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For the past few years, fans of Godzilla have been begging for a new city destroying kaiju slaying video game. Well, 13am Games, a Canadian studio that has come forward to bring us that new monster fighting game that fans of the genre have been craving! DAWN OF THE MONSTERS. Does this game live up to the hype? Lets find out, today at DangerVille.

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  1. Be cool if they add giant gorilla to the team 🦍

  2. Could space Godzilla be living in the sun @DangerVille

  3. Fun Fact: The Godzilla Pipeworks Games did have a petition for them to either be brought back, or have a new game done. The goal that they apparently agreed on in Twitter was 15,000 signs and then some attempt to get the rights back would be done….. They actually reached 15K in February but the limit was raised up to 25K signs….. Im not saying that to get anyone to sign, but I thought I would add that in as a "bruh" moment….

    There is also the Modding groups that make the Overhauls for the Totally Legit Systems (Emulators) that breath a bit of new life into the games. Infact they are currently working on one for Save The Earth which looks neat.

  4. Godzilla and Kong have had some recent crossovers so maybe we’ll get one for this one. I’d love that

  5. How did you even get an Xbox Series X?!?!?! That's like finding a holy grail for me, lol.

  6. They didn't forget to add online co-op, they did the math on how much online co-op would cost and whether or not that would actually put them at a loss financially. I agree that being able to play online would be awesome, but if its a choice between that and couch co-op, I'll take the couch co-op every time. Besides, you can do remote play on PC at least. Which Isn't the same, but its something! I just hope the game sells well enough that we get a expansion, as it just doesn't have the Replayability unless you love this game to bits like me (100% twice, and going on 3 times now!) But to sell well people have to buy it enough for DLC to be warrented. So I REALLY hope this game sells well enough to get more content. Its so solidly made and fun it does deserve it, I just wish the Devs added some extra mode for everyone else to keep playing it.

  7. Too bad I'm on mobile I can't download it

  8. What would be great is an open world game where you can create your own kaiju.

  9. Might I recommend the book series Project Nemesis? While Godzilla might be King of the Monsters, Nemesis is Queen of the Monsters! (Sorry Mothra!) Her design is similar to Godzilla, possibly even based on the Big G, but she has a vastly different backstory, lore, and different abilities. It's by Jeremy Robinson, and has a lot of non-YouTube friendly words, but uses them beautifully. The series gets a little hectic towards the final two books, but nothing Crazy.

  10. They should add Godzilla as a DLC Monster for this game if they can secure the license for him from Toho.

  11. Climate catastrophe? Was this funded by the WEF?

  12. Can you choose what ever color combo you want for your character or is there like skins you can pick?

  13. Just got this today had no clue it was out amazing game!

  14. Well until we had this atleast we had roblox and like they are amazing I particularly like project kaiju (hey it even like destroy all monsters) and kaiju universe

  15. Is so goood watched monster island film vault play it. Got me wanting after i seen it

  16. The generator is losing power
    Godzilla is approaching the generator

  17. This is cool n all but we need a real realistic Godzilla game 😭

  18. This game and GigaBash are literally the starting point for a new wave of Kaiju video games, I love everything I love about a monster game, like smashing enemy’s with buildings, environmental obstacles, brutal as hell execution’s I can only hope that it’s good enough for a sequel?!

  19. An other Good one Is kaiju universe on roblox,I know,I said roblox so instantly theres a wave of people cringing but its a really good game,check it out!

  20. You should try Kaiju Universe, it’s one of the best Kaiju game on mobile and pc

  21. Is this for Nintendo switch
    If it is im hyped

  22. There should be a dlc wich gives more monsters or dino themed skins

  23. I honestly think online and survival may be added in the future.

  24. This game has alot of potential but sadly I wouldn't mind if the game doesn't have online however I do mind to have 4 players local and adding more playable monsters me and my friend fighting over megadon which is the only coolest monster in the game they could have used the bosses or mid boss enemies as a playable charater kinda of castle crashers. But let's say the way you unlock them by beating them which feels rewarding. That's all I got to say if there is something I would like to add is pvp or team v team. The game is decent I wouldn't come back play this game unless they add more content to this game then maybe I'd come back.

  25. I love this game, but it needed a Kong, and or Gaira type as well as a Rodan type. I realize Today might be a little difficult for a beatemup, but he was in Dam and ste, so…

  26. Ngl most the of good godzilla games are pretty much in roblox but ngl this looks fun, sadly it can’t be played on mobile I think

  27. Naw this game looks worse than the 2014 game which I thought was decent. All they gotta do is make it like the 2014 release but with a better storyline and a updated monster lineup.

  28. Godzilla battle line is a fun game it’s mobile

  29. Is it just me or does Ganira kinda look like a crab version of Gamera?

  30. Do y'all remember that 2014 Godzilla game? Man that was a good game

  31. I bought the game last week and wow it's amazing, I love playing it during my free time, and each character is fun to play, well most of them, I suck playing as Tempest Galahad, but despite that little gripe I love this game, the story, character/creature designs, and gameplay are all phenomenal
    I really hope we get either some dlc or a sequel, cause I will happily pay for either

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