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My Sega Saturn Top 10 Fighting Games

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As promised we delve into my top 10 favorite fighting games for the Sega Saturn.

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Episode Notes:

1. All games on real hardware.

2. For those curious; Number 11 would be Dead or Alive. 12 would Last Bronx. 13 would be Groove on Fight.

3. Leaving off games like Samurai Shodown IV, Fighting Vipers, Ultimate MK3, and Sokko Seitokai, highlights just how freaking great this library of fighting was.

4. The Saturn’s Japanese controller is the best pad ever included by default for fighting games. The gap between it and the Dreamcast controller is epic. Only the Sega Genesis 6 button pad rivals it.

5. Some of these games ran at resolutions higher than any other system at the time was even capable of. Astra Superstars and Virtua Fighter 2 both ran at 704×480.

6. Comparing the Saturn and Dreamcast fighting libraries has been quite eye opening. To see the stronghold of 2D fighters slow and give way to more 3D oriented games was something I hadn’t really thought about before. It makes comparing the two quite difficult.

7. I really do feel the Mortal Kombat games on the Saturn could have been better. They were missing sound effects, had long load times, and just weren’t as good as they should have been. MKII in particular was poor.

8. There are reasons why Vampire Savior appears here and not on my DC list. I’ll cover them next episode.

9. Next video is Saturn vs Dreamcast!


  1. very nice didn't know that the saturn version of sfa 3 was even better than the dc version. also i see what you did at 17:00…sfv is simply one of the worst, if not the worst street fighter ever made

  2. Any plans on making a video of Saturn's 3D controller and the games that use it the best?

  3. A game called “last Bronx” has two Japanese dudes fighting in a parking lot? 😂😂🤣🤣

  4. I still have my Sega Saturn since launch and my first reaction was…. were there even 10 fighting games for the Saturn? 😂

  5. Before Smash and Playstation All-Stars we had Fighters Megamix.

  6. If you don't have virtual on oratorio tangrem on here then don't even talk to me

  7. The King of Fighters 97 should definitely be on the list.

  8. Umm… Fighter’s Megamix had VF, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters. They did NOT have Virtua Cop characters. It did have Pepsiman as a guest though.

    How come you didn’t have Last Bronx on the list?

  9. Sorry but the best original version of Virtua Fighter is on 32x

  10. I bought two Saturn USB controllers to play with my Switch for a reason.

  11. For controllers, the Saturn is awesome, for sound, it's not except for Capcom cart games (minus Pocket Fighter who had bad voice sample and missing sound). Almost all SNK games suffer from over compressed sound and missing ones except KoF95 who used his own cart. But just for the controls and the game numbers, it's far better than the Dreamcast who hurt my hands badly… I wish they used the 4mo cart for SNK, that would have been perfect! The Saturn had very funny arcade 3d fighters that are easy to play and packed with fun.

  12. To me, Fighters Megamix is the best 3D fighting the Saturn has to offer. It's packed with fighters, some silly/joke ones, many modes, many stages. I always put it here to play when I invite some friends over.

  13. Whoa It's my genere favorite i'have these great hits X-Men: children of the Atom,vampire Savior, Golden axe the duele and many others great fighting games,good video greetings from mexico 😃👍

  14. I totally want Astra Super Stars. There are more fighting games on the Saturn than more than meets the eye that are worth checking out because the Saturn was indeed a good fighting machine and so was the Dreamcast, but not the Genesis sadly.

  15. Para mí King of Fighters 95

  16. I prefer flat shaded VF1, even with the glitches.

  17. You can always play Fighting Vipers 2 on Dreamcast, no pepsiman or daytona car tho

  18. Muy buen top , me gustó Xmen vs street figther , no hubo un KOF de ninguno, saludos

  19. My favorite fighters on the Saturn are Fighting Vipers, Dead or Alive and Vampire Savior. I’m glad at least two of those got representation on this list but I would have rated them higher. Everyone has their preferences, though. Street Fighter has just never clicked much with me.

  20. I love Fighters Megamix, and bought all of these games on the list when they were released. I remember when I finally beat Akuma in Amkuma mode, I am sure I broke a controller or two leading up to finally finishing it 🙂 I was for sure mostly playing fighting games on my Saturn and that's ok, there were so many amazing ones to play.

  21. Don´t forget CAPCOM GENERATION VOL. 5 🙂

  22. I prefer X-men vs SF. Omega Red is terrible, Shuma Gorath and Hulk are meh. I do like Spider Man and Captain america alot, but Gambit/Rogue/Sabertooth/Magneto/Juggernaut + Cammy and Charlie, X-men vs Sf has a much better roster.

  23. no X Men VS Street Fighter……anything is wrong here!!

  24. Top 10 companies that should collaborate with Sega. Or do projects with Sega that have missed opportunity.

  25. These king of fighters are not so great as Street Fighter

  26. Im glad for place 1,best 2d fighting game ever,

  27. These 2 are not your favourites ten but UMK3 and MK trilogy were faster on Sega systems thats for sure!

  28. Yeah….there shoulda been a Sunsoft DBZ game based on Astra Superstars engine. But Bandai/Banpresto and even Sega had a lockhold on DBZ license back then (and now)

  29. Glad to see Virtual Fighter 2 on here, it remains my favorite within the franchise. Love using combos with Pai and Lion. Yes Children of the Atom definitely deserves more love.

    Sure I'm in the minority here but Battle Arena Toshinden Remix makes my list.

  30. Would love to see a remake of fighters megamix. It's a shame Sega has let the Virtua Fighter series die off, along with Fighting vipers etc. And I loved last bronx.

  31. I love my saturn for fighting games and working designs jrpgs.

  32. The best fighting game for Saturn is
    FIGHTERS MEGAMIX.. no competition

  33. Is there any reason to pick up Real Bout Fatal Fury if you already own Real Bout Special? Is there any content in the original that ISN'T in Special? I can't find any info on this. SLX? Anyone?

  34. I bought a Japanese sega saturn after watching this video.. Good job

  35. To me PSX controller is king for fighting games

  36. I only beat Shin Akuma a few times on the PSX version of Street Fighter Alpha 2

  37. I still love the PSX version of Marvel Vs Street Fighter

  38. Got to say Fighters Megamix was my favourite on the Saturn, not that I'm claiming that makes it best!
    You mentioned Fighting Vipers physics but the thing that made it REALLY interesting was being able to swap between that and Virtua Fighter physics.

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