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Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash — Character Trailer #5

Bandai Namco Entertainment America
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Yuta Okkotsu and Suguru Geto round out the roster of JUJUTSU KAISEN CURSED CLASH, coming February 2, 2024! Pre-order today: bnent.eu/JJK-CursedClash

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  1. Who will play with me online and we can steam together. Serious inquirers

  2. RIDGE RACER V PlayStation XBOX series XS

  3. There's something I really want in this game, but i know it probably isn't going in the game, and that's what i've called an "AI Battle".
    Imagine how cool it would be to just pick some characters, put them in the battlefield, and just watch the battle.
    Imagine all the cool things you could do in the mode.
    Recreate fights from the Movie/Show/Manga
    "Nanami vs Mahito"
    "Yuuji & Todo vs Hanami"
    "Yuta vs Geto"
    Then you could make fights that never happened in the show
    "Yuta vs The Diaster Curses"
    "Sukuna vs Toji" (Toji is most likely going to be in DLC)

    I know i'm just yapping rn, and It probably won't be in the game at all (probably not even a thing Bandai Nanco, Byking or Gemdrops thought of), but it still sounds so fucking cool.

  4. This should have been more like tekken. It just doesn't look as smooth or fluid or fun as tekken.

  5. I can't remember but anyone know if Toji Fushiguro is gonna be playable?

  6. Yuta gonna be fire 🔥
    Imma probably main him when he come out 😂

  7. Season 0 Geto and Yuta. Not surprised we aren't getting current Yuta since he has a DE and a bunch of copied techniques.

  8. if noritoshi kamo release im playing him

  9. Yuta is the only reason I’m gonna play this game

  10. Yuta is definitely gonna be my main righh along wit yuji

  11. I hate that I won’t get to play Yuta🥲

  12. I'm slapping that Japanese audio option first thing, this dub is ROUGH lmao

  13. Its incredible how they put in the actual geto instead of kenjaku

  14. I wish this was a lil more polished considered I think the anime/manga has some excellent action panels

  15. This games look like from the graphics from 2010 and gameplay too

  16. Looks like alternate characters will be in the game, like Maki currently and from the gameplay u see her from the jjk0 movie

  17. I love jjk so much i hope all minor character come too to make the game fullest

  18. Will this game mainly be based off season 1 and the movie? Ik the hidden inventory will be part of it as a dlc but will it also have the shibuya incident skins and all of that?

  19. If you buy this game at full price your brain needs to be studied in a lab

  20. Soon as I see toji I’ll be convinced to buy the game

  21. Almost done with Season 1, can't wait for the game too

  22. PS2 game. You have to be really stupid to give money to that

  23. You are not going to lie to me. This is Naruto reskin.

  24. JJK deserves a higher budget game than this.

  25. Imagine they released hakari next before the anime frfr

  26. I gotta main suguru my favorite character in the series, hes so relatable bro🤷‍♂️❤


  28. Yuta is by far my favorite character in JJK can’t wait to main him

  29. Why are people complaining about arena fighting games, that's litteraly what anime games are and if it's about not having a story mode this game probably will have one

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