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Japan’s Hidden Fighting Game – Gundam Extreme Vs.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. is one of the most popular fighting game titles in Japan with cabinets filling arcades and a passionate community fueling a unique competitive scene.

In today’s video, we take a deep dive into Gundam Extreme Vs. and how it has come into its own as an esports title.

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0:00 – Intro
0:47 – What is Gundam Extreme Vs.?
5:13 – Gundam Extreme Vs. In Japan
7:20 – Gundam Extreme Vs. Internationally
14:42 – The Porting Problem and Future
17:42 – Conclusion
19:38 – Outro

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  1. Not sure if this was an oversight, but they're generally called mobile suits, while Gundams are specific kinds of mobile suits.

  2. "Gundam is EXTREMELY profitable"
    Gundam Evo: 💀
    It's just absolutely mind-blowing how EXVS is still alive only in the arcade world despite the failure of gundam game that we got rn
    Evo be like "speedrunning through the grave" on being a carbon paper to OW. Like, who would've thought? LMAO

  3. This is what gundam evolution should have been focusing like a good gundam fighting game with objective and throw like hundreds of gundam into it and people will play it everyday

  4. Man I wished that gundam seed destiny rengou vs zaft 2 plus will get remastered for current gen

  5. I love how some of the background music is Gundam Battle Assault 2. Nostalgic

  6. The mobile version are p2w heavy and barely had any balancing.

    It doesnt even have new maps since years ago but its massively popular despite that.

    Bamco still treats gundam games not popular amongs people outside Japan, gundam evo might just hits the nail, while ignoring the bad launch, expensive in game market and no voice overs. So exvs coming to console or pc might take a while.

  7. so basically Virtual On Oratorio Tangram? LOL

  8. I really wish Bandai would do more console ports of this series. A friend and I still play the PS4 Maxiboost On port from a few years ago, although I didn't know there was a U.S. tournament scene.

  9. erm well actually all the robots are called mobile suits and a gundam is a type of mobile suit🤓

  10. How about a Gundam Wing Endless Duel (SNES) Evo tournament

  11. I just want a gundam game that isn't dead or greedy af with their practices. 🫤

  12. Idk if you don't like or know Halo very much but a video about the old Halo 2 MLG days would be cool. I mean it was on USA network on cable it really was a big part of esports in general gaining popularity in the US. So many people from the Halo days are either working on many of todays biggest games or are still doing stuff in esports

  13. This looks awesome, I wish I could play it, but I think it'd be a while before I can jump over to Japan to play something super epic.

  14. Here is the thing.

    In 2018 Bandai split Bandai Namco Games into two company,Bandai Namco Entertainment and Bandai Namco Amusement.
    BNE take charge the console/mobile phone gaming business,when BNA keep holding the arcade business.

    Well you maybe think “They’re all Bandai companies right?”,but frankly they’re separated and they have to make theirs own profit.
    And EXVS series really being a huge part of BNA’s profit.

    That’s why you hard to see new EXVS games coming to console even they have launched MBON in 2020(4 years later than arcade version).

  15. I played this game on ps4 but unfortunately there weren't many players so I was forced to stop playing online. The game is still super fun and the character roster is massive

  16. So it is like an evolution of Virtual On, Surely everyone knows what Virtual On is right?

  17. A colleague introduced Gundam VS Next on the PSP at work and we played it for monthssss. Such a fun and deep game

  18. As a gundam fanatic who loves this shit, I’m so happy to see this vs series getting the love it deserves cuz this game is the true high octane 3d arena that people need to play

  19. Arena fighter/shooter…

    As gorgeus as these games look, i bet they're full of the usual problems…

    That said, i wanna play them anyway! 😁

  20. Sadly, this game characters are not created equally. Long Range destroys close combat Gundam. If you have shit for weapons they can basically kill you from the end of the map. Am not a fan because I like the Gundam with Nuke which kills me and my enemy. You don't kill me, I kill me.
    Also, it sucks as 1V1 since it depends on which PC player starts killing itself faster.

  21. honestly played this game and to tell the truth a lot of people are missing out this cause its that good. too bad even here in SEA Bandai Namco Pulled out some of their games. i really feel bad for majority of the community that want to play this outside of japan

  22. Gundam vs gundam next plus is the best gundam fighting game of all time and its because " unlimited flight ". This allows fulll non stop PVP giving you the full gundam experience.

  23. The closest we can get similar to this is armored core franchise

  24. Something worth noting is that this style of game is a genre itself, popularized by Virtual On in 1995. It's the root of games like, this, Dissidia, ARMS, Custom Robo, Senko no Ronde, and others, and probably helped inspire the anime arena genre too. The genre never grew in the west for whatever reason, but I'd love to see it get more appreciation. These kinds of games are really good, and it's a shame they're just kind of left unknown.

  25. Idk maybe im a total nerd but i remeber having a japanese account and being able to play thos game on ps3 like 10 years or so ago

  26. Damn never knew there's other gundam just like gundam versus,, and for a fact this one's look so much better,, and also more playable characters,,, i just bought a gundam versus for 70$ and now i regret it

  27. Did the gundam vs extreme vs ps3 got boost dash cancel?

  28. Gundam or mecha things are popular in almost all asia, idk why you west doesn't know much about gundam but know about transformers

  29. the Gundam vs series is SO GOOD. A suggestion if you want a taste of the gameplay get yourself a PSP emulator and grab the gundam vs series on there, you will have a blast! just easy to get up and running in a few minutes.

  30. sounds like a new climb like how Smash was back in the day

  31. It’s crazy how there’s not many Gundam video games made. The possibilities for gameplay is endless!

  32. I played it before . Saw people always Step step and step to dodge the attacks and the screen so bright

  33. Somehow back in 2012, Arcade in Vietnam got some of these

  34. Seeing this, AC6 absolutely has a lot of inspiration, while doing it's own different things too (being themed on grittier military stuff too).

  35. Monkey’s game

  36. hidden? what rock have you been living under?

  37. there was a gundam fps game that failed pretty hard

  38. i do not expect to see reimu fumo in background in a western esports channel i found an hour ago

  39. i still play next plus on my phone regularly even now lol

  40. I feel like maxiboost could be easly ported to ps3 if they wanted to port,since it only add new characters,the graphics feels the same

  41. Just came out for free with the ps pass today! I got it can’t wait to play!

    I get so lost in videos like this sometimes 😭

  43. If fighting game had parameters of movement vs combo, then street fighter would be in the middle, tekken slightly to movement, anime fighter is all the way in combo side while gundam vs is all the way in movement

  44. First fighting game that actually hurt my fingers back in ps2 gundam vs

  45. Have you played any of the Gundam fighting games before? If so which entry was your favorite?

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