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Luck in Fighting Games

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A video where we discuss various implimentations of luck in fighting games and how they effect the games they’re implimented in.

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  1. Another two examples of a luck-based mechanic that can be fun to interact with are Khameleon and Chameleon randomly switching which ninja's moveset they're using ever eight seconds or so. In Chameleon's case, it's the only way to use Ermac's toolkit in competitive N64 Trilogy because, despite Ermac being banned, Chameleon can only use his moves for such a limited time.

  2. Who are you fighting that goes 3rd floor on cafe first

  3. The kadoken change only really works BECAUSE Dan is a joke character, which is where most fighting games dump their rng experiments. No concerns how it will affect competitive play if the character is so deliberately bad you’d be playing with a hand tied behind your back by doing so.

  4. You cannot win a championship without luck. Look at like the last several NBA Titles. Just plain injury or injury avoidance luck. Especially, the Warriors last couple of NBA Finals appearances, lost because of bad luck, the won because of good luck (in avoiding having to play the Suns).

  5. This makes me wish that Phoenix Wright's bad evidence wasn't straight up detrimental to him in UMvC3. Aside from the occasional piece of meat, which heals him, any bad evidence Phoenix picks up only serves to delay him getting into Turnabout Mode as he has no option but to discard it (trying to use i in trial mode leaves him in a vulnerable animation).

  6. "Luck-based mechanics" Melty Blood Type Lumina as a whole LOL

  7. Lucky me randomly clicking on Eddventure's channel

  8. It was a long wait, but we're back! I'm gonna be posting a lot more frequently here for a bit to help raise money for me to get to EVO, so enjoy the content while it rolls out!

    P.S.: Yes we are still doing Jimbulus…

  9. this is in my reconmened after being up for literally 1 minute bruh

  10. I personally think that chess is a competitive game with zero luck involved. I understand that you can't always consider all options available to you, but that is a skill in and of itself, not just luck.

  11. I think Domino from the X-Men should be in the next MvC game (If there is one), having a luck based fighter is always cool to me. She could ricochet bullets around that go in random patterns or throw a grenade that doesn’t detonate, exploding later in the match once it’s forgotten about. I think a super where she sets off an actual Domino chain that causes a giant one to fall down into the opponent would be funny.

  12. Eddieventyure video…..
    Starring me!!!!!!!!!

  13. First time seeing that big freaking meteor wth how rare could it be?

  14. I’m a pretty new fighting game player (coming from playing Smash for many years) starting with Strive, and I instantly fell in love with Faust. Having to improvise combos on the fly and forcing the opponent to play neutral is exactly what I needed to get into traditional fighting games

  15. Love the topic! The Dan change is one of my favorite balance changes in recent memory for the sheer creativity.

    For the section showcasing Axl and Sol though, I felt like I was on a different page, and I think it might have benefited from a clear-cut definition of luck.

    I was having trouble reconciling the situation as luck because at minimum, different options carry different risks and rewards, so even with no knowledge of the opponent it is an informed guess rather than Random chance, or a roll of the dice. Which is what I would traditionally consider luck.

    Again, love the topic, and I'm glad to hear that I'll be seeing more in the coming months!

  16. Great vid, nice talking about games that aren't really known for their luck. I would recommend looking at Richard Garfield's Luck vs. Skill lecture. Even though he made a card game which has luck very built into the game, it's cool how luck affects other games, even when it might not seem like it to the untrained eye.

  17. Man good to see some eddventure content. Idk if you're doing any of the other big tourneys but if you are good luck, have fun!

  18. my favorite kind of luck in fighting games is the kind where you can critically fail. Orochi Shermie in KOF2002UM (maybe other appearances, not sure) has a MAX SDM where she calls down lightning from above to do massive damage–but it might just miss and, best of all, might hit HER and possibly even kill her???? i know competitively that's the absolute worst move you could possibly think of but honestly as somebody who mostly plays with friends it is 100% worth it to use moves like that and accidentally die because it's extremely funny.

  19. Brian won a game at red bull with luck too right?

  20. the helium balloon hurts faust by way of doing literally nothing and wasting faust's time

  21. This was a cool little essay since I know none of these games or characters but still understood everything.

  22. I like Faust's items because they're not "haha Faust just wins" or "haha Faust f*cking dies", it's more of a "hey, think fast" situation
    Both players have to change what they're doing to account for the effect of the item on-screen

  23. You're lucky if the CPU boss goes easy on you for Round 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. "babe wake up new Leon Mas- I mean Eddventure video"

  25. So the luck in Fuast kit isn't as bad, because Meteor is a very rare drop?
    How does that make sense?
    That would be still "luck win" if such a rare item dropped and won somebody a tournament in a perfect moment.

  26. I'm sorry, in terms of being infamously luck based, faust has nothing on the absolute slot machine of a character that is hero in smash bros ultimate.

  27. my favorite Luck based character is Lum from Fantasy Strike, having a similar balance like Faust, where his item toss are random, but to balance fantasy strike easyer overall dificulty he is also balanced where, besides specials only one item can be on screen, unless you get a especific item toss. All of the items are good in diferent ways, but i gotta say most just want to take the time your enemy takes to deal with it to be better spaced to throw another one as soon as you can, and enjoy some good mix ups.

  28. the dan change was pure genius on the devs end

  29. It's worth noting that Faust's items aren't actually random. They're based on the round timer in most games, and framecount in others. I've personally seen players be able to call which items they'd pull in XX, which was pretty impressive.

    Also luck is a skill and anyone who disagrees can fight me in a dice game.

  30. I'm probably going to regret bringing this up but "Arcana Heart 3" has a pretty decent example of this. In it, you choose a character as your fighter and then an Arcana which grant various additional specials, supers, and effects of their own onto the character you're playing.

    While the character who has the Arcana, Eko, has some RNG based specials of their own, I'm mainly going to be talking about their default pairing, Saligrama, the Luck Arcana.

    The main special you get from it involves throwing a 6-sided die. The number it lands on will causes the die to explode that amount of times.

    Its main super involves throwing two dice which add together to give the amount of explosions, but if both dice are the same value, the explosions are larger with less proration…so more damage.

    Its ultimate involves throwing a giant die. A 1 summons multiple small dice that give tiny explosions, 2-5 summon the same amount of large dice that each explode, and 6 summons a singular massive die that basically covers a large area when it explodes.

    But that's not all, Arcana also give passives, and Luck has multiple passives with a random chance to activate.

    Savitr – This will randomly cause a period of invincibility from start up to the release of any ground E (universal chargeable launcher) move.

    Manyu – This will randomly force a counter hit status after landing a non-CH hit on your opponent.

    Tapas – This will randomly prorate damage taken by an extra 10% when hit…so you take less damage.

    Pusan – This will randomly cause a single hit that would KO you to leaving you with 1 HP instead.

    So yeah, a mechanic defined by being luck-orientated has some luck involved in using it.

  31. Mr Game and Watch is another good example of a luck mechanic

  32. “Meteors are rare” Is a boldfaced lie I got hit by two meters in a row yesterday

  33. Dota 2 has some really GREAT pseudo RNG where it weights results and modifies the % chance of something happening, as to prevent streaks of bad or streaks of good luck. so its random but it balances out in the end.

  34. This makes sense typically but when option selects are involved, your educated guess chance rate goes up by a large margin

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