My friends are WAY better than me in Fighting Games -

My friends are WAY better than me in Fighting Games

Puffer McSparkleFace
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You’ll get there with practice, don’t worry


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Hi! I’m Puffer McSparkleFace, prospective Fighting Game pro and wanting to both share and enable my journey to the top. I’m also really into D&D, game design, and cooking, so you might see some of that too!

If you’re interested in more content, come check out my streams to see me practice, record future videos, or just to chat!


  1. Nothing beats experience, you just need to grind the game. Your friends likely have thousands of hours into that game.

  2. Somebody really wanna be the last commenter

  3. Wait what do you do if you have a friend who wants to play the game but you're the one who's kicking ass. I always feel bad
    Edit: I'm stupid, video has been made

  4. "No, I mean like, my ass keeps getting beaten, in real life." 💀

  5. I actually got better faster than average players cuz I am fighting against experienced players (my friends) and now I can go toe to toe with them even though they have 2 years of experience while I have 6 months

  6. Games that are pvp it actually takes practice like so many kids on Fortnite get mad when they loose but they never try to get better

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