My Pet peeves with MK1 animation. Fighting Game Topics -

My Pet peeves with MK1 animation. Fighting Game Topics

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Big big BIG shout out to @SugarPunch for being the inspiration behind this video.
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  1. Yea, I agree the music plays a big part of it. But come on, the Killer Instinct theme is unfair 🤣🤣🤣. It's ICONIC lol. You know what I think. I don't think NRS wanted to pay this MC Gordon guy. This is WB we're talking about here.

  2. The irony that MK1 just added 4K cutscenes to the game, while still having the awful in-game animations is even more jarring than it was before XD

  3. Nah, you are not alone. I have always thought the NRS animations were so bad and now there's steam behind this!

  4. I've had more fun playing MKX, Injustice 2 and MK1 than any Street Fighter game and I've played every single Street Fighter Game(More so MKX and Injustice 2). This is whats most important. NRS's animations are fine to me but hopefully NRS see's your video and picks out things that they can improve with their animations and leave out what would not be needed(like I like Johny Cage's animations dont see whats wrong with them that needs to change). There's always room to improve. Great video.

  5. After watching ADIs video i thought "no way they keep this crap for MK1" and to be fair the animation in general IS better… but that doesn't mean it is good now, i don't get how a huge developer with so much money can have animation this poor for decades.

    Dude i'm really digging yout latter videos, subscribed a little while back so please don't take this the wrong way, i say it because i like your content. Get a pop filter my man, it'll improve your audio a lot and they're like 10 bucks.

  6. The animations became questionable to me starting for MK11 and it's so much worse in MK1

  7. Ok virtua fighter 2 sarah music caught me off guard.🤣🤣🤣

  8. Really good video, MK animations continuing to have these problems makes me really sad for its players, especially when stuff like the "low" kick looks like it hits mid, which can mess with people pretty hard if they aren't used to it. I'm glad people are still talking and criticizing this.

    Though I do wanna bring up that your content seems to be overly inspired by Sugar Punch to an excessive degree. You said they inspired you to make videos and I think that's great, but watching this video after binging some of their content makes it pretty obvious that you took a lot of their points, mannerisms and jokes almost 1 for 1. It's fine to be inspired, but I hope to see you bring out your own personal flair to your future videos, as what you have to say is already very interesting.

    Keep it up man

  9. This is such a retarded nitpick it’s invalid, who tf cares

  10. Great video! I feel like even compared to MKX, MK1 attacks lack a lot of impact. The only thing I disagree on is Reiko, I actually love his animations. Nothing crazy, just straight hands.

    Also the Mick Gordon thing hurts so much every time I’m reminded of it 😭

  11. Since sugarpunch isn’t gonna make MK videos anymore, you shall be a worthy successor .

  12. MK1 animates better than any of the previous games as 11:40 shows

  13. goofy aah kicks💀😂

  14. I'm a big MK fan, but yeah the animations look completely flat. They've made incremental improvements, but they haven't made the leap we were all hoping for. It looks out of place with the high quality character models & presentation.

    You're spot on on the music. The Midway period wasn't perfect (especially the 3D era), but you could always count on the music being great. I don't understand Netherrealm's obsession with muted cinematic background noise.

    Ps: it's good to see some Killer Instinct praise :D. Microsoft needs to do something!!!

  15. I never heard of your channel before but I'm glad somoene is picking up where ABItutorial left off. You rock

  16. omg yall nitpicky af! at least can see it’s happening. tekken has so much going on between sounds, characters constantly making noises, stage breaks, animations, etc u get a migraine after 3 matches.

  17. I hope WB doesn't copyright strike this video because of the music tracks lol they're really lame about that stuff

  18. Hardcore MK fan here:

    i feel this is valid criticism that NRS should take as input to improve.

    On the other hand, imo the criticism is a bit overblown in the more recent titles and the execution of some animations may come down to personal preference.

    Like MK has a history of having the worst low poke animations in the industry that still find their way into latest games, 100%.
    As I played SF, GG andTekken past year I see stuff that just looks goofy but other people might like it for what it is.

    I love SF’s Chun Li’s and AKI’s movement down to every button but Guile and DJ have some moves that just look ugly. I’ll never enjoy playing DJ just because his machinegun punches look so unbearably jank to me.

    MK tends to undersell their keyposes, GG overdoes it on some of their characters to the point it gets kinda cringe imo. Love Potemkin though

    MK undersells the impact on their buttons where Tekken drives home that that hard-hitting feeling. On the other hand, it makes character feel less human because jabs and kicks are almost gunshots. Maybe not everyone is into that but others love that.
    Case in point, in GG’s art style, Potemkin’s hits feel less rigid and robot-like than characters throwing punches in Tekken, and he’s a giant dude in a metal armor suit

    As for MK, i like the VFX on a lot of the special moves and they sell the speed of rapid-fire punches the best when playing someone like Liu Kang or Kung Lao. ( Sorry Deejay but this aint it )

  19. its not just the bad animations its the unnatural fast speed of them and how far the move knocks the opponent.
    small hits with little impact to the animation knock characters for miles like cage at 21:48 a punch like that should make the opponent bend forward holding their stomach not knock them half screen at crazy speed like wtf is that. the zero impact superhero physics ruin the game

  20. Woo wait a second, they turned down Mick Gordon? God forbid MK had some flavor, otherwise we fighing to a ukulele and the top 100 from a shaolin temple radio station.

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