One Piece: Project Fighter - 1st Official Trailer | NEW Fighting Game (HD) -

One Piece: Project Fighter – 1st Official Trailer | NEW Fighting Game (HD)

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One Piece: Project Fighter – 1st Official Trailer | NEW Fighting Game (HD)
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  1. It looks like it could be better than bounty rush

  2. Shame I thought it would be another Fighter Z 😛

  3. Estoy un 77% seguro que es clickbate, por que es demasiado bueno como para ser verdad ;-;

  4. its a fricking beat them up game not a figthing game

  5. it's looks like a hd remake of one piece gba, but then kinda disappoint it's made by tencent. And also the recently china's stupid game policy, this game will not done well

  6. Sucks for One Piece fans. Naruto would make a better FighterZ type game, though.

  7. Nah best one piece ok mobile is one piece bounty rush

  8. All I want is a 2D One Piece Fighting Game developed by Arc System Works. It doesn’t even have to be another DBFZ as long as their developing the game. I’ll be happy. I can already see Franky being a Grappler lol.

  9. This isn't a fighting game, it's a beat em' up, get your shit right China.

  10. Одно и то же каждый раз, уже тошнит!

  11. The dream of getting a Naruto storm like one piece game may never happened. The Musou games are great but ….we need a better fighting game

  12. Let's gooooo been dying for a new fighter since burning blood

  13. Ooo wait this is like a beat umm up hack and slash

  14. Please understand that this is not what we wanted

  15. Man! I probably won't have enough space in my phone. Bleach Bravesouls is already a big app and now this will just kill my phone!

  16. people still not accepting mobile gaming lol XD

  17. At least this is better than the my hero academia one..

    Fr though one piece deserves better lmao

  18. Honestly with the amount of character this series has they could’ve made a really good fighterz type game.

  19. So, like blazblue mobile but turned into its own "dragonball Z Kakarot"?. Why not

  20. I know this isn't a very popular opinion, but somehow i prefer tencent than bandai namco. They broke my trust couple of times (tales series mobile) especially for international version.

  21. single player games but you need internet 😂😂

  22. wheres versus mode?????? still great!

  23. the reason one piece hasnt hade a new fighting game is because namco bandai is working on action one piece titles right now, that said, ONE PIECE TEKKEN.

  24. i miss the caracthers voice while fighint

  25. thought it was a 2d fighting game but it's just another mobile game

  26. “Finally a good 2d One Piece fighting game”

    >Bandai Namco Shanghai

    “Damn it”

  27. Bandai should care more about people wanting a REAL one piece fighting game not this mobile stuff

  28. I hate Bandai
    They are the reason many animes got shitty fighting games

  29. The fact that this looks better than some console or pc op games is mind-blowing

  30. Se o jogo contar o anime todo vai ter 1 semana de jogatina só pra chegar e ennies lobby


  32. This is such a cock tease I swear lol some of the imagery giving heavy Fighterz vibes lol

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