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Konami’s Arcade Fighting Game Losing Streak Continues with Dragoon Might

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I talk a LOT about beat em up games and arcade games on the channel and I talk a lot about 2D fighting games on the channel…so its pretty easy to get excited to take a look at Dragoon Might from Konami because its an arcade beat em up game AND an arcade fighting game all in one! Because while its a 2D fighting game at heart…it has some weird beat em up elements too!

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Hello and welcome to “The Unported Playlist”

So we decided to extend this playlist from 10 games to does it even matter what the count is anymore? lol it’s a lot!

Dragoon Might is a legit legendary Konami arcade game that pretty much nobody seems to remember or even know exists…and it’s legendary NOT for the best reasons! Basically it’s like Konami made Street Fighter 2 Samurai Shodown into one game…and its NOT as good as those too!

Plus you can play it in MAME! MAME emulation for the win!

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  1. Some of the backgrounds were so bad that instead of simply feeling part of the whole, they were distracting enough to spoil the enjoyment. No AI involved of course for this date.

  2. I love fighting games, mostly obscure arcade fighting games like : Fighting Fantasy (Hyppodrome), Karnov (Neo-Geo) and Power Instinct (I had the arcade PCB). I hate MK, Street Fighting…

  3. Martial Champions was also pretty offbeat, remember playing the PCE CDRom version thinking WTH lol 😂

  4. Good call with the SamSho comparison. I was also getting Eternal champions vibes from it with the floaty jumps and slight delay in the animation for big moves…not to mention the punishing difficulty

  5. i understand gettin quarters out of people but making games so hard only makes people give up playing a lot faster (ie they stop playing the game after maybe 2 credits). its obscurity is a fate it is at fault for.

  6. The character designs always had some kind of janke about it in they're fighting games. They always kind of looked like were struggling to fit into the sprite size limitations. Like everybody is crouching just a little bit when they're standing

  7. I like this one. It runs at 384 x 224 so lots of detail. Certainly a lot better than Martial Champions.

  8. My arch nemesis, input reading AI in arcade fighting games!

  9. Wasn't a game I have fond memories of that's for sure VGE. But at the same time, I thought there was worst. 8^)


  10. Konami wasn’t known for fighting games. I can see why. I bet if you ask anyone in the FGC, they will tell you Konami is not one of the top makers in the upper echelon of fighters. Matt was right. I liked Judgement on the Wii though but it’s not a top tier game however.

  11. Needed at least 6 more characters and a Saturn port. It had good music, sprite work and ideas though.

  12. I think Capcom and SNK had the best artists. SNK were probably the best all-rounders. I don't especially like the sprites in Capcom shmup's that Capcom designed themselves (Varth, 19XX). Area 88 looks amazing but was handled by somebody else. Konami obviously wasn't super-comfortable with 1 vs 1 fighters and even the animation in Violent Storm is a bit odd. That said, they did their best work on Super Famicom. Akumajo Dracula is up there near the top of my all-time list.

  13. Wow.. It looks so great. Yet another harbinger of the age of tale: If it doesn’t play right/fun,it’s pointless..😞 Thanks for showing us this unique game!

  14. I think they nailed it on SNES with Turtles Tournament Fighters!😀

    Dragoon Might is one I’ve been curious about since forever, it does look excellent! Guess I’d try playing it VS exclusively’

  15. It really is a pretty game. Too bad it hates you

  16. Tbh I really like Martial Champion, for a while in my local arcades it was the go to alternative to the SF2 machines, bough the PC Engine version when it came out too, bit weak but amazing music and, well, it was MC in the home.

  17. Does the game play well with 2 players?

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