Mortal Kombat 1 | Official Rulers of Outworld Trailer -

Mortal Kombat 1 | Official Rulers of Outworld Trailer

Warner Bros. Games
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The Rulers of Outworld will not repeat themselves. Know thy place and bow before your Queen.

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It’s In Our Blood. Discover a reborn Mortal Kombat Universe created by Fire God Liu Kang. Mortal Kombat 1 ushers in a new era of the iconic franchise with a new fighting system, game modes, and Fatalities!

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  1. Sindel is so beautiful and i love her evil laugh sm❤❤


  3. X-rays just stop the flow of the game by lasting too long.

  4. So is Sindel bad in this timeline/with Shao? Or is she actually good?

  5. One thing hasn’t changed raiden and shao khan at each other’s throats again

  6. Shao Kahn is the Dragon King’s vessel confirmed.

  7. Would like to see a Doomsday(DC) dlc. So he can do a Hulk smashes Loki move.

  8. The new characters look stupid…
    Is raiden a teenager and lyu Kang an old one?
    However, the nsfw is gonna look woah tho 🌝

  9. The trailer music is extremely nice i hope i can get the name of the trailer music in the background

  10. I really did prefer the face and chara design of the last Sindel, she did look like she had experience and hide evil in here. This one isn't that good. But his personality and strength seems to be so much better and impressive. Can't wait to play !

  11. Lemme See About What The Video Games Is All About

  12. Mortal Kombat Deception characters comeback

  13. If I didn't have my twin 5 y/o boys who mimic everything, I would be playing this as soon as it drops.

  14. Long hair still sucks! I really don't understand why they give more animation to the clothes of the characters than to the hair!
    Will we one day see a game with great graphics and with a hair animation similar to the main character of the game "Alice Madness Return"?

  15. Don't get me wrong, I love Sindel's finisher and how her hair looks when she pops off.
    But . . . they really did her dirty. She looks so bland. EVERYONE looks so bland.
    Their idea of realism was toning everyone down to feel NPC-esque.

    I feel like the last game did a great job of design balance. This is too toned down.

  16. looks like mk11 with different char and poor visual effects, mkX stays the best with mk9 no doubt, try more.

  17. X rays and fatalities are way too long and break the game pace, I miss mk9 which mixed x rays and fatalities perfectly into gameplay

  18. I been a MORTAL KOMBAT fan since day 1 💙💯

  19. Is Khan based on Vin Diesel this time? That fatality tho.

  20. где его знаменитый удар в прыжке? не дело ! )

  21. Subzero over here suing for copyright infringement

  22. Sindel's hair whip is what every mom wish to have for their kids😂

  23. It’s fitting that in the new timeline, the two former leaders of their realms would be rival champions in the same tournament

  24. i really forgot how cruel this game was-….. the real question is how did my parents allow me to play it when i was a child💀

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