My Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Fighting Games -

My Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Fighting Games

Sega Lord X
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Join me on my journey to find out which system has the best fighting games; the Sega Dreamcast or the Sega Saturn! We start with my top 10 Dreamcast games to give you an idea of my favorites.

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Episode Notes:

1. All games captured on real hardware.

2. Of the two systems, I prefer the Saturn controller for fighting games by a mile.

3. My Saturn top 10 fighting games will be my next video.

4. Games that just missed the top 10 were Mark of the Wolves and Powerstone 2.

5. Many of you will likely question VF3’s inclusion. Don’t. I am a fan of VF and have been since the beginning. Those games will always rank high on my list.

6. In some ways, I prefer the first Marvel vs Capcom over its sequel. The 2D presentation is pretty much perfect. It does fall well short of part 2’s incredible list of fighters, however.

7. Is the Saturn version of Street Fighter Zero 3 better than the DC edition? Maybe.

8. There are a number of games that appeared on both platforms. Super Street Fighter II X and Vampire Savior being some of them.

9. Even with the DC having a clear advantage of more RAM, the Saturn 2D games that used the RAM Expansion Cartridge are remarkably close in presentation to similar games between the two platforms.

10. Feel free to cast your opinions as to which system wins the fighting game debate. I’d love to hear them.


  1. Hola qué tal buen top de juegos de peleas del Dreamcast, tiene muy buenos juegos ,como el power stone 1 y kof 2002 y el Capcom va SNK 2 mis favoritos ,el soul Calibur me falta jugarlo ,saludos ,espero ver el top de saturn

  2. For me Powerstone (1) and Garou: Mark of the Wolves are Top 5 fighters on the DC.

  3. sigh… sad to see SF3 third strike not make the list, but it's your list.

  4. Then you realize that the majority of these games were made by Capcom and that they made even more awesome fighting games that didn't make to the list.

    If it was not for the Sega logo one would think that it was Capcom who released the Dreamcast.

  5. It was surprising to see Star Gladiator 2, it is not as popular as others but I understand why it is on the list. I guess that the reason many people ignore is because it looks more like a PS1 game pushing the system to the limit than a game from the following generation.

  6. Would say all the capcom games are top especially mvc2 and cvs2 and alpha 3 are still played competitively today.

  7. christmas of 98 vtb3 in the living room!Sonic delivered the day after!!!Yes that was expensive but worth it.Got mine from ncsx.

  8. It’s true that the Dreamcast has plenty of great fighters but I’m only really let down by the import selection (they’re still good mind you, the Saturn had great stuff from Japan totally worth importing especially fighting games and shmups, that’s what the Sat and DC are known for) because they are games you can get elsewhere like Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Guilty Gear X which are AWESOME! You totally forgot to mention the Last Blade 2 (although the previous instalment holds a special place for me but don’t get me wrong the Last Blade 2 is an excellent game by itself) and Garou: Mark of the Wolves (great port on Dreamcast, I know you like that game, so do I, I have it on my PS3, PS4 and even Switch). I practically like/find interesting all the fighters on both of your top 10s except Mortal Kombat because I’m not a big fan of extreme violence so don’t mind me but I have the desire to play MK9, X and 11. I wish the Dreamcast had Dangun Feveron and DoDonPachi DaiOuJou I acknowledge they are shmups not fighters (I really wish CAVE did Dreamcast though), now back on topic. I wish the Dreamcast had Asura Blasters, Melty Blood (the original PC game), Eternal Fighter Zero (it would’ve been called Eternal Fighter Zero Dream Edition because Dreamcast), some of those IGS fighters, whatever they’re called and whatever else you think should have appeared on the Dreamcast. It’s really sad to see the Dreamcast die so soon, I imagine Japanese owners were luckier because more DC games were released their after its pitiful lifespan. Although most you can get on other platforms, I wish there were some late exclusives.

  9. Totally with you Sega Lord, Marvel vs Capcom 2 music is not my thing at all. I worked at a theater that had that game right next to where I was selling popcorn. Loved everything about that game but the damn music. It literally haunted my dreams, lol!

  10. How in the flying fuck Is street fighter 3rd strike not on this list

  11. I used to love having Mars (I think) force my opponent to dance for a few seconds before knocking them out in Plasma Sword. I completely stumbled upon it on accident and I loved it.

