Killing Zone - The Worst Fighting Game -

Killing Zone – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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  1. Fuck yea man, I grew up on Battle Monsters. It's not perfect but it's not shitty either lol

  2. Bro AVGN did it AVGN did it.

  3. This was my 1 rent for a wknd game I got to pick from my local video store. You can imagine my letdown. Insolent based picking it on the fact it had classic monsters. You cant blame me or the cover art. There was a lot of deception back then haha.
    I do remember that big stomp and skeleton wheel tho. Never thought I’d say this, but thank good for the internet to strain much of the shit. Companies can’t get away with that as much now.

  4. This game makes me realize how much i want a monster fighting game. New fighting games are great imo but I'm realizing I'm tired of everyone being human or resembling humans.

  5. Need to see one of these videos done on the Dungeons and Dragons fighting game on PS1.

  6. I briefly got this game confused with "Killing Time". Which is an FPS, and not a fighting game.

  7. This was one of the first ps games I played. My cousin brought it over when he had just gotten it and I remember thinking it was kinda janky at the time but it was on playstation, so we played it. But yeah, this and jet moto were my introduction to the playstation

  8. I thought that part on the other "Drake's" career was really funny and clever, shame they attacked him in Switzerland, and the giant skull attack? That is pretty great! Keep up the good work!

  9. Your awesome bro. I lov3d battle monsters with all my heart

  10. it looks like you dont like the games that i like a lot 🙂 i like this game in original times, also like fight for life

  11. What's the outro music? Sounds pretty damn rad

  12. The gorgons were sisters trapped on an island. The story Perseus included Medusa as one of the Gorgon Sisters.

    They weren't snake bodied until Ray Haryhausen made them so as a budget cut in animation for Clash Of The Titans

  13. God, showing clips from bloody roar really demonstrates how pitiful the 3d models and textures in this game are. It's truly primitive looking.

  14. "The worst "farting" game" – it will souds correctly)))

  15. ive grown quite fond of this series ❤

  16. Universal vs Battle Monsters
    would be tight 🔥

  17. man, somehow I don't even remember this one… but the name does strike a bell

  18. I see Happy Chaos, I donate. Thats the rule lol

  19. "THRILL KILL! 😈☠️👹👺🔥

  20. I plan on making a fighting game, so this is educational

  21. You SHOULD do an episode on Battle Monsters, that way we can actually have a game in the "Legit Good" category.

  22. wait i just saw sharpie was in this. fuck yes

  23. Acclaim never sent this to magazines because they knew the scores would be pitiful and hurt sales. Official PSM found it in a store and promptly reviewed it 1/10 as one of the worst ever games.

    Always wondered what it actually played like… Doesn't look too bad imo! Thanks for taking the time to review it!

  24. I remember burning a copy…I mean buying a copy and sort of enjoying the wonkyness.

  25. If you put the game disc in a music player and skip first track, you get the soundtrack as well as more voice work. I remember a woman saying GO TO HELL in a weird way lol

  26. Castlevania Judgement may well be a contender to the tittle, but that soundtrack in still rocks hard

  27. Not sure if ur still doing these but I say pitfighter for snes might be the worse fighting game. I owned it growing up as a kid and it was horrible and too hard for me at 7years old. I think I got it because I played it on arcade and it was great

  28. This was the first game I got with my ps1 for Xmas. My parents saw the cover and figured I’d like it. Dear lord what a rough game.

  29. This game was my childhood, me and my best friend used to greet eachother with "BEASCHOURUP!!"
    Also the music in this game slaps

  30. I don't know what I like better: the excellent Derek cameo, or the wholesome collection of clips of people saying "BITCH YOU'RE UP!!"

  31. Just imagine Killing Zone with the graphics we have now.

  32. I played this game on N64 they was pretty gnarly for the time but It had a character called Hell Knight. I wish I could remember the name so you could do one on it

  33. Hey Matt love the videos. I’m commenting every video to tell you about “Flying Dragon” for the n64 which is actually a hidden gem. I recommend you try it and see for yourself

  34. Ah yes, the most played part… understandable.

  35. This also had a Sega Saturn release named, Battle Monsters. I own the expensive US version. It seems identical to the PC version. The Saturn version is quite playable and fun.

  36. 7:03 Is that canonically the same Frankenstein fighter from Battle Monsters? Because they look exactly the same!

  37. It seems like it wasn't executed well and a few changes would have made it a great game in a way

    If the Gore was there
    A few more playable characters
    And improved combat
    And if there was still no story or endings for characters and its finished the same

    It would have been a hit
    Because the idea and foundation is there
    But it fell short because i could see a squeal being really good

  38. The battle arena toshinden games were early 3d low Poly games but also totally awesome and great to play with friends they were held in good regard

  39. I forgot to mention this, I also had Killing Zone and Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft growing up.

  40. But there is gore, Batch is crazy with the gore. ;D

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