One of the greatest Fighting Game sets of all time | Knee vs JDCR, TEKKEN 7 @ REV MAJOR 2017 -

One of the greatest Fighting Game sets of all time | Knee vs JDCR, TEKKEN 7 @ REV MAJOR 2017

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  1. This is like watching goku vs Majin vegeta duking it out

  2. still the stupid juggle combo makes tekken so stupid game !!!

  3. Run to the store for my favorite cereal Eazi-Os

  4. I just want to appreciate how good they are at the hardest fighting game on the market

  5. Hello all how can i download and play tekken on my mobile i have oppo a5 2020 just send me some info ok bye

  6. Holy moly this get off me commentator that goes off tangent makes it unwatchable

  7. Definitely the most advanced one…that ws a great match !

  8. Man I love the play-by-play. These guys are legitimately good announcers. I never thought I'd get as into watching a Tekken match as much as watching football or tennis, but goddamn, I was on the edge of my seat.

  9. “This is ‘GOOD ASS TEKKEN.’ I would buy this at a store.”

  10. i wanna see a super long set with these so bad

  11. Its about time knee stops picking stupid characters and focus on his mains

  12. I can't stand this commentator, he thinks he's smart but ugh

  13. the nyuugah that keeps saying "get off me BRO!" is really annoying

  14. They are like Palkia & Dialga and Qudans is Arceus, while Lil Majin is Giratina cause he is from another country

  15. 13:05 that’s why I love Tasty Steve cause he is a down to earth person

  16. if this was the best fight of all time….im never touching tekken lmao. that looks like two people too afraid to press buttons.

  17. i dont even play Tekken and this shit was hype af

  18. I don't know what I was looking at, but man that was an intense match.
    Wait… That was round 1?

  19. If you close your eyes @9:239:33, you will think you’re listening to sum hardcore gay porn 😐

  20. 4 years and this pops up in my recommend, very nice

  21. stupid juggle combo hit the legs when the loser hanging above the floor.

  22. back-forward,back-forward,back-forward,back-forward,back-forward,back-forward,+lp

  23. both JDCR and Knee Grow up in Korea.. what an even and spectacular match!!

  24. That ghetto comentator is very very annoying … thumbs down …with his hood slang and all

  25. Mh, not a great match to watch. They're both very defensive, don't punish much, and many time over's. Even the final round is messy and disappointing.

  26. This is russian DRA – GU – NOV

  27. Actually tasteysteve, the book bag represents "Pack it up". Lol its actually low key though and funny as hell.

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