NEXT NetherRealm Studios Fighting Game LEAKED?! -

NEXT NetherRealm Studios Fighting Game LEAKED?!

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NEXT NetherRealm Studios Fighting Game LEAKED?! | unCAGEDgamez
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Today we talk about the possible leaks for the NEXT NetherRealm Studios Game coming from a Nvidia user! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. I love Mortal Kombat, but why do so many people want the next installment already? Netherrealm has supported the previous game for more than two years now and have done a fantastic job doing so, Injustice fans need the sequel.

  2. NRS please before you move on to INJUSTICE 3 please fix the broken characters in MK11 first!

  3. I'll fight your face and only your face!

    /starts pushing the high punch button rapidly and no other buttons/

  4. I think a horror fighting game would be sick like with ghost face Michael Myers pumpkin head etc. With fatalities would be sick

  5. NeroGameHunter my username add me on fortnite says:

    OMG so excited


  7. I also came acrosa the title Gods will Fall years ago.

  8. Mk12 also was there so its one or the other

  9. I like how NRG casually has rights to half of the dc characters

  10. I bet it’s a MK vs DC again. Since it’s technically a MK 12 by the other leaks. I think there are pieces are missing and the two topics are the same game.

  11. I hope its a mk vs injustice game with injustice health and clash, but mk fatalities and intro

  12. Injustice 3 Batman Arkham knight

  13. Not Being prude, but we need a New Batman Game! Not a Arkham Knight Remake! Wish they’d Make a Justice league or Superman Game!stoked af 4 Gotham Knights tho!🤘🔥💯

  14. Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall is a badass title

  15. Well I'll wait for E3 until Netherrealm Studios and Ed Boon himself tell the confirmation towards which one is announced first..

  16. I'm sorry but injustice 2 is my favorite in the lasted for NR for me I just got so lost in the multiverse decking out Batman kept me for hour's invested playing. The whole system for mk11 just didn't do it for me

  17. king shark voiced by stallone in injustice 3? very possible because of suicide squad movie but also NRS worked with stallone on rambo for mortal kombat

  18. Imagine a game with, Jason, Freddie, The Creeper, Annabelle, leather face, Pennywise, alien, Predator, Exorcist, Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein, swamp monster, Carrie, Ashe from evil dead, DrJekyll Mr Hyde, Beetle juice, the shining, Blade, Chucky, Michael Myers, Pin head, Ghost face, and Candyman all Fighting each other.

  19. I hope with the injustice 3 dlcs they don’t include any mk character cause I just don’t see the point

  20. if they revel injustice 3 cage…..i will yell i swer lol

  21. I don’t want Injustice I want Marvel game by Netherealm.

  22. I would love an announcement at DC Fandome but VGA more likely. I like the formula of MK and Injustice combo. My guess will get Injustice 3, MK 12 and then Marvel fighting game.

  23. Whatever the next game is… I don't care…. Just want it to be DOPE 💯👌 and have TAG TEAM MODE 👍✊✌😉

  24. Now would if ..and I feel it coming what if it's a mortal Kombat vs injustice Gods Will Fall

  25. They are working on a new Matrix Game that will come out after the movie in
    early 2022

  26. MK vs injustice
    MK vs marvel
    Injustice vs marvel..maybe 🤔

  27. I heard both are coming out MK12&Injustice 3

  28. yea…but both of the animated movies sucked balls….sooo not really high hopes for whats to come..also they were suppose to be more characters in MK11 but..they didnt want to put more effort into them.. guess we wait to see if Injustice3 and MK12 are gonna be worth it.. ooor.. maybe NRS games might die out? who knows honestly.

  29. Marvel vs Mortal Kombat would make a great fighting game

  30. I hope they one day make an open world outworld game to explore Mortal Kombat universe at a deeper level

  31. UUUUUUUUM… The only note worthy game on this list is 'Destroy All Humans'… obviously, stupid human.

  32. I’m hoping for 1 of three things

    Marvel fighting game
    Marvel vs Dc
    Or Dc vs Mk 2

  33. Bruh so far the gta thing is right so it gives me hope

  34. I think it might be referring to another expansion for a mortal Kombat 11 🤷🏾‍♂️

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