MY FIRST TOURNAMENT in Ken Omega | ROBLOX Fighting Game -

MY FIRST TOURNAMENT in Ken Omega | ROBLOX Fighting Game

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  1. The “yorrrrrrr” always get me cringe

  2. What anime is this game based on?. If it is based on a anime

  3. Lol I was in a server with roby and he got ganked and combat logged xd

    YouTube: Looks like you need some energy Power bank Ad pops up

  5. if u like the video ur simping for beautiful asian woman

  6. Nano is a frfr ashiin bro I swear that rising dragon in his toolbar

  7. Dude you can t block forever it will just stop blocking inike 5sec then it has a cooldown like i think 2sec

  8. I love how Roby Grill and Joses got like an actual beef for literally no reason

  9. i was in that game and i saw you fight too and i saw the banana

  10. Anyone know the discord sever for ken omega

  11. How much cash do you get from winning a tournament?

  12. me and nano has the same last name ingame. I also have reinhold

  13. first pf all: Im not a native English speaker

    I know that to be a CEO you have to call the daddy of any shop and beat a CEO of the shop u want to be sponsored. If you beat him you will have special payments and other stuff (like the pistol that I didn't know it exists), so if you beat a CEO in front of the daddy… Congratulations! you have a suggar daddy.

  14. Lol i saw you in a stream when someone said YURRRR
    It was hilarious you came out of nowhere

  15. I dont know how nano is not a rencanation of flight reacts

  16. It takes like a second after you block to actually block

    Flight team stand up?

  18. Nano I've figured out your account password

  19. Why are you recording cam shirtless? It's making my eyes bleed

  20. For people who don’t know how to break blocks basically u kick them and they also get damaged

  21. woa never seen ur face before nano and also can i get shojtout i am a subscriber

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