Max's TOP 5 FIGHTING GAMES for 2022 -

Max’s TOP 5 FIGHTING GAMES for 2022

Maximilian Dood
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Max breaks down his top 5 fighting games for 2022 and why this year, despite the lack of HUGE franchise games like Tekken and Street Fighter, was an important one for the genre.

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  1. I've play KOF since KOF XI and I gotta be honest I've only ever run into these 2 extremes whenever it came to online play. Either the other player had no idea what they were doing or they were just godlike there was no inbetween🤣

  2. Max-senpai.. just wanted to comment on your haircut

  3. Rumbleverse is so damn fun, it reminds me of Kung Fu Chaos, man I miss that game

  4. DNF was a dead on arrival game. Only 40 players online and zero updates. Awful gameplay. I mean… How is it even on this list?

  5. Due to the light Maxs' right ear looks like a prosthetic. 🙂

  6. Dnf was such a fun game people were so excited for it I respect the number one pick.
    No commutation for so long made people who even liked the game before hate the game on top of their not being too much to content in the game.

  7. I think it's safe to say on behalf of the folks at Iron Galaxy, we appreciate the Top 5 nomination! Looking forward to your future visit to Low Key Key next time you hop on Rumbleverse!

    – Keeman45
    Community Manager

  8. KOFXV was what revived my interest in fighting games, haven't been into them since MK9. Something about the character designs, game systems and general flow just felt right. Watched EVO for the first time by myself and THAT rekindled my love for the genre again, It really is a shame that matchmaking for KOFXV is in the state its in. Picked up GGST and SF5 and been enjoying those with buddies and online.

  9. For me Multiversus suffered from some of the same problems that Brawl did on the wii, its direct competitor (ultimate/melee) just is so much more dynamic and satisfying to play that I burned out of the new game after a week or two

  10. I wish MVC2 was on ps4 I’d pay $60 for it wouldn’t buy an obnoxiously giant arcade thing to play tho

  11. You never discuss power stone and it concerns me

  12. Rumbleverse has been my favorite game this past year. So much fun!

  13. Okay! OKAY! I'll finally pick up DNF… :p

  14. This was my first KoF since the arcades and I was just getting destroyed, unfortunately that kinda killed it for me

  15. Big ❤ for KOF. And ya my take on multiversus is that the concept is cool, but I didn’t care for any one character, and more so i don’t think the overall cast gels together well, a bit too random.

  16. Regarding KOF15, its problem was 100% the matchmaking. Hopefully the crossplay update fixes that.

  17. DNF Duel is also my favorite this year, Funny enough my placement of these games is exactly the same for me. (MVS, KOFXV, DNF Duel)

    But here's a little something about DNF
    All of my friends don't really like to play fighting games all that much but I bough DNF and 3 of my friends and I played it for 15 hours straight 😂 They absolutely loved it but… becuz of the lack of content, my friends kinda dropped it. tho we play form time to time.

    I will honestly say, a ''combo tutorial'' brings me GIGANTIC hype and love and admiration for a game that also GREATLY enhances my will to learn the game and do cool shit. when a game presents me with the potential and allows me to train myself before fighting others online, its very freakin fun imo. thanks to that and the practice tool I have been able to beat (and sometimes perfect) very high rank players (in comparison to my level) and that feeling of landing a crazy ass super big combo and perfecting your opponent is absolutely outstanding and DNF makes it feel EVEN BETTER 💜.

  18. GOD
    I Hate Fighting Games
    I Hate Fighting Games
    I Hate Fighting Games


  20. this is a joke, right?
    dnf is not a fighting game,
    dnf is a shame

  21. Your KoF conversation with skill levels is what DNF felt like for me pretty much. it's not 30 years of experience, but like 20 hours in the lab is what it felt like. So I was either stomping people near effortlessly when I didn't even lab combo routes, or I was getting touched once or twice and dying for it (and needless to say without labbing combos I was not doing the same). The few games with other people just naturally figuring it out who weren't entirely new though were great. It's also why I enjoyed it so much in the betas where everyone was like that more or less.

    I really want to play more DNF, just need to convince one of my friends to get it, he tends to approach it the same way as I do. One who has it already does for most characters so random works, but he'll have the odd main he learns it propelry for, which is alright, but not quite the same.

  22. I was so excited for the DNF Duel season announcement. God I hope Monk gets in.

  23. Capcom collection should've had Power Stone 1 and 2 🤷🏾‍♂️ I'd still be playing it

  24. capcom needs to realize that re-releasing old fighting games dont hurt sales of current gen games that much because many ppl buy it for nostalgia collection factor and play occassionally than switch over, if they were that serious then would already be playing on fightcade.

    as a matter of fact, its a great opportunity to introduce ur IPs' lineage and culture; you see how many youtubers get excited when their fav game gets retroed and starts explaining why it was so significant or fun for them

  25. Rumbleverse deserves a 2nd, 3rd and maybe even 4th look from EVERYONE.
    That game is truly something incredible, and it's FREE

  26. Lol I knew dnf duel would be #1. It's a great game and will get better in time

  27. Multiversus is just straight up trash lmao

  28. Seriously chose Rumbleverse over Naraka as your fighting game battle royale 0_0 wtf

  29. If mace the Dark Age was online playable I would probably never play any other fighting game again besides that

  30. Yes fighting games to look for in 2023 – COUGH! Pocket Bravery… It just looks fun with cool combos that a newbie can actually follow unlike most of these hyper-intense games here. No wonder small crowd of players for these.

  31. 2:13 Idk if I heard right. Did he say rumble verse is better than sifu???

  32. I wish multiversus kept the hype going, was doing wonders for my channel, then it just started to feel awful and the server issues/balance ruined it for me

  33. For me KOF 15 is the best, it's like a Street Fighter but with Fast Paced. And if you watch competitive matches of KOF 15 you're gonna see a lot new combos moves and tricks its a joy to watch and play it. Can't wait for Kim 🥋

  34. so, can we finally accept that what casuals want is single player content?
    DNF died to prove that easy inputs won't save the casuals from getting murdered online. let's make some fun modes for them to play please.

  35. multiversus' problem was not letting asian players play their game. im still so salty abt that

  36. Man, I accidentally jumped 20 minutes in… Almost had a heart attack!
    What the hell is that,,, nothing prepared me for such beauty! The long hair looked good but its so much effort to maintain… So eh i understand.

  37. do u have a discord so I can be up to date with tournaments? cuz I would’ve loved to been in the capcom collection tournament

  38. I like how Maximilian looks like Kenny Omega's older brother lol

  39. DNF looked super interesting to me when it came out but I did just a smidge of research and all I saw were complaints of infinites and crazy bullshit that, as a new fighting game player, I was not ready to accept

  40. these are great games worthy of anyone's lists

  41. Does anybody knows a game that feels similar to KOF but more simple?

  42. this guy is so much better than falcon from gameranx

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