New To Fighting Games? - A Pokémon: Close Combat Tutorial -

New To Fighting Games? – A Pokémon: Close Combat Tutorial

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This is a video tutorial summarizing PKMNCC for complete beginners. This is mostly to help people get people going if they’ve never played a fighting game before. Feel free to use the Wiki for more information, or join the discord to ask for more help!


  1. so you're telling me i can play a pokemon fighting game? That sounds like a dream come true, somebody slap me i may be dreaming

  2. Thanks a lot, I really need some help to understand the fighting terms in the wiki and the moves

  3. Atilt 😀 hope ur fine.. thank you for this masterpiece😊

  4. Great video! Only thing that might be helpful for new players that was missed is how to understand the character select screen. Having not played a lot of old fighting games, I didn't know at first that all the moves shown on the move list were special moves (more specifically, moves inputted with the special button). On top of that, I didn't understand what "END" meant on the character stats. Took me a while to discover it meant endurance. A brief rundown of what those stats are shorthand for, along with what they mean, would be very helpful for new fighting game players.

    Also, showing how to control Wobbufett might be nice, but I suppose that might be a bit much for beginners.

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