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Legends of Fear – Horror Fighting Game Concept

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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! The time has finally come to talk in depth on this horror fighting game concept I’ve been working on. I love making this concept ideas so if you want to see more make sure to subscribe! Happy October!

COMMENT: YOUR ideas and character picks for Legends of Fear!
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0:00 Intro
0:47 Title and Production
2:02 Not Impossible
2:49 Overview
18:50 THE DLC
27:03 Single Player Mechanics
29:06 Tag-Team Importance
30:59 House of Horrors Tower
33:09 Store and Cosmetics
36:08 Outro

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  1. la criatura de jeepers screepers pudiera estar tambien

  2. Jeepers Creepers, Flyman, Wishmaster, the crazy military man from The Prowler, RawHeadRex as a boss or miniboss, or even Pumpkinhead.
    Hannibal Lecter is a good replace for jigsaw.

  3. Please Finish this Game Bro, that would bei the best beatm Up ever,Back to the roots. Soo cool

  4. Add Joel from TLOU and a Big Daddy from Bioshock Imo. Great video man !!!

  5. I imagine an interaction with Freddy and Springtrap would be something like:
    "When I'm done with you I'm coming for Fazbitch!"
    "Why should I fear you? You couldn't survive one fire!"

    "It would appear we share much in common."
    "Making it too 6 won't save you from me!"

  6. The Blair Witch, The Blob, the Vampire from Midnight Mass, the Engineer from Prometheus

  7. How about Poppa Legba or the Babadook? M3GAN, Candyman, The NUN or even the Demon from Insidious that played that creepy ass song on the piano

  8. PLEASE MAKE ONE, Battle of the Action superstars of all Era movies( Chuck Norris, clint Eastwoos,VanDame, Bruce li, Stallone, Jet li more)

  9. For a Ghostface since there have been more than one at a time in nearly every movie he can have a Noob Saibot type move set where there are multiple him performing moves

  10. Wow, this is the game I've always dreamed of! And quite honestly, well thought out. It's not just a Universal Monsters brawl or a couple famous faces from slashers. It's well put together, ironed out, and with enough features to make it unique! I would definitely help to put money behind this. And the name Legends Of Fear is just so perfect. Hit the nail on the head with that one.

  11. I love the fact you add Art the clown and michael myers along with the classic monsters
    It be nice to have candyman annabelle Laughing jack slender man Jeff the killer and eyeless jack maybe the five nights at freddys characters and M3gan

  12. Are we only conceptualizing american horror? Having the ring girl or grudge girl, or some character from iconic japanese horror would be cool.

  13. Одна болтовня и не больше

  14. Leprechaun, Candy Man, Exorcist, Jeepers Creepers, Pumpkin head, and Jeffrey Dahmer would be absolutely insane

  15. Maybe Blade or the Girl Front Adams Family,would be great. The nun also

  16. This needs to happen this idea been Look for and talk about for very long time but this got to happen and they all no of each other like passing threw hell trust me I been on this for awhile

  17. What about the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers?

  18. We got all spidermen in one movie. Toby is now cannon, professor x is now cannon. Anything is possible

  19. Since we’ve gotten some of these characters in MK games I would actually make the map a 3D so you can separate it from MK

  20. I would add It (1990), Crypt Keeper, Ronald McDonald,

  21. It would also be great to have a "Monsters from Asia" dlc with Kayako from Jun On: The Grudge or Tommie from the Junji Ito collection as an example!

  22. Chucky is basically Shang Tsung TBH. Steel your soul..

  23. I like the idea of a monster based fighting game and yours looks good, but making dlc characters that the player needs to buy afterwards is a shit move and a terrible practice within the industry. People shouldn't be buying characters, they should be buying a game with all characters included.

  24. I'd definitely include Candyman and Leprechaun. I think Leprechaun vs Chucky is a showdown we all deserve to see

  25. Netherrealms talked about doing this game.
    I'm glad someone decide to actually do it.
    This is very badass and i love the in game models and graphics.

  26. There is a horror fighting game. I forgot the name i check for it

  27. ong god ive had the same idea for years thanks for making a great concept for it

  28. What about Winnie the Pooh from that one movie Blood and Honey

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