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KOF XV|ÁNGEL|Trailer #35

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The new “XV” that transcends everything!
Past KOF heroes unite! 39 star-studded characters are ready to fight!




  1. I Do not like her body looks childish. Her body was mature in kof 2002

  2. I feel like I'm the only who who hate her. She's so annoying. Not her moveset but personality … and that voice. Omg. Tell me I'm not the only one xD

  3. Almost half a million views in less than two days; Angel is gearing up for fastest character trailer to reach 1mil, even faster than Shermie (current record holder at time of this comment)…

    …obviously it's just a coincidence these two ladies would have the most viewed trailers…right? I mean it isn't like there is a particular reason (or set of reasons ;)) for this.

  4. I…
    Want to buy this game day one…

  5. Lo devo dirlo in italiano:Angel è fantastica!Grazie SNK!Un vostro fan dall'Italia già dal '92!

  6. Stop putting these garbage characters in KOF games. No one even uses Angel! This was a waste of a slot. She should've never made it past the N.E.S.T.S. Saga. Her moves are garbage she is irrelevant

  7. Yeéeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!!!! My beautiful Ángel returns 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😎

  8. I wonder how much she'll have to be censored on Xbox.

  9. So no kim choi chang this time?
    6 DLC reveal ?

  10. Quien usa a Angel es digno de llamarse un Masoquista

  11. los nuevos gráficos de esa mexicana hizo que mi ganzo se pusiera tieso XD

  12. why does she sound like her VA was Chinese and was given Japanese scripts to read

  13. College Park Mixed Martial Arts (cpmma) says:

    She's also a part time stripper

  14. How, 445K falta kula y mi tercia la tengo completa Shermie-Angel..??

  15. solo quiero que se siente en mi cara, gracias SNK :3

  16. I wonder if she will get paired up with K' and Kula.
    What would shatter the hell out of my expectations is if they make Foxy playable again or make Diana playable finally.

  17. Ángel/México 🇲🇽
    Foxy/Venezuela 🇻🇪
    Zarina/Colombia 🇨🇴
    ISLA/Chile 🇨🇱

  18. YES! Absolutely LOVE Angel! Anyone notice that Metal Slug background?

  19. Por que el juego si estará en ps4 y no en Xbox one ;(

  20. I don't know who made the animations for this character Angel, but the animations is horrible. I don't mean her look because she's visually beautiful, I mean when she moves. The anatomy of the body is all wrong. I have listed below some errors found.

    0:25 – Right arm too long, elbow too thick.
    0:39 – Disproportionate right leg movement between pelvis and buttocks.
    0:42 – Disproportionate right leg movement between pelvis and buttocks.
    0:46 – Impossible rotation of the right leg according to the positioning of the left leg.
    0:57 – The most harrowing sight of all animations. Left and right leg turned totally impossibly and disproportionately giving the impression of being broken. They should be turned towards the opponent and not laterally in relation to the executed movement.
    1:05 – Right leg totally broken. (Note: pause in the entire 1:05 frame to see)

    I found a lot more, but the comment would be too long. Character with wrong whole body anatomy movements. It looks like a work by someone who has never drawn, forgive me for being honest

  21. Yes was hoping for Angel great work SNK. Hinako and Seth may be a stretch but here's hoping. Angels VA sounds like R. Mika

  22. それはエンジェルのボーイフレンドを.kにします。

    Sore wa Enjeru no bōifurendo o. K ni shimasu

    Sería una bonita pareja

  23. The most shattering thing about this trailer is learning that her name is spelled An-hell instead of Angel…. I have NEVER noticed that "Á" .-.

  24. Adult sized Uzaki-Chan as the special guest for the new KOF game.

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