Max's Personal Top 10 Fighting Games Of All Time -

Max’s Personal Top 10 Fighting Games Of All Time

Maximilian Dood
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Now that he has put together an objective Top 10 list of the best fighting games of all time, it’s finally time for Max to talk about his own PERSONAL top 10 list. These are the ten fighting games that have had the greatest impact on Max’s life and will always have a place in his heart!

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  1. My love for fighting games started way back in a JC Penny's playing Primal Rage on SNES.

  2. No Tekken 3? No The Last Blade 2? It's very weird list tbh.

  3. Being a PS2 owner and seeing SC on the Dreamcast for the first time was like the first time you see HC P**n as a young teen. My heart rate sky rocketed and I got all these "feelings" in my body.

  4. Love the MVC1 love and arcade experience commentary. I have very fond memories of family trips to CA, where I would specifically get excited to visit this boardwalk arcade, to play that game. So good.

  5. I'm super duper mega ultra happy that tekken 3 are in the top 10.

    The problem I have with 3 strike is once the OST. Just don't think it's good compared to SF2 or SF4 or SF5.

    Then there is the roster. No cammy is a no go no matter how good the game is.

    Apart from that, that would probably be my favorite SF as well, but the two points are just too big points of criticism.

  6. Killer Instinct Gold is still my favorite fighting game.

    That game is so insanely good. I got Killer Instinct 1 when it first came out, I wish I kept the box. I still have the soundtrack. It blew me away. So ahead of it’s time.

  7. MKX has such a unique, cinematic look, I remember the first few years the Xbox One was out no games looked better and ran at 60FPS than MKX. MK11 and MK1 look so flat and uninteresting

  8. Pra mim:
    1 – Street Alpha 3
    2 – Street Alpha 2
    3 – UMK3 e Trilogy
    4 – DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    5 – Super Smash Ultimate
    6 – Street 3
    7 – Street 4
    8 – MK 9
    9 – Killer Instinct
    10 – Samurai Shodown

  9. I'd listen to Max when it comes to fighting games over any WatchMojo list that comes out. Max's experience makes him the go-to guy to listen to for the genre, and I'd trust his word.

  10. MAX. The hair is looking good. I understand you're a busy YouTuber but you should definitely keep it touched up.

  11. Really prefer mortal kombat 9 over 10

  12. i think u say melee doesnt feel good because 0 buffer which could also be said about old capcom games

  13. MK9>UMK3>KI 2013> special mentions T7.

  14. Capcom vs SNK 2
    Street Fighter 2
    Killer instinct
    SSB Melee
    Soul Caliber 2
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Tekken 5
    Smackdown vs Raw
    DOA 5
    Injustice 2
    Celebrity death match

  15. Im glad MKX is getting some loved. Criminially underrated FG.

  16. Im always of the opinion that Smash Ultimate is fun to play but boring to watch. Melee has so much weird tech that it makes it more interesting to see what players do with it. Ultimate to me is set in stone and we know what to expect. I wouldn't call it bad by any means but i find it less entertaining.

  17. I hate mkx lol graphics are bad I don’t like how fast the gameplay is and how hard it is to get out of somebody combos

  18. You can really tell Max has little experience with MK.

    Saying "MK9 was basically trying to modernize MK2" made me ball my eyes out laughing.

    Sometimes the things max says clusterfuck my brain, and this is one of those times.

  19. You so stick killer instinct unbelievable, at arcade it was losers that playing that

  20. 3rd is the most famous but Is not the best at all, it has the worts balance and for the last 23 years chunli makoto Ken keep winning all , for single players competiton it’s the worts too , and the only good thing about it is cup coop teams tournament that’s the only worth thing to watch about 3rd strike, but again one it gets to the high level you will see what’s Ken vs chunli or makoto just pressing down mk to super forever Wich makes the game super unprofessional, they best ones are kof98 2002 and you don’t have it on you list cuz looks like you don’t play real fighting games at all, your list of game are the just basic games that didn’t go no where.

    3rd strike is more about the mechanics of the game Pic up chunli makoto Dudley ken you don’t need to do much you can get a lot wins thanks to mechanics.

