Mental Stack in Fighting Games and Why it is Important -

Mental Stack in Fighting Games and Why it is Important

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Mental stack is the concept that fighting game players should know. You rarely need to have exceptional reaction speed in order to play fighting games. What’s more important is to learn what you can and cannot react to and prioritize your mental stack. Then, you can create your gameplan around that.

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  1. 1:32 another thing that you can do that tricky is punish the startup of long animations. Like if ryu does a crouching hard kick you can punish that with a light kick. Usually the same with the rest of the attacks.

  2. great video! never thought of throwing out dash checks while looking for an anti-air, thats smart

  3. Great vid! But like few people use fordward dash….is more like footsies and jump, imo

  4. Really important notions here, especially in SFV where there is a consequent delay when you play online

  5. Thats why characters with many options like Akuma, Rashid, Birdy … create natural mental stack, cause its not only about dash and jump. Its not about trying to react to everything, its about radnomizing.

  6. You can eliminate the mental stack by simply recording the training dummy to do 5 different options (e.g. jump attack, dash attack, crush counter, etc) and practicing reacting to all 5 options. Daigo uses the same thing.

  7. With enough practice you don't need to react at all. DPs and Dash checks become muscle memory and that is why it always feels impossible to get in when fighting a top player.

  8. Great video! It's cool to see a concept that you kind of just have a "gut feeling" about be explained so well

  9. I want to thumb up twice, but it wont let me do it

  10. Fantastic video! One of the hardest things to explain to people who don't play/only watch FGs is they assume everyone playing at even an intermediate level is ultra instinct reacting to every stimulus on screen and running millions of mental calculations every second, which is obviously not true.

  11. You are credit to fgc. I am heavy wpns guy and this is a channel.

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