Meet SonicFox, The Queer Furry Who’s Destroying Everyone Else At Fighting Games -

Meet SonicFox, The Queer Furry Who’s Destroying Everyone Else At Fighting Games

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Dominique “SonicFox” McLean competed in his first Mortal Kombat tournament in 2011 at age 13. Back then, his opponents didn’t know what they were up against. But SonicFox knew his own truth: he was queer, he was a furry, and he rocked at fighting games.

Seven years later, the four-time Evo champion has shown the rest of the world his truth, too.

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  1. Oh shit my boy was from mount holly only a few minutes from me

  2. Your fursona is so cool mine is sorta shy so you have me beat on being out their and congrats on your tournament success man I'll always be supportive

  3. He uses adderall to increase his game play. he is a cheater

  4. Yeah a huge addiction to game boosting steroids aka Adderall . Most likely does meth… Im an ex druggie I know one when I see one

  5. who the fuck paid him such an excessive amount of money in order to say “smash is hard”

  6. He's wonderful, but he looks to have really bad skin.

  7. Sonic Fox “ I’m gay! Hey did you hear everyone I’m gay! I said I’M GAY and a freak furry!” 🦊 🌈

    Sounds like he’s a closet heterosexual trying too hard

  8. I like this guy openness and sincerity

  9. Mk should have a SonicFox special guest character!

  10. I don’t understand when you’re wearing a fursuit as well as wearing no mask you have to say “I’m black, a queer, and a furry.” Well yeah, most of those are obvious!

  11. as a huge fg fan Sonic is just the man. Hes the MJ of fighting games. You have great players, you have top tier ranked players, you have pros, then you have elite pros…All the elite pros say sonic is the best. Their level is unreal.

  12. College feels like the biggest waste of time, i love it lol

  13. I don't care if he is a furry or not.
    Gamers are gamers, we're all the same

  14. I wonder how the gamers would react seeing a furry that’s good at games.

  15. She asked him more of the psychological questions; I feel like she wanted to go more into his love life, but I really liked what she did regadless

  16. This guy may seem awkward to most people but hes a natural winner. His mindset is exactly what makes him the best

  17. The whole gay pride thing went to his head. He's egotistical as fuck

  18. Lol the first 30 seconds were nothing but blatant lies 🤣

  19. This junk play out video with that junk music background.

  20. That extreme strange music, Which I didn't know of.

  21. i like this guys, you just get fans from Indonesia..

  22. There's a reason he stays away from Street Fighter & Tekken.

  23. Don't forget to mention this closet straight guy is gay. Don't forget.🥴

  24. Once a furry always a furry, will never support trash that wears fur suits in public, like yeah bro spend your free time reading frame data, I respect other fighters but not this Don Cheadle/Chris Chan love child

  25. Wow he's gay and a furry, such an amazing identity…

  26. I feel the interviewer deserves some props for this. She was excellent! Made him feel super comfortable.

  27. I´m not into furries or anything he is related. But I gotta say that I respect this dude for his skills and professionalism, also funny personality, overll a great example in the fgc community.

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