Marvel Fighting Game Being Developed by NetherRealm Studios?! -

Marvel Fighting Game Being Developed by NetherRealm Studios?!

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Marvel Fighting Game Being Developed by NetherRealm Studios?! A huge rumor has surfaced online that states NetherRealm Studios, the team behind the Injustice and Mortal Kombat games, is making a Marvel Fighting Game. Here are my thoughts on why the rumor might be true, but also why I think it’s unlikely.

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  1. I swear to god if spidey is ps exclusive i will not buy it

  2. But if this is only for ps5 and series x that would be fucking retarded knowing how little of a percentage of gamers actually own those consoles i mean yea by the time this game comes out they will be more readily available but stillp

  3. imagaine a marvel vs dc game just like bro omg made by the creators of mortal kombat and injustice as well ughhhhhhh

  4. With how pop'n the Marvel universe is, and gonna be over the next coming yrs, this is a no-brainer.
    I wld luv to see Black Panther, Wolverine, and Black Widow.

  5. As long as it's got the X-men. I'm all in. Would be cool to get Daredevil and Moon Knight

  6. I don't wanna see a Injustice 3 I want to see this new marvel game and I would like to see a Marvel Vs.DC game if this game is successful it could happen. And I would also want to see Horror Kombat that game needs to happen as well I really think they should take a break on MK&Injustice and give us these two games

  7. Characters they need to add carnage, thanos, deadpool and wolverine

  8. One an only Thanos will be my MOST favorite character. I cannot wait to play as him.

  9. Hope that we then get a Marvel vs DC vs MK game with M rating

  10. Injustice 3 vs. Marvel would be cool with thanos vs. Darkseid 😋😋😋

  11. omg Omg omg plz plz do this would be next level

  12. "I'm pretty sure it's just a rumor"
    Ed Boons tweets

    Sure buddy

  13. I hope they don’t have spider man only on PlayStation because I don’t want to buy it on ps5 I want to get it on pc

  14. What about Nintendo switch Platform?

  15. That's wouldn't happen I think, Marvel in under Disney, what happen in MvCI is because Disney wanted to all feature is kids/all age friendly, that's why MvCI is so differ with all old MvC

  16. I would love to see a Marvel fighting game with a similar style of combat as Injustice but I can’t see this happening, considering Marvel is very protective of their licenses and if it were to happen, I have a feeling Sony would pull a similar stunt where Spider-Man would be playable only on the PS5 version, like they did with Marvel’s Avengers.

  17. If they do it right itll be the best game of the year

  18. They definitely need X-Men characters and at least Thing

  19. I don’t think it’s a rumor I think it’s actually gonna happen. I hope Atleast but I leading towards yes.

  20. I hope its not true because NRS CANNOT make fighting games. Leave fighting games to ARCSYS and Capcom

  21. I am in the minority, just not that interested in a Marvel solo or Marvel crossing with DC game. I would rather have a DCxDB game with all of the Justice League Unlimited voice actors and Funimation Dragon Ball Z/Super voice actors reprising their roles for it. Either that or at least have Goku & Vegeta and Frieza too, added as guests for Injustice 3. In addition to that, I am also one of those people that are more excited at the prospect of a Kaiju fighter game featuring Godzilla, Kong, and many other monsters as well.

  22. I wanna see some really cool characters
    1.Dr. Doom
    2. Venom
    3. Gambit
    4. Green goblin
    And more

  23. God I hope daredevil and moon night is in it

  24. Biggest red flag without even watching: WB owns Netherealm. WB also owns DC. But AT&T owns them all… huh. Who would've thought the phone people would own a piece of the movie industry…

  25. Don’t want this game I prefer a real superhero story game

  26. WB had already made Marvel games like the Lego games.

  27. Good Marvel fighting games already exist and they're all Capcom games. Even MvC Infinite was a good game, it's only the roster that pissed gamers off.

  28. cant go wrong with nether realms at the helm they make great fighting games injustice 2 mk11 and mk 9 have a permanent place on my hard rive tbh i dont own a ps5 and probably wont for a few years but im so excited to see what comes

  29. Marvel vs DC would make so much fucking money

  30. bro caboose i saw those fortnite png's on the thumbnail you ain't slick

  31. That roster on the thumbnail
    🔥🔥🔥 Take my money 🤑💰

  32. why's everyone going crazy over Spider-Man? I just want Gambit, Cyclops, and Shadowcat lmao

  33. where is he getting these background clips??

  34. I simply feel like if there ever was a marvel fighting game it would most definitely not be a marvel vs dc game

  35. It wouldn’t happen because Netherrealm is owned by Warner Bros and they own the entire dc roster so it wouldn’t happen you can only play mvci if you want a marvel fighting game

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