Marvel Fighting Game Being Developed by NetherRealm Studios?! -

Marvel Fighting Game Being Developed by NetherRealm Studios?!

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Marvel Fighting Game Being Developed by NetherRealm Studios?! A huge rumor has surfaced online that states NetherRealm Studios, the team behind the Injustice and Mortal Kombat games, is making a Marvel Fighting Game. Here are my thoughts on why the rumor might be true, but also why I think it’s unlikely.

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  1. Hope so I even have a idea for the roster

  2. There are rumours that Dr. Manhattan will be the vilain of injustice 3 soooo maybe he could bring the marvel characters into the injustice mess

  3. Marvel is Disney and unless I am mistaken NetherRealm belongs to Warner Brothers

  4. 😱😱😱 can we also have it for the Nintendo switch

  5. This would be cool, if it’s true. And I’d definitely like to see wolverine in there too!

  6. I don't need Copcoms character.
    No thank You.
    If your wish comes true, I want DC vs Marvel.
    But good Justice league vs Avengers.

  7. its gonna be Dc Universe 2 without mk characters but marvel characters may make it.

  8. they should definitely add spider man and venom and obviously put in the main heroes like captain american and iron man

  9. DLC Characters: Spiderman a ps5 exclusive fighter

  10. In terms of guest characters, I think some Star Wars or Kingdom hearts representation would fit perfectly

  11. If they want to make money, this leads to the biggest cashout… DC vs Marvel… all money (everybody wins).

  12. I would love to see spawn, omni man, invincible, and the Justice League as guests characters

  13. Hope it will be with X men charectors and the Black cat

  14. if this rumor is true, i'd love it if they include xmen/mutant related characters. and xmen fighting game has been long due

  15. Nether realm Studios should not turn Marvel turn Violent because Marvel should be PG as Disney.

  16. I agree with you I want an injustice 3 very badly

  17. In a marvel fighting game I would like to see the human torch,iceman,quicksilver and wolverine be in the game

  18. "a Marvel VS DC fighting game is fantasy land"
    OGs remember the official Marvel VS DC comics from the 90s. Never forget these companies have a number 1 priority of making money and what makes more money than a good crossover? Nothing.

  19. I would definitely want to see taskmaster 🥶🥲

  20. I doubt it but it would be cool to see Moon Knight as a playable character if they actually make it

  21. Trash content once again boy get your fatass up and get a real job

  22. I only want a marvel only game please, no need for dc they already got 2 games in injustice series, this be so amazing for marvel

  23. Unfortunately, if this is true (fingers, toes and testicles crossed) I think we're going to see mostly MCU and X-Men film franchise characters.
    Which makes sense…they are the most recognizable to the masses.
    But, here's hoping some of the great characters who haven't made their big screen debut get a spot on the roster.
    This game will be sick

  24. If this is true I am going to go insane with iron man

  25. Marvel games been missing lately outside marvel ultimate alliance 3 and Ps4 spiderman. So I hope this is true

  26. If Thanos isn't in this game I'm gonna be more disappointed than I was after I finished watching the new MOTU.

  27. I’m weird with my picks but here are a few villains & heroes I wanna see!!. For heroes give me my favorite marvel character Angel/Archangel then do Carol Danvers, Spider- Woman🕷, Invisible-Woman, Human-Torch, Antman 🐜, Wasp, Moonkight, Luke Cage, Hellrider, Storm, Logan/Wolverine, Nova, Mr fantastic, Starboard, Rocket raccoon 🦝!!. For villains I wanna see either of my top 2 villains Toad 🐸 or Hobgoblin/Demongoblin then Yellowjacket, Mole-Man as the weird joke character, Pyro, Scarlet-Witch, Kraven the Hunter, Modok, Galactus, Rhino 🦏, Mystic!!.

  28. Thanks for getting my hopes up

  29. Please be true I want to main scarlet witch 😌

  30. Happy National Superhero Day by the way! What characters would you like to see in a Marvel Fighting Game?

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