Melty Blood Type Lumina: The Fighting Game That's Doing Everything Right (So Far) -

Melty Blood Type Lumina: The Fighting Game That’s Doing Everything Right (So Far)

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This is a very quick little rundown on all the different things that are been done correctly when releasing a fighting game also doing a quick little breakdown of the mechanics in melty blood type lumina.

Melty Blood Type Lumina has relit my fighting game fire

Fighting Game Glossary – Reverse Beat

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  1. Wasn't expecting more characters to be announced. SO nice surprise.

    Glad that Moon stances have been condensed to DRIVE/EX type of gauge. Never been a fan of stance selection for characters in FGs.

  2. "Melty Blood Lumina" is probably the only upcoming (heck, modern even) fighting game I have any interest in. Though that's mostly more to do with the legacy behind it than anything else.

    That said, there are some nitpicks I have. Still not a fan of most of the redesigns for example but that's something I'll begrudgingly have to get used to. Though that's not really the game's fault per-se, it is primarily being based on the remake where those are from.

    Though, another consequence of that decision, this is a "Melty Blood" entry that oddly doesn't have any "Melty Blood" characters, at least currently anyway. "Tsukihime", yes. Even "Kagetsu Tohya" thanks to Kouma surprisingly being in. But no characters that originated from "Melty Blood" itself, like Sion who was confirmed will be absent.

  3. That's literally my most anticipated game of this year. Man I am so disappointed at how they butchered Guilty Gear.
    The melty blood new game looks more 'GG' than the shit Strive does.
    I'm super hyped with how many crazy stuff you could do with the 'Moon Drive', the air movements feel so satisfying!

  4. kinda interested in the game but seeing the characters…very bland design.

  5. Designs are questionable like my boy Kouma looking like Shinji in the face from FSN.

  6. Buying the special edition. I really hope it does well.

  7. WAIT. Type Lumina has rollback?

    Fuck everything I'm doing. Buying that shit day 1 then.

  8. A weeb, a fighting game fan AND a vtuber simp? I found my ideal tuber!

  9. What little melty I played I liked Aoko the most. Hope she makes the initial roster

  10. Im here like I have my fav looking character in the game but I’m still waiting for Ryougi

  11. Obama and Koe out here saving Melty, God bless the both of you

  12. I don't really understand the hype for this game. I am not too deep into FG so maybe that's why. Mechanics looks super cool tho.

  13. wow, combos that don't completely kill the opponent in 10 hits. i miss those days, lol.

  14. the visuals are from the Tsukihime reboot… interesting.

  15. You should do a "Rate the Super" for the Melty Blood Actress Again. So that when you see the new versions, you could do a comparison of those.

  16. Don't get too excited about rollback. We don't know if its good rollback yet. Guilty Gear Strive has like the best netcode of any fighting game but its not like all games that have rollback has good online overall. Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat 11 comes to mind as games where you constantly get crazy jitter and teleporting people all the time.

    Rollback is good and im glad Guilty Gear nailed it but don't assume online will be good just cause they said it has rollback is all im saying.

  17. Maybe the game isn't going to be the best, maybe the game isn't going to sell too well, but, is going to be good? I bet is going to be good

  18. U love the aesthetic of the game? The generic anime vibe that's been done to death n back?
    Also, the only thing that ive heard being hyped is the rollback (which happens every generation or so. They intentionally lag the previous online experience to make the new 1 seem better, when its the same thing). That's all i hear about with new fighters. Everything else looks exactly the same. Cancels, auto-combos, meter-burn specials.
    Nothing interesting going on. It's the same shit, different smell

  19. Obama did it, melty videos coming out.

  20. it has rollback, that is enough for me, buying the game F1

  21. Glad to see the Fighting Game Glossary being put to good use, thanks Koe!

  22. I hope they will have Miyako eventually. I need my main back.

    This will be the first time that I juggle 2 FG as my main games. I never understand how people could switch gear between different FG instantly during EVO. I always have to spend a hour before tourney to get my brain back to the current FG.

  23. Im sorry but i cant get over the basic designs. I know, i know it is based on the source material. But doesnt Persona 4 arena have better designs along the same lines? Still love the roll back tho

  24. Why do Melty characters look so goddamn plain and boring?

  25. gameplay looks fine enough and pretty simple to combo although I'm not sure how I feel about the way the characters look in contrast to the background.

  26. koefficent melty blood type lumnia is going to be my first melty blood game in the entire melty blood series. all the core mechanics in melty blood lumnia 1. MOON SKILL 2. MOON DRIVE 3. HEAT/BLOOD HEAT 4. ARC DRIVE/LAST ARC 5. SPECIAL/EX SPECIAL.

  27. Thank you for spreading the word. I hope this franchise gets as much exposure as possible. I've loved this series since it first came out and I'm happy it's looking like it's still going to be amazing.

  28. I know fate more than Melty. Kouma is the first interesting character in the game. I might get it, but don't know if I'll take seriously.

  29. It looks cool and I want to like it, but the character designs feel so boring. It's the fate aesthetic but a bit more basic.

  30. I'm pretty sure the Limbic System of the brain has to do with memory, motivation and emotions so it probably covers pleasure but I could be wrong.

  31. This game melts my blood if you know what I mean

  32. This is purely an opinion, but I absolutely despise auto combos in FGs. Yes it makes the game more accessible, but it lowers the skill ceiling a large degree.

  33. It's looking good, but I'm concerned about the involvement of Yoshinori "I single-handedly ran Capcom's fighting game division into the ground" Ono.

  34. Suddenly, from a warp in time in space, BBCF2 Appears!… :] one day, maybe. I mean GGS getting success could potentially give bb a kick since arcsys got some real mainstream attention. Bbtag was not for me unfortunately.

  35. didn't know There's a fighting game spinoff of Tsukihime definitely gonna try it out, can't wait to play as my Waifu in a fighting game.

  36. Bruh I’m pre-ordering that game simply because Best Girl Hisui is in it and looks very interesting.


  38. I never got the hype for melty blood the character designs are the most bland and boring thing ever. I mean, the gameplay is fun but the characters look SO fucking boring.


  40. With every new fighting game that's about to come out guilty gear strive is looking lamer and lamer .

  41. Motherfuckers tryna say Melty ain't got drip, but my girl Aoko shows up to battle in a supreme tee.

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