MAX REACTS: WatchMojo - Top 20 Best Fighting Games of All Time -

MAX REACTS: WatchMojo – Top 20 Best Fighting Games of All Time

Maximilian Dood
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  1. Tbh people keep saying that smash bros is not a actual fighting game series is really getting on my nerves.

  2. Hearing Max's disapproval of KI broke my heart. 😢

  3. I wouldn’t trust Watchmojo even if my life depended on it. Their top 10s are either total BS or straight up plagiarised from other content creators. They’re basically a parasite.

  4. Interesting to see this kind of a look at a more casual list – I am still shocked Blazblue CF is on the list at all tho, it's one of my personal favorite fighting game / series of all time but I didn't think many people really… knew or vibed with it lol.

  5. MK XL is the best Mortal Kombat of all time

  6. I dont consider myself a casual and I think Killer Instinct 2013 is one of the best fighting game of all time. Am I really that crazy?

  7. I'm a casual fighting game player and I think KI is super good haha

  8. Oh well this makes me happy that I picked GG lol I"m no casual I'm just bad 😂

  9. Dragon ball fighterz being above mortal kombat is crazy 😂

  10. I hope that max realizes that WatchMojo lists are not actually people’s opinions but just employees googling fighting game names and throwing it on there

  11. Injustice will also have a special place in my heart, it was my first fighting game and first game I actively followed character reveals and dlc trailers and gameplay teases and I bought the $100 edition but even I wouldn’t put it in the anywhere near a best fighting games list

  12. I am casual as fuck and no guilty gear strive or rev is wild.

  13. I’d put project justice in my top 20
    I just am surprised watchmojo knows what rival schools is!

  14. World warrior over third strike is goofy, idc if its classic third strike is the best game

  15. I am a casual fighting game player, never been good at them, play maybe one new fighting game every couple years at best. But most of these picks line up with my favourite from each franchise or at least the one that I owned
    Mortal Kombat 9 was the only recent one I played, Tekken 3 will forever be my favourite tekken, the music was perfect, the roster was great, the artstyle was so colourful and stylish and it just has so much content for a fighting back then. And if we are talking about street fighter? My opinion of street fighter 5 is that me and my friend bought it , played about 8 matches against each other and were bored out of our minds, as a non fighting game veteran, that game is ugly, that games menus are some of the most confusing and annoying shit to interface with and when it comes to stuff to actually do in the game when it came out, there was nothing, it was baron, the game was empty. And Killer Instinct had awesome characters, was satisfying to press buttons in and had one of the best soundtracks ever, Mick Gordan will always be the goat. (Also yeah i have never played virtua fighter, back in the day everyone i knew played tekken 3 and virtua fighter was just the uglier, less fun tekken.)

  16. This list was definitely made by a 13 year old emo mexican girl

  17. Coming back to watch this video again, I can tel Max was BUTTHURT AND OFFENDED by the “CASUAL perspective “ 😂. Take a shot every time you hear casual 😂

  18. You can see the exact moment when Max's faith in humanity was broken.

  19. IMO a fighting game is one that features hit, block, throw. Am I wrong?

  20. How is Powerstone more niche than GG tho? It was on Dreamcast.

  21. Max recommending that viewers thumbs up this content proves why he is the GOAT of the scene. It's not my list but I respect his endorsement for it.

  22. This list started off all over the place, this definitely wasn't one person making a list

  23. I stopped watching watchmojo videos mostly because most of the time they don’t really know what they’re talking about

  24. Def Jam was awesome, not the 3rd one though.

  25. Tbh when I saw Injustice 2 at that top I knew they were memeing

  26. I know I'm a year late to this video; but it would be nice to see underrated gems like evil zone, for ps1, get their love.

    Soul calibur 2 will always be my favorite fighter of all time but evil zone needs love to!

  27. Just calling this out cause I think it's funny.

    There's a guy in this comment section called CatisReckless that is basically just shitting on everyone's opinion on the video, and he's pretty much just saying "I'm right you're wrong I win little zoomer".

    Anyways, Catis if you see this, what do you think of Rivals of Aether? I'd like your opinion on it.

  28. So why no one don’t bring up snk vs cap com 2

  29. Putting Injustice over KoF 13 is insane. INSANE.

  30. im a casual i F*CKING HATE KI, its such a bad game

  31. This is certainly one of the lists of all time…

  32. What’s wrong with a gaming company wanting more people to play the game and attract “casuals”. I thought it was cool to have more friends interested into playing your favorite fighting game. I hate the cult like thinking of a group that’s really into something and the mocking of a person that’s just trying to enjoy themselves with the subject as well. Really nice to see this guy acknowledge that.

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