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We got our first look at Project L in action, the new fighting game from Riot Games. Project L (working title) is a 2v2 assist 2D fighter with characters from the Runeterra world.

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  1. As dbfz player im so excited about this game, pls rito i want to playyyyyyy

  2. Hit effects look very satisfying. Riot is killing it lately with Arcane, Ruined King, and Hextech

  3. I am SUPER EXCITED to get my hands on this game!

  4. Timing and speed remind me of king of fighters

  5. Can you do a weapon tutorial for the bow in monster hunter rise PLEASE

  6. Oh man after seeing arcane I would really like to play this

  7. What a crap just another toxic behavior shit show

  8. Looks gorgeous, but hit effects feel too clunky and staccato-like. Riot should get some pointers from Nekki and their Shadowfight 3/ Arena games.

  9. That one character that looks like Gutz from Berzerk

  10. Man the band wagoners in the comments are fn sadly pathetic

  11. I hope when the game released, the fighting animation should be smoother than this…. This is too much stuttering..if they made it as good as tekken or mortal kombat, i'm up for it

  12. It looks like a great fighting games comeback. Everyone playing fighting games right now.

  13. Am not a big rush down fan but I won't like the simple imput + Ahri's ulti did look pretty funny…
    Hopefully tho your not suck in a combo for too long I hate whene you get stuck in a combo and lose option of your character for like 10 sec in a row and your like K cool am geting combo can I play now?
    I do get it that it look badass but still think it should be somewhat limited and at some point some mechanic force you do calm down or force you to go back to disadventage but not like… you can't control anymore… I like the push back there is tho seem fair and I would guess it help bot range and melee alike. (since Push back is done on the one geting hit not the one hiting so that push back can help range but also help melee push someone into the corner I think it fair)

    Overall I just hope it free to play and that there so much player you don't have to fight with a pro who spend 40 h a week leaning combo because there to little player basse to actually play and get a fair match.
    One of the prob of Fighting game is that the game evolve more with the player and so old "combo" that the game try to teach you are just not optimal after not long. Tho to be fair the simple imput got the adventage that I may be able to pass those damn intermedire tutoriel that force you to do a Z motion mid combo Like fuck me I can't even do it in the tutoriel you really think I can do that thing in combat? NO WAY…
    Any way I really hope the combo can be learn well without haveing to go see some video online I hope the tutoriel are in the game itself and give you everything you need to know without haveing to get a coatch outside of the game trolololll

  14. This looks sick. Being in the fgc, I'd be down to play another fighting game, and after recently finishing arcane, I'm definitely eager

  15. For a super early show case this looks promising.

    I am at home in tekken – a 3D fighting game, but I like the world of runeterra a lot. If the game ist fun then I will play it for sure.
    Server enhanced rollback netcode + leaver penalty would be a welcome improvement to online experience.
    Maybe this game can put pressure on other fighting game devs to improve the online experience of their games 👍

  16. the most complex game with simple inputs is power rangers battle for the grid right now so i know they can do something with 2 characters depending on the depth of the moves they're given, really looking forward to this and i know i can expect a lot from them since they're putting fun first and i'm pretty sure there's going to be great single player/co-op content since legends of runeterra is hitting it out of the ballpark with that

  17. VI Home 😂😂, i think it Better when Vi be in Fighting Game 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🤣

  18. I want intro interactions like in mk to see what the characters think of each other. Like garen vs Katarina.

  19. Wait what happen to ekko Mohawk and did he get taller than his champion form. Cuz his hair style is similar to true damage ekko.

  20. i am stoked im coming up with how i think people should work

  21. It's a mix of Tekken (Tag), Street fighter and probably skull girls. Definitely loving what I can see so far.

  22. I'm more excited for the LOL MMO they are making,but this is ok too

  23. Anyone else up for a Mortal Kombat x League of Legends crossover game?

  24. Never played lol, but just finished arcane and was like "riot needs a fighting game"

  25. looks fing amazing. i love MvC2 and 3 put 1000s of hours in them. This brings back that feeling

  26. Just realised that riot games is the Tesla of the gaming world. These guys aint playing.

  27. Why does the game look like it's running on 24fps?

  28. I think its awesome they're deciding to experiment with different types of games. I've never been a fan of mobas, but I have been a fan of fighting games and league lore. This is going to be amazing I already know it.

  29. I hope urgot will be playable💗❤️🥰

  30. Why is it that fighting games nowadays have this hit effect when connecting a hit, time stops for a split second?

  31. I'm not a huge fan of fighting games, mostly because it feels like they made it so if you get hit once, you might as well put down the controller and grab a snack because you can't do anything until your opponent's combo is done. Tag fighters are really bad about it. I want to play fighting games, but with emphasis on the word "play".

    Also, 3:55 says it really well. Input madness is a huge turn off. Looking up guides on most fighting games is like looking at lines of code to someone doesn't understand computers. They're written by people who know what they mean for people who know what they mean. The bar to entry for me is that I don't know how you're supposed to learn how to play these games. How am I supposed to know that double tapping up, while holding the x button, followed by a specifically timed sequence of forward, forward, down, forward, square, up, R2+L1 is going to let me extend my time in the air for a better combo? How does one even figure that out? It literally seems like you're supposed to randomly press buttons and remember the sequence in which you pressed them.

  32. LoL game play didn't appeal to me. My gaming style is fighting games, party games and 'jewel swap' or matching games. I'm so excited for L! I'm going to buy it and challenge my gamer boyfriend to play me on a weekly basis

  33. Wasn't aware Arekkz was a fellow league fan, cool!

  34. online is going to be filled with nothing but jinx mains lol

  35. I'm only a little bit sad. I like the LoL universe, I love fighting games – but I never got around to be decent at 2D fighting games. I'm pretty much a Tekken purist, only dabbled in Soul Calibur somewhat satisfactory. I tried Street Fighter, MvC, Blazblue, Skullgirls, Mortal Kombat, but none of these ever ever made me fell like I got a knack.
    I will give Project L a chance, but I'm not too optimistic.

  36. how are they going to manage to make this game baby food like they did with League

  37. Im in if its not a ftp. i wanna be able to unlock cosmetics not buy them

  38. riot MMO RPG coming next, followed by Riot racing. what a future.

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