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Luck In Fighting Games

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  1. Bro I found you channel like 2 mins ago and you’re already posting cool shit thank you


    I don't know how you have so many subs but a low view count

  3. Amazing video too bad it ended so soon 🙁

  4. The greatest luck you can have on a fighting game is to have you favorite character to come in a new game on the base roster or DLC

    (Bridget and ABA on Strive PLEASE)

  5. Never thought I'd be annoyed to hear adachi's theme

  6. Damn you do so much video that are SO good (Like rly) hope u'll get more famous, you 1000% deserve it

  7. A video about luck and no mention of how PW in UMVC3 is basically a luck-based char, unsubscribed, reported and told your mum 🙁

  8. "Luck in Fighting Games"
    Me, a filthy smash player: wait that 's what y'all call luck?

  9. >Makes a video about luck
    >Uses Neco-Arc on thumbnail
    >No phone-call discussion

  10. I'd say the only palpable 'Luck' sensation I get in fighting games.
    Is indeed when the enemy drops a lethal combo (fails their execution) OR in cases when either fighter survives a combo or super with around a pixel of HP.
    Be it the opponent didn't use the optimal combo or the pokes added up just right, it's a miracle you're alive at that point. Cue Lucky.

  11. Yeah, my favorite Ordinary Days V2 streamer just uploaded

  12. Yeah, my favorite Ordinary Days V2 streamer just uploaded

  13. why are you pumping out so many high quality videos so often tf

  14. My mans really can't find his status screen.

  15. Honestly, until you get the download on someone's habits then a lot of neutral interactions are kinda luck based.
    Like on round start against someone you can choose to jump, anti-air, dash or walk in either direction, poke, throw out a fast button, etc. and there isn't any way to know what is the best option but if you or your opponent get the right guess then one has an advantage based purely on selecting the right one. Round start is just the most "there is no knowledge at the moment" situation but many players probably can't get a download on another person's habits for at least one or two rounds, maybe even one or two games, so a lot of it is "I'm going to do this because my gut tells me it might work." That's got elements of luck.

  16. Character that have moves that are 100% luck based are so fun to play. Faust random item toss in GG, platinum random items on blazblue or mr game&watch side b in smash bros. When you get the best option of those moves it's so satisfying

  17. Ever play Arcana Heart? That game has an entire Arcana based purely on luck

  18. Should have talked about when the game starts jittering and it makes you drop your combo
    Kamone please fix mbtl netcode already

  19. About damn time someone started putting luck in the spotlight "all luck no skill pays the bills"

  20. Yep. If Luck is uncertainty of outcome, the best we can do to be consistent is taking educated guesses (be it in neutral or in actual 50-50 mixups).

  21. holy fuck your anime nerd boy voice rules lol

    great video that i think amount mostly to you make your own luck. the trunks example was great because it features a theoretical player who made the best of a bad input, creating their own luck and having the muscle memory and execution to follow up to make it look like it was their plan all along. most competitive games operate in this way, you find ways to practice that allow you take take advantage you can find, including those born from incredible fuck-ups

    my other favorite example of random luck helping a player out is when kizzie kay learned something from watching a button masher. the masher wasnt thinking on the same level as kizzie but kizzie, who was just looking at the inputs for shits and giggles, just happened to realize he could do something with one of those weird inputs. was super fun (though i forget if anything came of it)

    great vid, lots of fun

  22. Lum: What’s THIS?! [A cross-up combo in the making]

    Teddie: What’s gonna come out? [just look at your HUD…]

    Faust: What will it be? [LITERAL HUNGER GAME]


  23. 3:20 that’s a mystery of life that makes me want to call Rika Berkastel


  24. Just bought both Guacamelee games on Switch

    The fight rooms feel like this to me on my first run


  25. I'd say anytime you throw out a move in neutral, the next set of events is luck since you have no way of knowing how the other person will react. (I'm looking at you DBFZ with your invincible level 3s)

  26. This video makes me think of the time I fucked up a flick input in a block string so badly I got a Heavenly Potemkin Buster instead, which connected and won the match

  27. I only clicked this video because there was a neco arc in the thumbnail. Nice bait to get idiots like me to watch your video, keep up the good work

  28. When someone randomly decides to do a Super JUST when you press a button:

  29. They don't all have to be 10+ minutes long. This was fantastic.

  30. Smash players removing items yet Hero isnt removed.

  31. this was a great video. a lot of good points.

  32. oh, i got kinda sad when i realised the video was getting to an end, Very good video!

  33. Just bought one of the Fallen Legion games on Switch (the one that doesn’t have a demo)
    Turns out the Shield guy has Guard Point
    Perfect Guard gives 1AP

    SO technically I TOD some goblins…


  34. Sonic Fox still won tho 🙂 Good on them 🙂

  35. What is this sick Outro Music?

    Also, yes, imperfection in inputs is mostly why you can't treat all advice as gospel. It only works as long as you don't fumble it, or as long as your mistake lines up with another one from your opponent.
    Great video.

  36. i thought it was No Neco-arc November why did you have that thumbnail?

  37. Why did this video come out the very hour after I use Hero for the first time in SmashU?

  38. If anyone here knows Killer Instinct 2013, correct me if I'm wrong; does Omen's fireballs have luck factor? Because from what I can see, it has 11 different patterns that comes out randomly.

  39. Gekko these vids are fuckin sickk. Keep up the good work !

  40. Luck 100% exists in fighting games. Blocking 5050s is a huge luck based tool. Reads in general have an aspect of luck.
    Sure, you can use conditioning to tip the scales in your favour, but you will never know, truly, what the opponent is going to do.

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