  21. Can somebody explain why chicken nuggets is number 10

  22. Killer Instinct is such an A+mazing fighting game, 10 years later and still going strong ! So HYPED for the upcoming Anniversary update and possibly a season 4-5

  23. Ki 94 man I'm a 2000s kid but thankfully my dad had his snes and killer instinct he always had us fighting irl w this game man so many memories

  24. Relatively new to fighting games at this point, for reasons that will be apparent, here's my list in the year 2023:

    1. Melee – I can't take issue with Max's reasoning on Ultimate over Melee, but to me, the responsiveness of Melee can't be touched by 6 frames of input delay.
    2. Rivals of Aether – This one's here for sentimental reasons and also I have a blast every time I play it
    3. Tekken 7 – It's at this point I have to acknowledge that my enjoyment of a fighting game largely has to do with the time of my life where any particular friend would play one with me.
    4. Street Fighter 6 – I'm new to SF, having a good time, nobody I know is playing Third Strike, give me a break.
    5. Smash Bros. Ultimate – This might have been higher in a previous year, but there's a lot that has been soured by time for me.
    6. Slap City – I was born in platform fighters, molded by them.
    7. Skullgirls – I've played it a few times
    8. Guilty Gear Strive – I've played it less than Skullgirls
    9. Rivals 2 – It's not out yet, but I'm running out of ideas because I refuse to add another Smash game.
    10. Nidhogg – Does this even count?

  25. No offense but my top 10 list would be completely different, Alpha 2, Super Turbo/Hyper Fighting, Marvel 2, CVS2, KOF98 to name a few

  26. It's his list and doesn't have to make me happy.

    It's still kinda sad that there is no SNK game that makes it into the top 20.
    Not even Garou or KOF 13?

  27. xbone KI is my goat for sure!!! melee my is favorite video game of all time but i dont consider platform fighters in the same category

  28. Video has major props simply for phantasy star music.

  29. 1. Smash Ultimate
    2. MKX
    3. MVC3

    Best games ever

  30. Soul Calibur 4 is my #1 because it's the first fighting game i played where you could rank up online, and it had that weird 'special' mode with the gear that gave actual stats and advantages, they really went all out with that game

  31. Don't think it really counts but Dragonball Budakai 3 is in my Top 10 best fighting game of all time. Tekken 3, and 7. Street fighter 3. MVC2, Smash Melee only because if it wasnt for it, I would not have know or gotten into smash. As for MK games. I agree MKX you can't compete, even MK1 is trying to go back to it.

  32. As someone who grew up on 3rd Strike it is weird to see people gush over this game. I thought it was an okay game growing up. I mainly like it since it reminds me of my childhood and the soundtrack is legendary.

  33. No Def Jam??? Man, you disappointed me

  34. Here’s my list, eligible to change there’s a lot I haven’t played
    10.Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
    9.Injustice Gods Among Us
    8.Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
    7.Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
    6.Mortal Kombat 9
    5.King of Fighters XIII
    4.Tekken 7
    3.Mortal Kombat X
    2.Ultra Street Fighter IV
    1.Killer Instinct(2013)

  35. It's weird how Brawlhalla doesn't get much attention when it has 100 million players with 20million monthly players (crossplay). Insanely good tournament entries online and LAN, massive prize pools, consistent developer support, extremely active community. It's not nearly as recognized as Smash (it does not have the massive legacy or storied history of it), but it deserves some praise imo. It's different from Smash in basically every way but the genre. People are very quick to discount it without giving it a serious try and how good high level competitive play is. Also one of the most balanced fighting games ever.

  36. Based on visuals alone, Third strike is the only street fighter game I have ever wanted to play.

  37. My list.. I was po growing up with very limited taste but here we go in no order

    1. Mortal Kombat
    2. Killer Instinct
    3. Virtua Fighter
    4. Street Fighter
    5. Primal Rage
    6. Eternal Champions
    7. Knockout Kings/Fight Night
    8. Ready to Rumble
    9. Soul Calibur
    10. UFC

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