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Whats up everyone, this is Justin Wong and let me talk to you about the different mobile games YOU CAN DOWNLOAD!!!


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  1. ?'z ^ witcha Justin👾Have you checked out the catalog of SNK NEOGEO ACA?

  2. Kof all star usually a combat power type of game and I like it but what I don't like is that is whenever I try matching real players I always see purple star opponent which is unfair

  3. Yeah flappy fighter! 👍🏻 and yes, Athena and Mai IMO are OP ASF in KOF all stars, but Mai scares me the most because she can automatically cancel out of her combo into her specials.

  4. I have android so i cant play flappy fighter rip

  5. Yo, Tekken Collab is going to be insane!!!

  6. I really hope Flappy Fighter comes back to the App Store soon. They made 4 whole characters, a bunch of stages, original music, and had ambitious plans about online play and an Android release among much more.

  7. I'm glad you talked about KOF All-Stars. That game is amazing. As someone who has never REALLY been into KOF, its been real interesting to play through the story mode. I always thought Kyo and Iori were similar to Ken and Ryu, ya know, like a friendly rivalry.. but in reality its closer to Goku and Vegeta imo.

  8. The best is imo emulated 3rd strike, sadlyI don't know any way to play it online

  9. Justin "corporate shill" Wong trying to sell me something else I see.

  10. very nice to all flappy fighter looks like they were fans of chun li 🙂 lol

  11. Glad to know the Gotcha Companies are in Justin's pocket… It's a shame these games are so successful. None of them are good…

  12. yeah uh, flappy fighter was taken off the store recently due to a complaint lol. appcom (the flappy fighter dev) is trying to get it back on the appstore

  13. Or just buy the official releases of SF4, Garou, SamSho2, Kof98, hell Kof13 is free on google play store. Don't bother with the money-draining scams.

  14. Hero versus: Damn I'm bodiying him while he's dead!
    Me: Should I still subscribe?
    Also me: "watches mortal combat"

  15. 3rd Strike
    KOF 98
    KOF 2002
    And so on and so forth, are the best ones, they all work on FBA core for Retroarch android with near zero latency if you tweak the new options + you can use a gamepad like the 8bitdo M30.

  16. I tried blazblue , street fighter on mobile but they were not very intuitive because of the joystick controls apply to mobile … Instead , Skullgirls is perfectly designed for mobile gaming … The controls are very intuitive ; no need to make a based circle + punch combinaison on a TACTICLE SCREEN or many buttons on a SCREEN without any feedback … So SKULLGIRLS MOBILE is the BEST MOBILE FIGHTING GAME !

  17. Hey Justin! Duel Souls: The Last Bearer juz came out this week May 14th 2020. It'z getting great reviews. I wish Flappy Fighter would come back. Everytime i get an update i'm checkin for it. Samurai Shodown Spirits juz needs controller support & it'z back to being a masterpiece on Mobile as well. BlazBlue RR could use an OriGinal treatment. Guilty Gear & GG Judgment would be a very nice addition to Mobile as well alot of others to be ported like King of Fighters 99'. MARVEL vs CAPCOM 2 should make a return to Mobile with updated controller support. I hope You & Yours are having a great weekend. Take care

  18. I can't beat the hell out of you without giting closer

  19. Hey justin u sounded tired in this vid is ….

    …Something wong

  20. metal revolution is also another good mobile fighting game it is currently in testing and the amount of combos is amazing

  21. I’m glad I got the full experience with Flappy Fighter, the game is nuts

  22. Justin, I would like to challenge you to a battle in Street Fighter IV Champion Edition (Mobile)
    I won a tournament for the game back in the end of 2017, Idk if you remember, I am atombreak, the one who beat Stupendous

  23. This is only my personal opinion but:
    Skullgirls Mobile – Pay To Win RPG
    Flappy Fighter – [REDACTED]
    Hero Versus – "You don't have the permission to download this app"
    FEXLA – Oh God… I can't stop playing this.
    KOF AS – Too much data to download
    I will add more later bc im lazy…

  24. Vita Fighters – a newly soft launched mobile fighting game made by a solo dev is worth checking out. 👍🏻

  25. I tough his name said just wrong but. It was something else else em smg.s I h smh

  26. Where the hell
    is shadow fight 2 and 3 at my boi?

  27. Are there any android fighting game similar to tekken or soul calibur mechanic that allow you to sidestep up or down and sidewalk to avoid opponent attack?

  28. I feel like Mighty Fighter 2 would’ve been a good addition to this list but it’s not on the app stores anymore. It’s still available through apk though.

  29. Yo! Justin,
    Samurai Shodown 4(recieving great reviews) released along with global HeroVersus. Duel Soul iz still going strong & i still check for Flappy Fighter. Have a Funtaztic new week Mang

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