One of the greatest Fighting Game sets of all time | Knee vs JDCR, TEKKEN 7 @ REV MAJOR 2017 -

One of the greatest Fighting Game sets of all time | Knee vs JDCR, TEKKEN 7 @ REV MAJOR 2017

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  1. Anyone else miss when the thumbnail said Battle of God's?

  2. There should've been a clicker to count every time dude says "GET….OFF ME DUDE!!"

  3. Thank you Algorithm gods for this video again. I can't wait for crowds at tournaments again.

  4. i just started playing tekken last week… dat movement !

  5. I don't even play Tekken, and I'm getting excited watching this.

  6. Barely seen Tekken gameplay, but I was on the edge of my seat and it was super fun to watch

  7. Tomorrow will be the 4th Anniversary of this magnificent set and the born of the "Good Ass Tekken". I'm here to pay respects and enjoy this set one more time.

  8. So it’s in the script that every failed throw the announcer must say
    “get off me bro”?

  9. 13:00 Steve boppin to the music with the audible enjoyment and laughter of the audience had me rolling.

  10. Somehow…. tekken… looks… boring… compared… to… all.. other… fighting… games…

  11. A hype man once said:
    "That's some good ass Tekken."

  12. I want to enjoy this, but the constant "get offa me dude" from one of the casters gets really tiring after a while.

  13. I don't even know who the announcers are but I love them

  14. I like how it's like real life stick and move


  16. Not a tekken fan nor do i watch it. But this was so great.

  17. Casters were fire for this matchup too. Everything was on point.

  18. I know nothing about Tekken, all I know is that I saw a mod where they replaced Dragunov with Big Boss and I was sold

  19. it's weird how a match in tekken follow so many rules in real life strike biased combat sports

  20. Man, what a set! I love watching Tekken tournaments because of matches like this one. And the commentary here is just iconic. Plus the crowd is so explosive. Love that energy! Great match! Knee and JDCR are both phenomenal players. God bless them and the commentators too! 🙂

  21. Say “Get off of me, bro” about 25 more times.

  22. JDCR is as of right now, one of my favorite players. He is one of the few pro dragunov players, who is currently who I'm trying to learn. He also has so many beginner resources that have helped out.

  23. Everytimes Steve said : ''Get off me bro!'' I imagine that Markman try to kiss him

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