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KOF XV|ÁNGEL|Trailer #35

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The new “XV” that transcends everything!
Past KOF heroes unite! 39 star-studded characters are ready to fight!




  1. Can't wait to not be able to learn how to use her moves.

  2. The voice actress really undersold the "nyyaaaaaaaaah"s

  3. I'm actually impress by the Metal Slug stage lol Does Metal Slug share the same universe as KOF? Are we expecting Marco and gang to make an appearance in KOF?

  4. Kof is becoming more and more just another version of DOA.

  5. La Diosa ha vuelto 🇲🇽 y lo mejor sin censura, Te amo mucho SNK, Viva México y todo Latinoamérica!

  6. less than 2 days and already this number of views.. dang . Great to see Angel back.👏

  7. The only great theme in KOF2002UM alongside Original Zero And Rugal ! My KOF2002 music is moded with 99 2000 and 2001 soundtracks with one from 95 : Rugal KOF95 theme baby

  8. Now, if they add K9, my expectations will be shattered for good.

    Nameless works too.

  9. if the k9999 appears this game is already complete

  10. Unha encravada Do dedao da mao direita do Kbcinha says:

    E os infiniteiro doido pra testar se encontram um bug pra infinitar..

  11. Я что, единственный кто слышал и заметил то, что Энджел говорит "ня" почти после каждой фразы, которую она произносит?… Это мило и забавно…

  12. 『あたし、アンヘル19歳。ちょっとだけ、お茶目な女の子❗』は、無いのかな?

  13. nossa como ficou estranha a Angel, esperava mais…


  15. 히오스의 마이애브처럼 목소리가 할머니가 됐어..
    특유의 질질 끄는 느낌을 살리려다가 이렇게 됀걸까요?

  16. I don’t know anything about kof but I can tell she looks difficult to use 😆
    I mostly play tekken

  17. Before you pre-order or something stupid like that, keep in mind that King of Fighters 14 did so well that it has less than 100 players right now.

  18. ポリコレ、フェミに全力で喧嘩売ってて草


  19. Until today I just know the name is call “ang el”not angle👼🏻

  20. Por Dios! Angel se ha convertido en el ángel de la muerte, ya se cobró 10 víctimas y va por más! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  21. 426 mil reproducciones! En ese momento Ash y K ' sintieron el verdadero terror.

  22. Compared to the other girls, this one is the most realistic.

  23. El escenario de los jevimachinga

  24. My dear Snk staff,you are great and i adore your work and passion,i am a fan of yours since the early nineties,and always followed you in the good and bad times,i am glad of all the commitment you have for your titles and this new one.Angel is masterful.If i can only add a pick,please re-record her voice in some lines that sounds a bit weak or not so inspired,but thanks for your work,again.

  25. Snk where is the tribute to "Fatal Fury"? On 11/25 his first SUPER successful franchise turned 30 years old.
    Why so much contempt or disregard? We don't have new games(fatal fury/garou), especial products or tribute videos on your platforms.🇧🇷

  26. 431k view's in just 1 day

    count me in 🤤

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