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League of Legends players don’t understand Fighting Games…

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Project L is on the way, bringing the League of Legends and Fighting Game communities together. While this is sure to lead to some fantastic tournament action down the line, for now it’s left us with a swath of hot takes and uninformed opinions on Fighting Games that I just HAD to collect in a top 10 list for you guys in this video! Will Ahri have infinite combos? Will Jinx have overpowered projectile zoning? Stick around and find out!

Some of the sources for this video:
GDC talk about Guilty Gear art style:
obviously the Project L trailer:

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  1. im calling it now Ekko is going to be the anti zoner and play like bedman from GG

  2. I understand fighting games but that’s probably because I played dbfz and tekken 7 way before

  3. fgc players will keep bringing the elitist "no motion inputs = no skill" argument till they die. Accessibility doesnt exist i guess

  4. "Omg you can shoot a projectile I'm literally shaking and crying rn"

  5. League of Legends players don't understand League of legends…and they play the game for years…so what makes you think they will understand fighting games? HAHAHAAH

  6. i just hope this game is good. LOLs has over 100 champs to pic from…lets get the same in a fighter game 🙂

  7. Bro good explaining all the bullshit fighting games have to go thru. But it hurt how casual u sed it's the patch notes era…. Man that's kinda sad u can bring out games with out a ful QA

  8. I hope Project L keeps the name. i just really love the sound of it.
    And since it's a League Spin off…. Project L (As in project League) is not unfitting.

  9. Of course they don’t. They are too used to blaming their team mates for losing games. 1v1 fighting games will leave them with no excuses.

  10. Skullgirls literally has a system that prevents infinites, that guy don't know what he's talking about.

  11. As long as you have an assist that’s an otg or knock up you can reset your combo that’s how long ass combos and infinites work

  12. NGL, I was kinda bummed when I found out it's 2v2 but I've never played a 2v2 game. I've only ever played 3v3 (FighterZ, which I do like) so I'll probably like it anyway.

  13. Listen the league fandom is already hate the game itself. Don't let it get to your fandom.

  14. I mean, last dude isn't wrong. Every multiplayer game is really just a Pong-like.

  15. League has 150+ characters 2 more years 160 +- ! Lets say they start with 30/40 % of them its still 50 Characters !
    There will be any types in the game Zoners /dashes /combos/ damage like every game !
    Also League has amazing Lore ! Regions and other Ranked systems than Ranked !
    league has one of the best punish for leaving and toxic players !
    If Actual Skins for that game come out it will be a great win for everyone horny 😀

  16. I hope this game just straight up kills motion inputs.
    They are a relic from the arcades where they didn't have a lot of buttons to work with.

  17. alot of champion wont appear, example is Viktor, Aurelion Sol, Anivia, Urgot…they just can't be a fighting game character, im surprise they can add Jinx but Jinx know how to fight with her bare hard so its fine.

  18. Why does it take to so long to make a fighting game? Well unlike most geners, usually fighting game devs care about their shit

  19. Hi, I'm a lol player. We are absolutely the most ape brained sons of bitches on the earth. I try and stick to casual because it's filled with people who play to have fun, but even there people will flame you more commonly than usual for other games. But I still recommend the game, it's super fun. Just PLEASE never touch ranked with a 7 foot pole.

  20. I don´t like league, but i´m looking forward for this game…

  21. Never forget that Riot stole Rising Thunder from us to make this.

  22. That one cat girl looks busted top tier prediction

  23. I've heard that Project L will have a character that will use leg kicks. It's pretty much Tekkenlike…

  24. Probably won't be interested in getting it. It does not look that fun or interesting to me. Please don't say Tekkenlike. Even as a joke this is just so cringe, it hurts.

  25. So, Riot tries to have an fps, a moba, and now a fighting game at the same time. I will look forward to what they will offer next.

  26. Not a fan of taggin either. Hell…on Tekken Tag2, i literally went solo with Miguel🤣🤣

  27. Not the biggest fan of tag but learning 2 characters shouldn’t be too hard. I normally try to main at least 2 or 3 characters in most fighters

  28. The frame stop low "frame rate" is cause they didn't made a lot of frames for each move, it looks unpolished. They should really try to get on the level of Guilty Gear Xrd at least in that sense, to get a good balance between simulating to be a 2D game and being a 3D game with perfect frames.

    In other words for people that didn't understood this. The current amount of frames on each move is too low so the game looks like it's on slowdown when it's actually in 60 fps. So yeah, adding more frames to each move to make it look more fluid should fix the issue.

  29. i dont get it, shouldnt "more complex"(tag) be "for men" rather? i dont get that dude's logic.

  30. they might have said infinite, but thinking LONG combos?? like you end up playing twice instead of 4times a round?

  31. "back in my day, we walked, & we blocked" injustice 2 is KNOWN for it's zoning problems. chars can even duck in this game.

  32. Im not ranting or anything but some youtubers who reacted to the game doesnt know anything about LoL also, building their rosters and ignoring some champions base on their appearance without even researching about their skills and lore/story which will be the base of their attack on the project L, really offend me and other players, so I cant blame him for saying it is tekkenlike, we are totally the same

  33. "back in my day we walked forward and blocked" HAHAH

  34. The characters look stupid but if it plays anything like blazblu crosstag battle ill give it a whirl

  35. As a league player who's played Fighters before, League. Most league players play majority team base games or osu

  36. It's a 2D and with behemoth titles in that genre like MK, SF, KOF and Guilty Gear or even DBFZ recently it has to be something crazy or have really unique niche to succeed imo.

  37. They think LoL community is gonna bring toxicity over to this fg but the problem with the toxicity is not the community but the game itself. MOBAs are team games and name-calling and accusations are common in team games. On the other hand, the worst that can happen in a fighting game is some t-bagging, plugging and cherry-picking and even those can be dealt with by the devs if they want to. So claiming the toxicity will carry over from League is an overstatement imo. The game's not gonna have a voice or text chat most likely anyway.

  38. disclaimer: toxicity doesn't really exist, it's just a buzzword used by infantiles

  39. Lol players cant take the loss they dont have the guts or patience to learn

  40. Im surprised League didnt try to copy the weapon combat of Soul Calibur

  41. Yeah kinda bummed when i found it's a tag game, if i only play X character because i like him, now im forced to learn the Y character because Y happens to be his best assist.

  42. why the tag hate?? tekken tag 2 taught me tekken it was on console so i didnt learn quick but LOL

  43. Interesting thing noone mention's
    RIOT is a company Amazingly Loaded with Talent.
    But after 12 years they still suck at balancing.
    They resort to Enforcing META indoctrination to prevent Builds they could not come up with and Champions in roles they didn't foresee. As well as swithing who is dominant at fixed periods calling it: "keeping it Fresh"
    And noone is Worried about that.
    They are worried about infinite,costumes and Tags.
    But the company scores hard 0 when it comes to proper balancing of ANY game they make.
    12 years people.
    They Teach a dog to help blind people in 1 year.

  44. Honestly most of these aren’t even very controversial bar the truly stupid one at the end I thought there were gonna be some actual funny comments or something instead I got “i don’t like tag assists” or “I don’t like massive combo length because I’m bad” or “fighting games inputs are getting dumbed down”

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