Mortal Kombat Clones -

Mortal Kombat Clones

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New cereal idea, Goro’s. That’ll be 100 dollar.

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  1. You forgot the worst of all. Kasumi Ninja on the Atari Jaguar.

  2. SF The Movie is actually a pretty good fighting game

  3. Tbh, Clayfighter was kinda funny. Killer Instinct was fire tho

  4. No mention of the awful Pit Fighter? £1 and three minutes of my life I'll never get back. Worst fighting game I've ever played. And I've played Primal Rage.

  5. 1:13 "Mortal Kombat doesn't have machine guns"

    Rambo and Full-Auto Jacqui: 😥😥

  6. but it never have a 90s mortal kombat action figure..

  7. "PREPARE TO EAT LEAD BAYBEEEE"! (My new text message alert)

  8. 0:59 – they straight up forgot to tell the FMV actress to do the punch animation so they just stretched her arm out instead.

  9. what about batman forever game on snes/genesis console. another shitty alternative clone of MK

  10. what? no weapon lord mentioned? eternal champions? come on!

  11. Should've added Primal Rage to your list. It's exactly like Mortal Kombat, even got the dinosaurs

  12. Video Game Dunkey, there were also Mortal Kombat clones on the TV show Family Matters. The Black Ninja vs Grandma and Steve Urkel vs Black Ninja where Steve Urkel throws cheese at the Black Ninja but Black Ninja blocks it the 2nd time. Have some Cheese, Have some Cheese. And also, The Wu-Tang Clan had their own video game called Shaolin Style, which is like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat but with a Staten Island Rap vibe and also storyline of the Wu-Tang Clan members and their martial arts skills and style. I love Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Wu-Tang Clan: Shaolin Style and I can't forget Tekken and also Virtual Fighter too.

  13. Holy crap! I was thinking about Clay Fighters the other day. I didn’t know Earthworm Jim was a playable.

  14. I played alot of the jackie chan fighting game at an arcade, its acutally pretty well put together lol

  15. Can we get mortal kombat
    Mom:we have mortal kombat at home
    Mortal kombat at home:

  16. The popular game, STREET FIGHTER, THE MOVIE, THE GAME, inspired by Mortal Kombat! lol

  17. Yo, if you want a competent MK game, we play MK9 not MKX…

  18. To be honest I would really like a Special Forces and Mytholigies game reboot done right.

  19. I make and sell Martial Arts Gear and thanks to the popularity of Mortal Kombat, I can't sell certain kinds of weapons like Kyoketsu-Shoge. It's like how nunchaku and throwing stars got banned all over because of the popularity of Bruce Lee. Ironically, I can sell Kusarigama and other even more dangerous stuff all day with no issues…lol

  20. Street Fighter, the Movie, the Game, is pretty fun on MAME.

  21. I wanna punch everyone I know in the head with the power of love

  22. These games look great. Do you have linka to the one where you fight as a photo lady and fight the buff red cartoon guy?

  23. smash bros is my favorite mortal kombat clone

  24. did vargskelethor joel do the voice acting for riggs riddick?

  25. Let's be real, be able to do a 400 combo as earthworm jim, was like a dream come true

  26. You can’t really call Killer Instinct an MK clone when Midway also worked on KI. It’s just copying your own work

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