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Kung Fu and Martial Arts in VR

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This one was really fun to make. Included martial arts are Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Wrestling and some more. If you’re reading this, I’d love to know any new kind of content you would like to see on the channel, it can be anything really. I’d really appreciate any feedback.
Also, some portions of the video have been sped up or slowed down to help sync with music or make moves more visible.

I’m using the Hedge Knight Armour mod for arm protection:

Glitch Rock-2762 – FruityAudio


  1. such a shame you cant actually use your elbow in B&S for muay thai

  2. I dont know but at 0:32 to 0:33 the guy’s scream sounded like a rapper saying “YUHhHhH”

  3. This is the B&S equivalent of "My art is so bad!!!"

  4. I’m surprised you actually did JKD that’s so cool 👌🏻

  5. This videogames makes you good at fighting

  6. Everyone is a gangstar even a guy who can block blunt weapon strikes with his arms

  7. I wish you could do taekwando but sadly we cant 😢

  8. What headset do you use for this? I want leg movement I kinda want this now

  9. The judo throws were definitely my favorite part especially the first one right at 10 seconds, that was some straight John Wick vibes, LMFAO'd at the wrestling suplex LOL the full commit to the move killed me

  10. this kinda reminds me of the Yakuza games.

  11. No matter what anyone says you are a expert in my eyes

  12. Ngl i really want to play Sifu now even tho i dont have it

  13. boxing is the strongest in the world ✊👊

  14. Top vr game punched my walls a lot tho 😂

  15. mr.honkers the 3rd air of the throne says:

    Not an expert my ass

  16. we need a game that teaches martial arts with motion capture, any game devs ready to take the risk?

  17. I can see this guy throwing up after the wrestling one

  18. I wish I could play this game, but that'll never happen. Great vid.

  19. This was a fun one to make! (apart from the suplex where I missed my bed and almost hit my head lol)
    P.S. a lot of the moves were shot in slow motion and sped up in editing.

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