Mortal Kombat Clones -

Mortal Kombat Clones

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New cereal idea, Goro’s. That’ll be 100 dollar.

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  1. nice cartoon for the kids where they kill each other lol 😀

  2. I subscribe to the theory that Mysterious Lion is a secret Jackie Chan for a total of 4 Jackie Chans in Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master in Fists of Fire.

  3. Sometimes, these videos start like they're going to mean something, then they make a turn like Shadow War.

  4. Sometimes, these videos start like they're going to mean something, then they make a turn like Shadow War.

  5. spoken by a hack who was not alive back then …….ffs

  6. Hey! I used to really like Mortal Kombat Sub Zero.

  7. I played (and loved) Clay fighters as a kid not even really knowing about Mortal Kombat. I had no idea it was a ripoff lol

  8. They all look the same…
    No. They don't. That's racist!
    I swear they all look like Jack Chan…
    That's seriously racist dude!

    Actually yeah.. You're right! They do all look the same… But that's because we're watching Jackie Chan vs Jackie Chan… 😂

  9. Lol MrGStar321 i see at 0:32 i would Recommend him go watch his Mortal Kombat videos very funny and entertaining love him

  10. A mk video about mk clones that doesn't mention tattoo assassins? That's like everyone's go to on this subject.

  11. They should bring back Kart Kombat that was the sh&t !

  12. I regularly come back to this video to hear Dunkey say "the shitaaaaass games"

  13. Should have ended the video saying More-tal Dunkbat

  14. I love Mongo’s catchphrase: “did I MINE that?”

  15. Why didn't Dunkey spell Clones with a K?

  16. Kinda crazy that Way of the Warrior was responsible for the creation of Crash Bandicoot…

  17. Is that Rhymestyle in the Scorpion outfit in the thumbnail?

  18. Killer instinct isn't a clone it's a whole new breed with a unique combo breaker system. If it's not unique it's definitely the best.

  19. ဆင်မင်သားလေး ဥက္ကာမောင် says:

    "Mortal Kombat don’t have machine guns."

    Laughs in MK11

  20. I personally loved motor Kombat no joke often times me and my friend would play that instead of the usual 1v1 fight man mortal Kombat Armageddon had all the weirdest ideas a 3-d action adventure campaign every single mortal kombat character in the roster a mo cap dude as a playable character I borrowed the game from a friend in school who had a busted PS2 and played the hell out of it

  21. Dong Dong Never Die is the best MK clone to exist… you just gotta see to believe.

  22. Weren't they cloning themselves since the second game?
    Even tomb raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft had more innovation than… Arguably any mk game.

    What did it innovate, you likely don't wonder?
    It bought us levels designed by Lucifer himself. It had done something no game had done before.

  23. 2:11 dunkey is lost for words, no worries i got you dunkey . Its like when you let someone copy your homework with all the right answers and then change your answers and its wrong

  24. what's funny is you aren't gonna see stuff like this EVER again for a myriad of reasons, but one of the mains ones being… video games are too damn expensive to make now. you can't just toss these ripoff games together cheaply anymore. I mean you can, but you won't even get the notice these got. we live in a much different climate now.

  25. 3 out of 9 chars are Jackie Chan.

    Tanuki Mario: sounds reasonable

  26. I'm still excited to see the rest of Jew January

  27. how bout the one with thr simpsons or the one with captain america and you could throw the shield those were the cool ones

  28. Anyone remember the mortal kombat rpg? They should make another one it was really goof

  29. The reason clones failed was because they were jokes. They didn't really try.

  30. Killer Instinct is the best Mortal Kombat clone

  31. Mortal Kombat the underwear

  32. "Mom, can you buy me Mortal Kombat?"
    "We have Mortal Kombat at home"
    Mortal Kombat at home:

  33. They had some of these rip offs on the Atari Jaguar. All joking aside Street Fighter was the best rip off of Mortal Kombat.

  34. Mortal Kombat was more or less inspired by Pit-Fighter, not Street Fighter 2.

    Digitized sprites from Pit-Fighter paired with the storyline of Enter The Dragon mashed with Bloodsport.

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