Offense In Fighting Games -

Offense In Fighting Games

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  1. “They don’t know that your a gorilla”. Oh trust me, they know it from the character select screen. Unga 4 life <3

  2. I'd rather see my opponent win through raw offense and comeback than rely on turtling and cheap zoning defences.

  3. Bro what's the opening song it goes so hard

  4. MGRR music within the first 30 seconds, I like it.

  5. I love how the only mod is happy chaos as adachi

  6. Gekko I think you will love KOFXV with how big they focus on offensive aspect

  7. Another great video from the lord Geko squirrel Himself

  8. So, when I do understand it right, you're silver in street fighter because you can't brutforce your gorilla plan into that game?

  9. That start music was perfect!

  10. Millia mains on their way to hit their opponents with the meaty with no meat

  11. I was wheezing so hard when you talked about the "Goddess Mix Up" and you used the Cleric Beast theme.
    Stranger I Remain was a nice touch too.

  12. Lets goooooo!!! Metal gear rissing music

  13. hey what was that song in the beginning of the video?
    Edit: Nevermind I found it guys. It's Metal Gear Rising: Revengance OST – A Stranger I Remain

  14. "You're only minus if you're a bitch." is something I'm gonna quote in life from now on. Thanks Gec-I mean Lao Tzu!

  15. The best part of being full offensive, is when your opponent thinks you are just pressing buttons, but you actually know how to get in and literally fucking do that tod you practice everyday

  16. "you're only minus if you're a bitch" is my new favorite line

  17. >forcing the enemy to block means you've already won half the battle
    Meanwhile, Roa with his meterless +20 on block corner nonsense unplugging your controller

  18. Imo one of your best videos yet: pacing was snappy, to the point and the writing was the right mix of witty and lowbrow that I failed to block right away.
    What can I say, gorilla funny.
    A very fitting end to this 3-piece series.

  19. I know youre being sarcastic, but blocking setplay mixups is some of the most heart-pounding action in the genre imo.

    Mashing out or Reversaling at the right time because you're in their head makes you feel unstoppable, expecially when you get to run your own mix because of it

    it makes me feel like an anime protaganist monologing about the power of friendship and I LOVE it

  20. You have the "it" factor for comedy. I genuinely laughed and promptly subbed, keep doing your thing!

  21. You could do the no life to learn mix, or you could just play anji and put all of your high low mixups into fujin options.

  22. GekkoSquirrel: so your opponent has all that health a full team and their game mechanic still in tack (zooms in on a used spark)

  23. Frame Advantage is a myth, do not respect it.

  24. At the beginning of this video I got an ad where two men with blindfolds on were throwing darts at a dartboard, and I really feel like that does a good job of summing up offense in fighting games

  25. "-And their come back mechanic is still intact"
    * Displays empty Spark*

  26. How you explain advantage states with turns is exactly how I explain it to new players too. Simplifies a lot of things, even the concept of reversals and parry moves effectively stealing turns.

  27. Who is baikenenjoyer69 and why are all of your matches against them?

  28. As a pure gorilla my main strategy is doing a super and then canceling it before it does real damage, then taunt.
    It is a pure, 100% mental damage combo. It converts people to the gorilla cause, which is my realm.

  29. The first 50 seconds of this video is so epic… i revisited to rewind it over and over again lol. Made me wanna play DBFZ!!!

  30. so when we getting that "Boobs In Fighting Games" video?

  31. If you are a Millia downplayer you are either on floor 1-6 or in Celestial, and that's the truth

  32. 4:54 I’ve done that so many times it’s insane. I thought I was the only one


    Some real nanomachine vibes going on with the MGRR soundtrack

  34. I need to work on defense but sometimes people need to shut the fuck up.

  35. UNGA–>BUNGA true combo, and I choose it everytime…. I don't win much

  36. "You one mixup away from death"
    Me: "Yang semblance activated"

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