  12. It's funny to think that Plasma Sword and Soulcalibur run in a system that is more or less a boosted Playstation yet you can see what they did with Soulcalibur and Plasma Sword… I rather play the arcade version of Plasma Sword to be honest, the polygons are sharper while on the Dreamcast it does look like too rounded, like if they just didn't add any polygon but just changed the shapes…

  13. Is there a way to reduce the pixelation on the 2D games when playing them in VGA? Marvel Vs Capcom 2 looks bad when I'm using a VGA box just like it does in this video. The 3D backgrounds look sharp but any 2D sprites look really pixelated.

  14. I'll never understand how soul caliber didn't have more ps1 players sprinting to the DC. It was a quantum leap forward.

  15. MvC2 best game you could ever hope to have at home to get pro at for the arcades

  16. Bad list !
    Mark of the Wolf, kof 99 – 2000 – 2001 – 2002, last blade 2, capcom vs snk millenium…..

  17. Capcom Vs SNK 2 <3
    The King of Fighters '98, Power Stone 2, and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike make my list.

  18. Hey man I just want U to know that U R the only channel that truly has this kind of 90s vibe in the videos. Good job

  19. Soulcalibur was awesome! yoshimitsu was and still is my favorite character from the game.

  20. I want an SD card mod for my Dreamcast honestly

  21. I dislike the music in MvC 2 as well. It feels completely out of place. So much so that I keep a playlist for the character themes on the side and play that instead during the fights.

  22. The Dreamcast had some amazing fighting games 🙂

  23. A3 was so badass. still might be my fav fighting game

  24. This console and PlayStation 2 probably have the best fighting game library

  25. Awesome list! For me number 1 is Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

  26. For it is:
    #1 SF 3rd Strike
    #2 Rumble Fish 2
    #3 Project Justice

  27. imo – Soul Calibur is #10 maybe not even top 10 and SF3 3rd Strike is #1, also replace Plasma Sword for Power Stone 2…

  28. I remember taking my Dreamcast to JnR music world just to buy a crt monitor. I settled for the best but I told him only if the Dreamcast works on it. The salesman let me try it and Soul Caliber looks soooooo amazing, every worker and customer came to watch how gorgeous it looked. The CRT cost me over 600 bucks to play at 1600×1200 I think but was unbelievable at the time. The monitor was also stupid heavy but Soul Caliber is still the greatest fighting game today IMO 2021!!!!

  29. Of course Nr1 is SoulCalibur..

  30. I think Powerstone is better than most of these

  31. i had a fighting game it was in jaopansese but every character had a diffrent skills like one character was a basebsall player one was dressed like a scoccer player and had a finishing special move iv been looking for it since if anyone has suggestions let me know

  32. Yea I hate the music from MVC2 and Cap vs SNK 2. It gets old so quick

  33. Tech romancer over plasma sword and 3rd strike over alpha 3. Everything else I’m ok with. Btw I also loved alpha 3 and plasma sword

  34. I was never a Sega person in the Genesis and Saturn generation, but the first time I saw Soul Calibur in action that changed, I just couldn't believe those were in-game graphics, it was too good to be true, so I just had to have it, it's now one of those awe-inspiring moments in my video game history

  35. Capcom vs SNK 2 is a masterpiece. Unfortunately the series didn't go on.

  36. Power Stone 2, SF3 3rd Strike, Last Blade 2, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Fighting Vipers 2, Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure all missing the cut. WOW. I know it speaks to the quality depth the system had in this genre but still…

  37. I remember when MvC2 came out. The roster was amazing but the graphics took a step backwards. The sprites were smaller and looked terrible compared to the previous game. The 3d backgrounds were boring and the pastel color palette was bad. The music grew old quick too.
    Still the giant roster and the way you unlocked it made it the best in the series for me.
    Maybe when they release it on the current gen they can adress those issues instead of just a port.
    If they can make it lpok as good as dragonball fighterz I'll be in fighting heaven.

  38. The music for Capcom vs snk was plain weird
    This is true love were making?
    Come on man
    Idk what they were thinkin

  39. So in EVERY one of your videos EVERY game you talk about you got they day it was originally released. Even the Japanese releases. You must have been one spoiled little child.

  40. Watching this video I feel a little bit sad that it's only Microsoft and Sony making consoles.
    Nintendo too I suppose but they're not making cutting age games anymore. It's a different market.

  41. YeahhH!! I only got a Dreamcast for the fighting games mostly. All of the games preented here are in my collection.
    Project Justice needs a new release !!!!!!!!!

  42. Where tech romancer and power stone(1 and 2)?

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