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Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash – Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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Master a new domain. JUJUTSU KAISEN CURSED CLASH releases today! Fight along your favorite Jujutsu Sorcerers and Cursed Spirits and go head-to-head in this 2v2 fighting game! Get your dose of nostalgia with curated assortment of zx spectrum text adventure games ready to play online.

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  1. This could've been an amazing hack N slash like dmc5 but naw bandai namaco wants a arena


  3. Was it really that hard to include the Shibuya arc on lauch?

  4. Everyone: sweet voices
    Yuta: 🔈📢🔊

  5. If only we got this during an earlier Bandai Namco era…

  6. Why Bandai Namco now is always make anime fighting game looks like "ninja storm"? its kinda boring

  7. I wish this was done in the same style as DBFZ. Seeing anime turned 3D rarely works and while I don't think this is all that bad I just think it would have thrived in the 2D format.

  8. bro, they announced the dlc before the game even released 💀

  9. Everyone in the comments has the same opinion, ¿Has humanity become a drone-like or something?

  10. This looks like every Bandai Namco fighting games😂

  11. JJK: Domain Expansion
    JJK Cursed Clash: DLC Expansion

  12. Another naruto storm with jujutsu kaisen skin this time. Where another games like Dragon ball Fighterz?

  13. Tired of arena fighters keep them 2d

  14. Another garbage arena fighting game lol its looks like every anime is either arena or jrpg

  15. Jump Force – JuJuTsu Kaisen edition

  16. Character models look fine but the backgrounds… not great

  17. Wouldve rather it be a traditional fighter, never liked arena fighters. Will pass.

  18. With the show being mid it's no surprise that this looks mid too💀

  19. 2024 I want to see more crossplay games man🥲 can’t get a fighter that has no local and no cross play

  20. Why they can’t just make a DBZ fighters style JJK game…..

  21. Remember MH Rumble devs made this not bandi namcos devs. Bandai Namco is the new THQ but with anime games

  22. Anime dubbed in english just feels…wrong.

  23. Looks like every other anime game ever lol might as well be a naruto game

  24. Nobody can play online on ps5 because they have server issues

  25. When you fixed the problem of "network error" in online battles (europe)?

  26. Sad fact, Naruto storm team should've work on this

  27. Toji is not here so I don’t wanna play this the end😭😂

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