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Luck In Fighting Games

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  1. Im not a hardcore or competitive player So Im probably in the minority, but I love RNG in fighting games when it causes minor chaos.
    Omen's wack fireballs in KI? Great tool. Keeps you on your toes.
    Fausts random bullshit in GG? a lot of fun to both play as and against.
    Hero in Smash Ultimate? The language barrier can suck but otherwise a ton of fun to play.

    There is also a really easy way to get around the RNG characters. Don't play or face the character.

  2. Another vid! I’m definitely gonna save this for later.

  3. I guess it depends on your definition of luck but unreactable oki is luck. You were right there too, you even had a percentage number while breaking down the millia oki. You can play against an oki character like millia or ino and get mixed to death. Id call that unlucky. Or you can guess right and make a comeback.

    Footsies rollback edition has the least luck 10/10 would play again

  4. Great stuff, I discovered you could use ino's chemical love to punish slow fireballs in neutral by mistake in a ranked game

  5. … I love type lumina so much. Maids. Yes. Had to say it.

  6. Take poker for example, a game almost 100% determined by luck beyond each player's control. You can, however, become a "good" poker player if you become really good at limiting your losses when you get unlucky and maximizing your gains when you get lucky.

  7. If you can get lucky in chess (which you can) you can definitely get lucky in fighting games. Besides that, I think luck that has low variance is fine in fighting games and can allow some interesting thing to be put in them.

  8. would love to see a part 2 about characters that revolve around luck and rng

  9. Play Melty Blood with me Gekko…(I have it on switch)

  10. yeah those times i pulled off a heavely potemkin buster when trying to input a megafist was just pure skill for sure, no luck involved

  11. I didn't think fighting games are for me, I love games like guilty gear strive but I fucking suck with creating combos. I'm so retarded. I know my friends says I'm not but I just feel that way even in training I still don't know what I'm doing. Then I would text in the chat and then I would say fuck this game I quit and I will never get better. I just hate to fail not understanding why I fail and sometimes it makes me go insane. The problem is where I try to watch pros play I get envious of them understanding the game win or lose. I thought Giovanna was garbage and cheap. But it's me that's garbage. It's sad but true. Then I delete the game and never touch it for months.

  12. my favorite moment of personal luck was when i tried 3rd strike for the first time and red parried my friend's makoto blockstring into shin shoryu to kill when i was just trying to do m shoryu to get him off me

  13. they can't know i'll heaven potemkin buster in oki if I don't know either

  14. are people still salty about go1 in dbfz? lmao the game change sides constantly what's the matter to change the players side lol

  15. That anime speech parody was hilarious XD

  16. I've always wondered why people stopped "valuing" luck. Lots of old cultures valued luck as a good thing, even a desirable aspect of character, and often took defeats because of luck with some modicum of grace.

    "Luck" is everywhere after all, especially in real life. Maybe back in the past people just recognised its importance more and that they had to accept it. Or maybe its an older religious thing.

  17. Can't tell ya how many times I tried Sephiroth's counter one direction, only to accidentally turn around (idk why but i frequently b reverse down specials on accident) and protect myself from a cross up

  18. Please don't do the random yelling in a video. Other than that, good!

  19. "Games these days are very balanced and you can't say you lost because of the other character"
    shows Giovanna footage

  20. I got lucky twice in GGST. That same accidental TK happened to me, but with Faust's bomb bag (mashing out an item toss) instead of a super. I thought "oh that's cool but I doubt I will use it much". Cut to the latest patch where they made afro bomb bag a thing.

  21. I really hope you know about the kara cancel in makoto's SA2 combo otherwise you will literally never get it lol

  22. Bro you play the same character as me in like every game lol.

  23. I really like 8-12 min videos. Quick, sweet, reconsumable. I also really like 18-23 min videos. But don't fuck with me and throw out some 13-17 min bullshit or I will 236k you so hard that 6 will no longer fear 7, no matter how much it 8 9.

    Love your stuff 😎

  24. Was fully expecting something about Smash here. Oh well.

  25. In Daigo's book he talked about how you can get lucky in fighting games, world's #1 scrub amiright

  26. Wouldn't say this is a shirt video, good content
    Cool way to think about luck.
    Tekken has a lot of that, low parry being active while your wavedashing.
    Paul's qcf sway also low parry's, so you see Paul's do qcf low parry then do f2 a lot

  27. So yOuR tElLiNg Me i’M nOt A ScRuB!!??!1!1!1

  28. Hero. Smash bros. Thwack at 0. A comedy and a tragedy all at once.

  29. Im kinda surprised you didint mention super smash bros melee at all, that game wouldent be the technical marvel it is nowadays if some people didint fuck up an airdodge

  30. 4:40 “You wanna learn optimal combos, go for it”

    “You wanna master that four way setup, grind that shit out”


  31. Bro I fuckin LOVE the crazy little freakout segments you add to your videos lmao. “Wun lern how ta dew a fukn infinite?!” 😂😂😂

  32. The video’s great, bud. Thank you 8).

  33. I'd say majority of luck in high level plays involves rock-paper-scissor and 50/50's as we all heard of, of course there's this mind game stuff and you can guess based on your opponent probabilities and your overall knowledge but… In the end we could say your intuition influences this as much as any gambling game that you need to pick one in three options and guessed right, it doesn't mean you're like, megamind, it means either you played well given circumstances or just got lucky and all that is fine as long as you are not relying on it too much I guess

  34. You forgot to mention the most luck defying move in fighting games, "The Superdash".

  35. This video wasn’t the best? I thought it was pretty good

  36. 5:26 instead of dp+p, you have to do reverse dp during dash, and then press punch. it happens because makoto changes sides after SA2 dash, and instead of fukiage it does another move because dp+p on one side is reverse dp+p on another. It's pretty easy combo if you know that (unless ur doing kara fukiage)

    P.S also, to confirm SA2 out of st.hp, you and your opponent have to be in range less that half screen, or else st.hp and SA2 are not going to connect. The best thing if you're in range more than half screen, is just ex dash punch

  37. Whats the song that was playing at 1:00 when he said video over?

  38. Tbh I'd be lucky is the character I choose to main is top tier. (Jus take make my point really come across) my favorite character in SFV is Necalli, my fav character in injustice 1 and 2 was Bane. And the character I love the most in fighters is Nappa and Goku Black. Oh yea and I mained Kag in BBCF lmao

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