normal fighting game intros vs guilty gear strive intros #shorts -

normal fighting game intros vs guilty gear strive intros #shorts

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  1. I hate how youtube stories cuts off 2 thirds of the video width

  2. Soul calibur has intros kinda like this though 👀

  3. I love that most characters like sol and millia have a respectably long intro, then i-no sits there for a solid 45 seconds pulling a guitar out of a portal lmao

  4. Tell me you don't play fighting games without telling me you don't play fighting games. "Super Smash Bros is a fighting game"

  5. I found it cool and unique the first several matches but it got old and annoying real quick and now I just skip it. It was a cool idea but ultimately got repetitive. It would've been cool if the narrator said different things based on the characters the players choose or at least three random but badass sounding things to increase the intro longevity.

  6. What I need before beating the shit out of some random dude: some philosophy and poetry

  7. Marvel vs Capcom 2 music,you sir are a man of culture,I see…

  8. They were working overtime to not be normal.

  9. You ain't from Michigan if you ain't done this before!
    God forgive us all…
    Telling 1.
    Get fucked!

  10. Meanwhile, the Soul Calibur announcer just smoked meth and is saying weird shit like "The cacophony of battle cuts through the deathly silence in an invitation to madness."

  11. Fun fact. Guilty Gear Strive is the latest music album in the Guilty Gear franchise, which also comes with a story and a free fighting game!

  12. I like how SFV and Skullgirls had theirs skipped tho.

  13. spawn:"we're going to a party in hell"
    Shang Tsung:"what Is the occasion,spawn"
    spawn:"celebrating your Eternal Damnation"
    Mk Is better un my opinión

  14. the evil seed of what you've created, germinates within you.


  15. It’s about time… 2021 really is the Hell of Reality… let’s just get this over with. Gets giant gauntlets with high tech ready

    (Do your intro by replying to me, would love to see your intros!)

  16. Mortal Kombat 11 intros: just spams everything and skips it

  17. I didn’t expect to laugh so hard at this 🤣


  19. I mean I get the joke but sfv and skullgirls intros were cut up a bit for the vid and really smash is the one of the few that's actually fast, like 321 fast. Most others just have an intro anyway dbzf, tekken, mk, just to name a few

  20. Mankind knew that they cannot change society. So instead of reflecting on themselves they blamed the beasts. Heaven or hell.

  21. The doctor says 6 months
    The clock says 60 seconds
    First encounter

  22. Cool but i like quick so i can get to the action

  23. I just knew Skullgirls was going to be in here

  24. Me as player:”don’t care, won’t care, here to beat shit up and to get shit beaten up, let’s go already!!!!!”

  25. It’s sooo loonggg and dramatic and I absolutely LOVE IT.

  26. Soul Calibur beat them years ago! Also, it would help if the camera was back just a little bit!

  27. Wait till you see MK-X and MK-11

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