiles and the characters they launch, you can capitalize ofd of every single one.
    It essentially turns every projectile into an early stage-wide kill move if you're good at follow ups. This is especially true since both of them have different launch angles (straight up and close for bomb drop, diagonally up and away for the grenade) and both have an element of set-play to them. I've killed as early as about 40% with grenade into back air carry, but you can theoretically go even lower. I've done grenade into f-air carry, I've done bomb into up-air kills (you can kill even earlier with up special 2, Gunner Uppercut), and I have even hit with both projectiles in one combo. My absolute favorite combo is grenade into down air. IT'S A PROJECTILE COMBO THAT ENDS IN A SPIKE KILL!
    I just wanted an excuse to talk about that, but it's relevant since they're still orbs (or orb like, in the grenade's case) with a set-play factor.

  30. Cant believe they didnt talk about Vanilla Ice, the Orb Stand guy

  31. The fact that you went a full half an hour of this without making a single joke about balls is a feat you should be proud of.

  32. You look wonderful 🙂 . Your nails match the choker perfectly.

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