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Kung Fu and Martial Arts in VR

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This one was really fun to make. Included martial arts are Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Wrestling and some more. If you’re reading this, I’d love to know any new kind of content you would like to see on the channel, it can be anything really. I’d really appreciate any feedback.
Also, some portions of the video have been sped up or slowed down to help sync with music or make moves more visible.

I’m using the Hedge Knight Armour mod for arm protection:

Glitch Rock-2762 – FruityAudio


  1. 0:34 bro shoved him so hard that he started singing in auto tune

  2. Blud really learned all fighting styles for the video

  3. Nah that was some sifu type shii in the beginning

  4. 0:35 seconds in the video and I I knew that was going to be the best

  5. I would love to see a cestus for for your hands, it would be amazing to block and punch more effectively.

  6. How come the
    Oculus quest 2 versions seems slow and glitchy, this one so cleann

  7. This is some interesting gameplay better than mine.

  8. I do shaolin kung fu on them and it works i use driver4vr so i can use mi own legs to kick😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. That was a good demo actually you did a good job demonstrating the styles especially for being some one who most likely studied them on YouTube to get a base work set of moves to display lol. Not dogging you hell you probably did better than what I’d have made in the time you took lol

  10. even using hedge knight armor, i cant block weapons. any reason why? playing on u11.2 or .3

  11. I play like jackie chan lol 😂 i dont want any trouble .

    Plz do this ?

  12. Did you download a mod to elbow people? If that's vanilla, I had no idea you could just send elbows their way! Could be a useful clinch move.

  13. Some parts were a lil inaccurate but its just a game so lel

  14. What game is this
    Edit: nvm I found out its blades and sorcery

  15. How much would you pay for a mma vr full body tracking game where you can get people into headlocks and stomp on them

  16. nice job. can you do some kyokushin or something similar next time please?

  17. why is nobody talking about the fact that he is being a god at fighting rn

  18. Mike Tyson’s combo for the second combo of the video

  19. How I fight in my mind:
    How I fight in real life:🤓

  20. As Boxer I will admit…..I would not want to get into the ring with you!

  21. Not an expert huh? I did 8 years of Wing Chun and I still can't make it look half that good. Also how do you not take damage by blocking with your arms?

  22. Do you have a mod that makes it harder to knock them out cuz when i hit them once they just fall to the ground

  23. bro how do y'all do wrestling. There's no way you guys actually slam them down on the ground like that. how does your headset not fall off? pls someone tell me.

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