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Misinformed – Fighting Games

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If I don’t make top 8 at EVO for the Double Dragon movie tournament Imma lose my mind

Videos “borrowed” to make this video;
MvC2 –
MvC2 Iron Man Infinite –
What a fighting game is –
Anime is too fast for me –
Too many gokus –
Mars rover –
Ryu –
The Big Guy –
Hellsweeps –
Whole Lotta Charlotta –
Get in that Ass –
Lowain –
100% Zoning –
Meta Knight –
Sajam –
Gootecks, Mike Ross, and Aris –
Massive Zug –
Core-A Gaming –
Discord Advice –
TAS bot –

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  1. fighting games is easily one of the easiest and most welcoming genres there is. Specially in 3D fighters like Tekken

  2. Get on My Level and play anime fighters you fucking scrub.

  3. TEKKEN: Greatest Fighting Game of All Time 🐐✊🐐

  4. “Pick a game, pick a character, join a character tech discord server (that exists soley as a front to share hentai), become a robot, and win evo. Easy.”

  5. Has misinformed ever hit 6 electrics in a combo? If so that's nuts

  6. Is it bad that the part I finally lost it at was "Core "Gerald" A Gaming"

  7. It really hurt to watch that intro of MvC2

    scratch that the whole video hurt
    Also I assume you play Granblue if you don't play anime or heavy neutral fighters? Filthy Gran players smh my head, see my Lowain, yes I do indeed use Yggy every single chance I get that's not why I win I totally have skill don't expose me

  8. If you aren't frame perfect you will never be good

  9. I'm dissapointed. I would expect you to play third strike or SFV. Tekken? Why?

  10. "Fighting games invented Febuary 24th 2000"
    Ehhh, the Mongolians were wrestling in 7000 BCE. That's more of a fighting game than Smash.

  11. 2:16 I'm 99% sure that picture is the local arcade near me. Closest game to the camera is a soul calibur 2 cabinet.

  12. Damn fighting games first started in 2000? That's crazy.

  13. tekken has nothing to do with M vs C 2
    tekken is related with virtual fighter

  14. That moment when you first turn on manual combos in KI and you feel like your ego balloon just got popped.

  15. Can anyone tell me some good online fighting games?

  16. Man I sure I'm glad that I'm going to EVO 2020 to play fighting games, oh wait

  17. "Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the best fighting game ever"

    That's obvious!!!

  18. And I said it before and I say it again; Asuka is bae

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