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Kung Fu Animal Fighting Games: Wild Karate Fighter

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There is a tournament of angry animals battle in a village farm. Your kung Fu fighter has a value in town. You have the best wild animal to fight with the other country’s animals. Have you ever experienced one of the best wild fighting against wild fighters in free action simulation game? We assure you to take into an epic journey of farm animals fighting in one of the famous chicken fighting simulator game.

Big jungle wild animal is waiting for the fight to attack him. Challenge the others to a fight and defeat the ferocious wild animal. Enjoy town chicken fighting game in a way that you’ve never actually feel the power in your fists before, hit hard as you can, get a win and goes to the next round of the tournament of wild animals fighting, do not let others get in your way.

Knockout Mode:
Prepare yourself and knockout multiple rivals in beat em up fighting challenge against world champions. Enjoy the real fighting warrior’s vengeance to defeat all wilds animals punch-boxing rivals. In knockout mode, you will face real kung Fu animal rage of revenge in this addictive judo karate and punch boxing game.

Career Mode:
Prepare yourself and knockout multiple wild rivals in beat em up fighting challenge against town champions. Play the toughest martial art fighting challenges in “career mode”. Each winning will upgrade your wild animal fighter strength and karate kung Fu ranking.

Story Mode:
Wild beat em up karate kung Fu game offers multi street frenzy animal fighting experience with challenging levels. Start a street fighting campaign; you have to defeat all opponent animal fighters in your way and win the fights that will allow you to unlock next levels, (street brawl, warm-up, combat fight, initial fight and final fight) and upgraded mixed wild animal fighters.

Daily Rewards & Gifts:
In “daily rewards mode”, you will earn bonus points daily that will help you to unlock stronger kung Fu karate fighters, ultimately getting more points will upgrade power, speed, and accuracy with new strikes and fighting combos. Earing maximum points to unlock the next level by watching rewarded videos & using fortune wheel opportunity.

How to Play & Win:
Control the wild animal and fight for survival by chasing, attacking, fighting and killing other wild cocks. Attack and defeat any opponent that comes in your way. Pull off stealth attacks and play strategically to defeat farm animals with higher levels than yours to gain the tournament win. Easy gameplay and smooth controls. Fight using a variety of innovative tricks such as latest combos to takedown punch boxing wild rivals.

Kung Fu Animal Fighting Games: Wild Karate Fighter :

Fight with wild jungle animals and be a karate champion
Animal kung Fu warrior & karate king challenge with big rewards
Defeat kung Fu fighters & get rewarded points to unlock next levels
Play with your big wild animal in kung Fu fighting match
Use super power to knock down wild energy rapidly
Get promoted by defeating town legend animal fighters
Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls
Beautiful 3d village environment to increase your fighting passion
Background music & sound effects will upgrade your energy in shadow karate
Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls

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