My Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 1 Quan Chi Trailer #shorts #meme -

My Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 1 Quan Chi Trailer #shorts #meme

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  1. No no no no no no no no NO!!!! Dont care about the combos, I downright HATE quan chi.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂quan chi? quan buffed!!!

  3. Mans looks like he plays like FighterZ's Kid Buu, Janemba and Super Baby 2 all in one moveset Nah it's wraps.

  4. I hope they have Peacemakers dance somewhere in ther e😂

  5. That portal stuff reminded me of Janemba's ki blast and one of his air moves. I think its his jump 2h.

  6. They quan chi a badass zoner and yeah people are about the spam him to 11.

  7. I'll say what I said for the release trailer we need Quan Chi's fatality where he rips the opponent's leg off and just beats them with it even after the menus already came and gone

  8. "What in the shrimp scampi is that?" killed me

  9. Quanchi just became the Hit of Mortal Kombat with those full screen reach resets

  10. With combos like these i sometimes wonder how the previous timeline called them "weak"

  11. Aww fuck me they gave Quan Chi some of Noob Saibots portals from the last game.

  12. Quan Chi looks like someone made Lord Kaos in Soul Calibur ngl

  13. "opening portals in my ass""ready to play him"💀

  14. Now we just need Chameleon and we're good. Talking about the male version.

  15. "When I see a Quan chi online just disconnect" The most sensible course of action

  16. There doing a street fighter 6 and fpy x family i think theres alr a trailer for it react to it plz

  17. Imagine how fucked this character would be if left-right mixups were in the game

  18. I can't believe I'm actually excited for Quan Chi…

  19. That fatality reminds me of a kill scene from Hannibal

  20. Would be cool to have a counter where a fighter grabs the limb of their opponent while it is in the portal to pull them through.

  21. I may I have to admit he's fighting techniques are way better than the previous Quan Chi it was almost like Liu Kang did him a favor when he didn't let him learn from whoever taught him sorcery in a regular timeline💯😎😎😎✊🏾

  22. Quan chi be using sone Lovecraftian bullshit, cuz his old boss got fucked by liu kang

  23. Games basically " whoever gets the first hit wins" 💀

  24. Games basically " whoever gets the first hit wins" 💀

  25. Quan chi is cheap asf like janemba and kid buu fused together in mortal Kombat

  26. Quan-Chi always had bad fatalities. I mean not all bad but lack luster.

  27. jamenba from dbfz: aint this some shit -._-.

  28. I just want homelander 🥲
    I want to have a fight omniman vs homelander

  29. The fatality bar is so high at this point that seeing some sheets of glass slice an opponent into deli meat doesn't really do it for me

  30. Bro wym “first look at peacemaker”? There’s nothing there

  31. They really decided to just throw fighterz janemba into the game

  32. so they ripped off gargos from killer instinct that's his whole thing lmaoooooo

  33. The fatality just seems super random for him to have. Like…glass?

  34. Janemba players I'm coming to mortal Kombat

  35. Hi classicmand ! I like your videos! Is it possible to make a video with who you think it will win: rayquaza vs Silver surfer? Thank you

  36. Bro those tenecals1 I'm not ready to get hit by the whole country of Japan's fetishes.

  37. Ed boon has confirmed Eagly to be part of Peace makers movesst

  38. Quan chi : I learn that there is a hero named decade and I think I matched his head design perfectly

  39. I want John Cena to voice Peacemaker like Anthony Starr should have voiced Homelander and how JK Simmons does actually voice Omni Man

  40. They wanted sans from undertale in mortal combat. The only thing they can do is a blue variant attacks that you can not take damage from by not moving.

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