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Music In Fighting Games

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  1. No BlazBlue match can be played without MUST DIE blasting at max volume.
    Screw Yang, by the way. Bang's cool, his theme kicking in during Overdrive is hype, but hers sucks by virtue of happening every time without her input. It's also not as manly, but that's not fair towards anyone.

  2. Hi, Yang main here. I burn isn’t that bad… where are you all going?!

  3. Fight like a tiger because……….ANIME NINJA WEEB MODE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. One of my favorite fighting game songs is, and please hear me out, Vega's theme… Specifically the remix from smash ultimate. They did an INCREDIBLE job carrying over what makes it so good and updating it to work so much better in the environment of smash.

  5. Music got me into Tekken…

    …now I can't escape….

  6. My favorite fighting game track currently is "Roar Of The Spark" Ky's theme from GG StrIVe . That song hit an emotional core with me and has not let go 🔥🔥

  7. KOF back in the 90's slaps hard. Cool Jam, Stormy Saxophone, Esaka and Bloody are some of the best

  8. Plucking Tulips – Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  9. Stage 8 and 9 Nago boss theme “Crawl” and you will never convince me otherwise

  10. Bang can also steal the music of BBCF with an install super.

  11. music in gameplay is 🙏🏽😫 … i literally play Rise solely cus of her 214214C/D/SB (her rhythm game super)

  12. Arc Sys has GODDDDLY music 🙏🏽 Persona, Blazblue, Guilty Gear… full of bangers

  13. The fighting game with the best music is Mario Kart. It's a guarantee hands will be thrown when the final lap jingle plays.

  14. I have to say Testament's theme from Guilty Gear X is just godly.

    When I fought him for the 50th time I started paying attention to his theme and was rocking out to it. Amazing build up, transition, and main "chorus" when the fight drags out.

  15. I’m gonna talk about one for DFCI because no one plays it and it’s a really damn good game. So in DFCI the song that plays depends on the stage you pick which is normal. that is until you get to round 3 where the game makes everything more tense by playing an instrumental version of the opening theme. This automatically makes you feel way more tense and like a badass when you win. I would link the specific version but it’s not on YT because you will get a copyright strike so i’m just gonna like the actual opening. by the way don’t question why LiSA sings it.

  16. Best Sol vs Ky theme is No Mercy. That song kicks so much ass it will physically kick your ass by making you headbang too much.

  17. I have SO MANY FAVORITES. But the one that's relevant to me right now is Persona 4 Arena's The Arena. I'll also mention Shop PV from Street Fighter 4 even if the version in the game is watered down on Volcano Rim

  18. Volcanic Rim from street fighter IV. Nuf said.

  19. Beautiful video as always but how did you make an entire video about music in fighting games and not mention Rise SP skill "Risette: Live on Stage"? It's literally a rhythm game inside a fighting game inside a reading simulator.

  20. Not a fighting game at all, but I remember 3ds Pokemon has specific tracks which apparently only played in tournaments or at finals, hell I remember there being specific tracks which play when you fight the best in the world on the ladder. Its pretty cool for something which 99% of people would never hear.

  21. The universal music of "Somebody just ate shit…" in my friend group is somebody getting combo'd into Instant Kill, which, in most ArcSys games, means the music swaps over.

    Also, yeah, more games need unique vs themes. "Still in the Dark" will always make me remember that Millia vs Eddie was hype as a teenager.

  22. I will always dragon install just because. LET IT OUUUUTT

  23. I love the music in Melty Blood.
    Rhythmical Bustle, Beat from Melty Blood, Kara No Kyoukai, Elegant Summer, and Tatakae! Bokurano Mech Hisui!
    are a few of my favorite tracks from that game~

  24. Battle cry (battle cry) all the saund…. The Anji Theme is a certified banger

  25. My favorite FG song has to be either Emotionless passion from tekken 2 or any song from Evil zone (yeah evil zone kinda sucked as a game, but the music was honestly great for 6 year old me and i still love it today)

  26. Glad to know im not the only one who scream lyrics while the fight is happening

  27. Alex and Ken’s theme from 3rd strike will always be one of my favorite fighting game tracks, it has inspiration from my favorite genres, and it played in the clip that got me to take fighting games seriously, Evo moment #37 babyyyy. The song is just iconic and nostalgic

  28. Easily my favorite is the man himself, the man who died in battle and lived to tell the tale, BANG SHISHIGAMI!!!

  29. Was chillin, laid back listening to the video and then jumped up and started singing rock parade in unison 😅

  30. honestly if someone told me that they don't like the music from GG xrd rev 2 then either 1 their lying or 2 they haven't listened to sky should be high ( or break a spell or wanna be crazy)

  31. Easily my favorite Fighting Game song is Esaka?

  32. I know nobody’s gonna see this but Cagliostro’s theme, while it’s not necessarily timed to an install, it perfectly represents her personality of looking cute first and then being a mad scientist with no boundaries then back to cute. I’d recommend hearing it if you haven’t already, it’s perfect for the character

  33. With strive being my first FG then going back to xrd just to see what it was like and end up loving it, my favourites are;
    Still in the dark
    Magnolia Éclair
    Ride the fire
    Roar of the spark
    Necessary Discrepancy.

    But I love all of them and have a full playlist I listen to daily. I frickin love Guilty Gear.

  34. phoenix wright destroys deadpool with facts and logic

  35. Hearing you say that you were 2 when XX came out made me realize that the age difference between you and I was much smaller than I thought, given that XX came out the year before I was born

  36. Phoenix Wright basically is the reason I absolutely love characters who can override music in one way or another

  37. I used the love RWBY, it's what the guy in the back of anime club came up with. A hilarious mess of anime overload and stupid. Yangs semblance (power) is getting getting stronger the more damage she takes.

    Who asked? No one but I'm telling you anyway. R.i.p Monty Oum.

  38. I started playing strive only because of music. God I fuking loved Sol theme and bought game. Sucked a lot, but music carried me through all sufferings of newbie and now I play on celestial floor. God bless daiske

  39. I'm not even playing Guilty Gear but I'm thinking of starting because Ky told me: "THAT'S RIGHT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T LOOK BACK"

  40. Favourite song from a fighting game is easily Out of the Box by NAOKI. I don't know what else to say that shit slaps hard.

  41. strive not giving ky his own "ride the fire" is an affront to god

  42. Kinda hurts he didn’t talk about unib music cause that stuff SLAPS

  43. man you singing rock parade puts a smile on my face everytime

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