MMA Fighter REACTS to Street Fighting in Video Games | Experts React -

MMA Fighter REACTS to Street Fighting in Video Games | Experts React

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Retired MMA fighter RJ Clifford is back again with another Experts React video. This time he is reacting to such games as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Def Jam Fight for NY, The Warriors, Sleeping Dogs, and the last but not least Yakuza 5 Remastered. He is observing and explaining the gameplay as well as technical aspects of the games from the early 00’s and how fighting games evolved till today. Featuring some vicious moves, takedowns, and even combo attacks with deadly finishing, RJ praises the games’ developers for the extraordinary work they produced when releasing these games! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first-person action-adventure game in which the player takes control of Faith Connors as she progresses through a futuristic city named Glass. Through the first-person perspective, combine her fluid movement and advanced combat with the city’s surroundings to master the environment and uncover the conspiracy.

The gameplay of Def Jam Fight for NY is expanded from the original game, which was primarily a wrestling game. It emphasizes the use of the game’s various environments and the surrounding crowd to cause damage. Tossing the opponent against barriers gives fighters an opportunity to inflict massive damage to their opponent by slamming them into the wall headfirst, ramming a door or gate in their face, or using other features of the environment.

The Warriors is an action-adventure survival game that focuses heavily on brawling. Several minor gameplay elements are mixed into the experience, such as the ability to use spray paint to mark turf or to insult other people. Combat in The Warriors occurs in real-time and involves pressing buttons to initiate attacks by the on-screen character.

Sleeping dogs, similar to the GTA series is an open world and martial arts action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The player controls martial arts commando Wei Shen, a Chinese-American police officer who goes undercover and ventures out on a raid to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organization.

Yakuza 5 Remastered really feels like a culmination of everything that came before it into this one huge, bursting at the seams Yakuza package. The battle system was upgraded with new special techniques such as Kazuma Kiryu – Dragon Spirit, Taiga Saejima – Tiger Puppetry, Shun Akiyama – Launch Strike, Tatsuo Shinada – My Meteor Tackle as well as Dance Battle with numerous styles and Heat Action.

In any case, you cannot fully appreciate these games if you don’t try to play them.

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RJ Clifford :

00:00 Intro
01:12 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
02:50 Def Jam Fight for NY
05:35 The Warriors
07:05 Sleeping Dogs
09:25 Yakuza 5 Remastered
13:49 Outro
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  1. Every time I see footage of Sleeping Dogs I always consider buying it again! Such a shame we never got a sequel.

  2. Def jam FfNY, & Sleeping Dogs , Need a Sequel .
    Beat Fighting Games Ever Made.

  3. Love RJ! Has such a great personality that I think would mix incredibly well with any of the spec ops guys!

  4. Can you have him react to all the ufc games and other real fighting games

  5. Make them react to Judgment and Lost Judgment fight scenes

  6. Imagine the fun this guy would have commentating on Yakuza's coliseum matches

  7. i would love to see more of this guy react to yakuza stuff, especially Majima's very unorthodox fighting styles

  8. Soccer kicks are brutal wanderlei Silva's favorite in pride fc those were allowed when he transitioned into ufc he had to make adjustments

  9. i want to see this man react to Yakuza 0/kiwami. that'll be cool since the heat moves are brutal as hell.

  10. How about we mixed up MMA fighter with Martial Artist expert react?

  11. This guy looks like super fun to be around lol

  12. please have someone like a sword fighting expert react to blade and sorcery the vr game. there are lots of vids where people do some real practiced moves.

  13. How long does the internet need to say it? Def Jam Fight for NY needs a remaster.

  14. Love to see Jordan and Noah react to the Punisher fight scenes

  15. “I’ve never fought a hooker before, but I bet they’ve seen some stuff” best line of 2022 so far

  16. Finally some Warriors gameplay! There needs to be a whole video dedicated to it. There is so much more to the fighting and has unique styles for each main Warriors members.

  17. glad they mentioned Sleeping Dogs, that game is seriously underrated and underappreciated

  18. too bad he didn't see the stuff Saejima did in Yakuza 5 some of his heat actions are downright brutal

  19. This guy definitely needs to Snake vs Ocelot from MGS4

  20. At least use some videos from people who can play
    Not those amateur gameplays

    The experts can say a Lot

  21. Should have him do the dead or alive games.

  22. Oh man the warriors. I remember, talking to my sister like a psycho
    "Hey look! I stab this girl's ear with a knife and it make a disgusting sound!"

  23. If sleeping dogs had a prequel, my life would be complete. but unfortunately it will most likely never happen

  24. Y'all should do lost judgement next for another fighting game

  25. I can't explain how much i wanted to see him address Akiyama's fighting style from Yakuza, I'm pretty big into kicks and love how he does them

  26. You should have him review the Judgment franchise

  27. Any time I see Def Jam FFNY, I press like. Such an amazing game for its time, a real classic

  28. Why would you have a MMA fighter react to STREET fights? MMA has rules, the street doesn't. Everything he complains about is fair game when it's your life on the line. Damn straight I'm suplexing a dude into a car, bum rushing him when he's off balance, or blending his face with an AC unit. I'm not here for the tap, I'm here for blood.

  29. They need to remaster Def Jam fight games fr.

  30. I like sleeping dogs but I think the warriors has more in depth combat. simply put there isnt as much cinematic environmental kills but they still exist and there is almost 0 ground and pound in sleeping dogs besides 1 move. Doing the same thing gets old and in sleeping dogs there arent a whole lot of environmental kills or attacks outside of the main missions. I actually played sleeping dogs before the warriors and I think I prefer the warriors maybe 10% more even tho it's older

  31. Who thinks the martial artists or this guy react to shadow fight

  32. This video was kinda bad. The guy's "reactions" were pretty much just putting a name to a move. Not really as fun as hearing the technicalities behind moves.

  33. Def jam really needs a remaster I'm still stuck with the emulator of the game

  34. Make sure this guy and the Martial Artists react to Sifu

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